DIY: Fringe Banners

A quick how-to for one of my favorite party decor ideas… FRINGE! All you need is a rotary blade and any paper or supplies for the banners.
I used plastic table cloths for Avery’s Birthday party, mixed in with some gold tissue paper.

Cut to desired height and make sure you fold it in half, keep the fold at the top.
Cut it to the desired height then use a cutting mat to know how far you are spacing the fringe. (Loving my new cutting mat from American Crafts!)
I spaced out my fringe to about 1/4″ and left about 1/2″ from the top.

If you make one out of tissue paper follow the steps above then to lengthen the banner I sew all the pieces together along the top.

Another one of my glitter word banners. For those of you who emailed me requesting one–I will email you next week after my trip!!! I apologize if that is too late and I missed your party! xo

I must be having party withdrawls from the back-to-back birthdays so I added a little festive Be Nice banner. Seriously, maybe my kids are bored with it being summer and school is out but my two oldest girlies have been really quick to hit or not share. This was the appropriate saying for the occasion.

Actually a nice reminder to all of us. ; )



16 thoughts on “DIY: Fringe Banners

  1. stephanie b.

    I’ll be trying that soon! Thanks for the tutorial.

    My kids are being the same way since school let out.. :/ But they’re getting a little better each day.

  2. Erin Mixon

    Love your fringe banners! They added so much to the birthday pictures you posted, so than you for the tutorial. On the sisters fighting thing, I totally know what you’re dealing with. My youngest daughter was sent to her room for being a ninja and kicking her sister in the face this weekend. I heard her crying saying how she wants a new family and never wants to come back to this one. I had to resist telling her how I doubt any other family would want a sister heaad kicking ninja any more than we do. LOL

  3. karen

    Hi liz, this is such a fab idea x I hope you don’t mind me asking but do you know where I might find a list of suppliers of your line here in the us? We are on holiday here from the UK for the next week staying in la & san Francisco and I would love to stock up on some dear lizzy supplies before heading home! I have been searching online but no luck as yet. Thanks so much & hope you can help xxx

  4. Meloinda

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting this…..
    My little girls (6,4&2) combined carnival party isn’t until July but I like to plan ahead.
    You’re ideas are great! Thanks!
    P.s. maybe I’ll send you pics and you can give me better ideas for next time, lol.

  5. Snippets+Sprig

    This is such a lovely DIY! I’m looking forward to trying it. I definitely need to get a rotary blade. I hope you don’t mind but I shared your DIY on my blog with credit & a link to you of course:) So glad I ran across ur blog today!

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