Hola!!! a vacation recap

Pull up a chair and maybe even pour a bowl of cereal or better yet a pina colada because it’s a long one…!
We survived the flights with our 3 dramatic darlings and had a blast in Cancun! An all-inclusive resort is the way to go because once you get there your schedule looks like this: wake up, eat, swim, eat, beach, eat, swim, eat, eat, sleep, eat. I even think when we weren’t eating we were thinking about when or what we will eat next. Seriously I might as well have hooked up the guacamole to an IV or used a straw… it was sooooo good. We were quite spoiled that I literally didn’t know what to do this morning when it was breakfast.  ; )

Some of my favorite moments: the mariachi band, the waving parrots, the hurricane rainstorm, smash ball on the beach, late night talks in Charity’s room, Fanta, ice cream cones all day, cousins, Avery singing, crepes. The girls learned to hold their breath underwater!
The nice lady who saw my panicked face as we were boarded for a long flight and our seats were literally in 4 different rows—offered her family’s four seats to our family. I literally started crying it was so kind!
And another one of my favorite moments was going through security and Quincey was fussy and wanted me to hold her, to which I reply, “I’ll hold you in a minute, baby.” The officer checking our passport couldn’t see Quincey standing below and asks… “Excuse me?” Me:”Oh, I was talking to my daughter right here.” haha… almost peed my pants trying not to laugh.

This glorious trip was to celebrate Collin’s dad’s recent marriage and it was awesome to spend time with our family who live across the country!
I only took my big girl camera out for one day and wanted to share some photos that caught my eye.

Probably thinking about eating more sand… yuck.


Probably my favorite shot. Leaving the beach for the last time.

Love a good photo bomb! Thanks Tim!


On our way home.

Can’t wait to jump into a mini album tomorrow with these pics! That’s right people you heard correct. ; )

10+ bonus points for making it to the end!! xo, Lizzy

34 thoughts on “Hola!!! a vacation recap

  1. Ana Luísa

    It´s so strange back home after the vacation! In April we came back from our vacation in Brazil, and when we arrived, I felt kind of lost and I didn´t know what to do for our meals. But everything backs to the normal (routine ) in a few days or week. It´s good to be back in our home with wonderful memories from our trip! Welcome back! 🙂

  2. ann marie

    oh my gosh, these pics are so beautiful, makes me want to jump on a plane right now!!! (My favorite is Q in the red sunglasses with her curly hair – so cute!)

  3. Traveling Mama

    It wasn’t enough! I want to hear and see more!! Loved the bit about security! As one who has traveled often with kids through security, I can totally appreciate that moment!

  4. Debbie

    Love the pictures, I know you had a great, unforgettable time. We have been to Playa Del Carma and Cabo, stayed in all-inclusives resorts both times, the only way to go!!! Can’t wait to go back sometime!!

  5. Libby

    Great photos and stories. Tell us more!
    Glad you got to go and have a great time.
    It had to take a serious amount of work and hyper-vigilance for you to get your family of five ready to travel, manage/suffer through the airports and flights, and inevitable stresses of travel, etc. Cheers to you and Collin!

  6. Colleen@paisleyblvd

    Your photos are as gorgeous as I knew they would be! I am so hungry to take everyone on a trip like that in the next few years. All inclusive beach lounging sounds like heaven. Glad you had fun! I bet there will be sand for days that magically appears around the house. 🙂

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Hi Pam,
      Sure! It was the Sandos Resort in Cancun. But it’s about an hour south of Cancun in Playa Del Carmen or something like that. 🙂

  7. laurie lariviere

    thanks for sharing such great photos, the ones of Q jumping are really fun! you have to show your album when you are done with it! We went to Cabo San Lucas years ago and stayed in an all inclusive resort, I know what you mean about the food, I gained 6 pounds in 5 days, omg did I just admit that? all you can eat nachos, that was the culprit…lol…glad you had a great time!!

  8. Paula

    what a wonderful adventure ! thanks for sharing it with us ! make it a mini album class so we can join you in making it lol Ive tried some other classes on other sites and non offer as much as yours do !

  9. Chan

    Love the pics! Looks like the girls had a stellar time. We stayed at the Sandos Playacar in Playa del Carmen just this past December, such an awesome resort! Your photo’s got me longing for fruity drinks in Sandos cups again, haha!

  10. Kirsten

    Best. Photos. Ever. Makes me want to jump on a plane to Cancun right now. The photos of Q jumping in the waves-awesome.

  11. Carol W.

    Beautiful photos! I am green with envy – Cancun looks amazing! Love the photo of she jumping in the water! Looking forward to the mini 😉

  12. Heather

    Thanks for sharing! The pics are all adorable, and you look AMAZING rocking that bikini, girl! The girls are so big…what happened to your baby?! Love that you are probably sitting at your house right now, putting these pics into a scrapbook (I’m not the only crazy one that does this and I love it!)

    We are taking our three kiddos to Cozumel in October on a cruise, and these pics make me so excited to go!

  13. Heather

    Love the pix…we have been taking our kiddos to Mexico since they were little ( they are 17,15, and 13 now) and those trip are some of our best memories! I am craving street tacos and piña coladas now!

  14. Lisa

    Those little gals are SO so so adorable. I hear those all inclusive trips are the BEST!!! Hope to go someday. Cannot wait to see the mini album…missed you!

  15. Jen Fox

    Holy cow, Liz! That zero sugar diet and hitting the gym everyday totally paid off! You look awesome! Have a good rest before CHA!

  16. brandy messer

    seriously woman, u are rockin that bikini!! i am down 30lbs so far, but i can only dream! i really love the color of the photos, especially the first four…like a block of rainbows!! did u use an action, filter?? i would love to learn to do that!! cant wait to see your mini book!!

  17. Andrea

    This looks like heaven! I love all the pictures. And I love your instagrams. I’m dying to know what App you use for the effects!?!

    The one with Q in her red glasses is my fav.

  18. Carrie Nolen

    Yea for vacation time with the family! Those are the BEST!!! Looks like y’all had an amazing time and I must say…WOW! Hot mama with the abs! You GO Liz Kartchner mama of 3!!!! 🙂 Y’all did a great job capturing some fun photos of the trip too!

  19. meritth

    hey.!! thanks for visiting my country, yOu look so pretty on pics. and the girls are very big. keep writing I really enjoy your page and your pics to. xoxo..merit


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