Birthday Party Pow-wow

Thanks for your emails, messages and reaching out to me during my blogging hiatus! I’ll share more thoughts soon but I just needed a break after working on my next Dear Lizzy collection and a book. I sure missed you!  xoxo, Lizzy

A Birthday party pow-wow came about for one reason. I wanted to make a tee-pee! Avery was thrilled for the idea because one of her favorite movies is Peter Pan and she insisted on being Tiger Lily & she knew there would be cake involved.
Here are some of the details:
-Chocolate dipped huge marshmallows topped with rock candy (nerds), gold rock sprinkles, grated cookies etc
-Jars with diecut lids and striped straws
-An arrangement of mini succulents each in a pot then in an wood Ikea candle holder
-Felt Fox stuffed toys for favors
-Made my own arrows with wood, washi tape, and felt
-A pretty plant from Home Depot. The leaves reminded me of feathers.
-Burlap Tablecloth
-Dip dyed bags with favors




THE CAKE: was my favorite part! I found a local cake extraordinaire and I told her what I wanted. Chevron stripes, flowers and make even a fox somewhere. It turned out amazing. It’s called Piece of Cake. Do you like the little pokes in the frosting from anxious, drooling indians?





What I used to display the Roasted Marshmallows (chocolate dipped mallows) A canister that I spray painted and filled with white beans. Wrapped with fabric and added a diecut feather from Silhouette and a real feather with yarn. You can also see the diecut jar lids and straws.

Her headdress was so fun!
I cut a piece of felt. Sewed some vintage lace at the top and elastic in the back. Put washi tape around some pasta noodles and some string. Added feathers inside the noodles and along the felt.

53 thoughts on “Birthday Party Pow-wow

  1. Kim Woods

    Wow it is all gorgeous! I love the color combos and your little angel who is letting you veer away from all things pink and princess-Y! Gotta love Girl Power!!!

  2. May

    que lindo!!!! justo ahora veo tu post con mi hija y me dice que así quisiera tener una fiesta 🙂 todo está hermoso!

    Saludos desde México.

  3. Amy

    Amazing birthday memories!!! What lucky kiddos!!
    You have been missed in the blogging world! But I will take a new line and a book for a few weeks of no blog posts 🙂

  4. Candy Bryant

    Next time- PLEASE- leave a message that you’re taking a break so we all don’t FREAK OUT! I have been checking in everyday and was worried. Mahalo & Aloha.

  5. Jenn

    Love every little detail!!! I could never get my teepee to stay up so we have tents instead, lol.
    So nice to see you back here. C:

  6. Kristen Howard

    What a cute party! I love the cake, it’s incredible. I probably would have had to get a separate cake for eating, that one is too pretty. 🙂

    p.s., of all the sweet pictures of Avery that you’ve posted, I’ve never seen one where she resembled you more than in the last one on this post! She’s precious.

  7. So.Creative

    I’m so happy to read you again! Hope you enjoyed your little pause <3
    This birthday girl is so cute! Amazing party, scrappy elements are gorgeous! And WOW this cake!!!! Yummy!

  8. Carole

    Happy Birthday Avery !!!!!
    What an incredible party !!!!! Wow wow wow wow wow wow….. imagine me with my hand on my mouth… wow wow wow ….. !!!!

    And where is Pocahontas ????

    See you soon … soon .. humm take your time !

    ps : I’ve bought the stamp Dear Lizzy, the pink one, here in France, and I love him. I shared it in Instagram !!! It was out of of stock all over the world ! Did you know that ? As a pure French, I think it is a scandal ! ahhahhahahh !

  9. Mirta Sanchez

    I was a little worried too about you being gone! Everyone deserves a break and I hope it was a good one!
    Super party! Your hubs posted a hilarious pic on FB about the pink cake he made. That guy is hilarious!
    I so look forward to more from you both!

  10. Brenda

    The party looks like it was a blast! The decor and cake is too cute! I’m glad you’re back! I figured you were super busy, I definitely missed reading your posts though.

  11. Lisa

    Hi Lizzy,

    I SO missed your blog. I was worried about you:) Glad your good, busy, and CANNOT wait to see your new line!!!!!!! The birthday party was SO adorable!!!

  12. Lucia

    Cutest party ever! Even though it is Indian themed party it is so feminine and perfect for girls/young ladies:) I love those diecut jars. How did you make those?

  13. Melinda

    I am doing a carnival theme for my three girls combined this year (turning 6, 4 and 2). I would love to get your fringe idea so I can “copy” it in red, yellow and white!!!

    Thanks, Love your blog!

  14. Jenk

    gorgoeous cake!!!
    wish my girls were young enough still for a party like that.
    all your details were perfect!

  15. Debi Joy

    Lizzy: WOW! What a fabulous party you created. So darling and creative. Avery is getting more and more beautiful too. When I saw you were not blogging I was a little worried…so glad it was just a break and nothing serious. Glad your back girl!

  16. Jill

    You probably didn’t realize it, but stereotyping Native Americans in that way could be very offensive.

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    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      I made them… I posted a tutorial on my blog how to make fringe banners using plastic table cloths and a hand-held rotary cutter. super easy!

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