Happy Day <3 Fabric Banner DIY

This birthday feels much more different than 30. Thirty one… eek! My sixteen year old self would definitely think I’m so old but, yet, I don’t feel old. Except after 3 days of Disney and I couldn’t even walk the next day. ha!
I always thought by thirty I’d have it all figured out. But this past year has been a bit of a growing year for me. Growing is a nice way of saying sometimes really sucky. There wasn’t anything life threatening or anything I should even complain about but I just learned a lot about myself and am trying to continue to take all I can from this life and become a better woman. There were definitely high and lows and sometimes they occurred at the same time. And sometimes all there was left to do was cry… or eat ice cream. Sometimes everything felt clear and other times life was a murky mess. S0metimes people I don’t even know tried to bring me down but always someone I love was there to lift me up. What can we do but get on our knees and pray, then get up and move forward. (That last part sounded like a really bad version of a quote.; )
Anyways, thankfully I am quite blessed even during the growing times and Collin is without a doubt there to make me laugh & my girls are there to give me loves. My family is all I need. As cliche as it sounds: my life is definitely filled with sheer joy… I just hold onto that. I’m also learning that it’s actually my attitude that determines a lot of it. So bring it on thirty one! I can tell already it’s going to be a great one.

My birthday started out with a little house cleaning and work emails. Then Collin held down the fort and I got to take Avery with me on a lunch date with my sisters and mom. Pedis and Malawis pizza were on the agenda. I realized I don’t do this enough with my sisters. That night Ashley and I stayed up past 2 am talking. This is very out of the ordinary for me since I love to sleep but it was totally worth being a zombie the next day. ; )

Since it’s my birthday I got to choose the restaurant to eat dinner at and since Collin didn’t like my first two choices we ended up at Thai Drift. It was our first time eating there since we usually eat at our favorite, Thai Ruby, but we were surprisingly impressed!
cheeeeeeesssse & uuuuuhhhhhhhh.

Clearly, I still need to unpack from my trip since this is the randomest outfit but at least it was comfy. Beatles and Polka Dots: Skirt, Shoes: Ruche//Pleated Slip: One of the slips we will be selling really soon.


For some reason we always, always forget to get a group shot at Birthday par-tays…!
(Thanks for everyone who came! Love you all!)


I sold glitter banners at Bijou Market but if you are interested in a Happy Day or any custom glitter word banner email me: Lizzy@MakeSomethingSplendid.com


Cut fabric. My strips are 1.5″ x 35″ (before folded in half)

1 Fold fabric in Half length wise then fold the loop end over twine
2 Pull the end through the loop
3 Tighten to your liking and continue along twine
4 I used 27 fabric strips


14 thoughts on “Happy Day <3 Fabric Banner DIY

  1. Janel

    I just wanted to say you are so beautiful and SOOO talented!!! You keep your head up:)
    You have a beautiful family and a strong faith and it shines through!!
    Here’s to a great 31st year!!

  2. Erin

    All I have to say is if anybody has anything negative to say about YOU– they are purely jealous. That’s all their is to it! I have been following your blog for a couple of years now and you are so incredibly beautiful/creative/smart/funny/amazing lady! Keep your chin up! Happy birthday!

    P.S. You have a beautiful family (and a hilarious husband too!)

  3. stephanie b.

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!

    How do you think this stuff up?! Something so simple as that fabric strip banner that makes such an amazing decoration. I’m going to have to steal that idea for my upcoming birthday. :)

  4. laurie lariviere

    Glad to hear you had a fab birthday, you are your sisters are all so pretty!! You all have the same smile, I think being a woman has a lot to do with ups and downs…we just have to look forward to the UPS! hope year 31 is all you want it to be :)

  5. Mirta Sanchez

    Totally connecting with the age thing. On the verge of my 39th birthday and it shocks me. MY 16 year old self is shocked too, she told me never to get old and yet, here we are. She’s ROTFL at my crow’s feet but she has NO IDEA what’s to come! I’ve got some battle scars and I think they’re beautiful. I love that life has offered me these gifts, which at the time felt like curses.
    Never ever forget that other people’s opinions of you are THEIR problem and THEIR business, not yours. HATERS.
    Because YOU are talented and gorgeous. The best revenge is to love yourself and your life!
    Carry on, Dear Lizzy!

  6. CarolM

    Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Just so you don’t go having any expectations about knowing it all by 40…..cause, uh, in my experience….NOT THE CASE either 😉 you’ll just be even more baffled because you won’t know how the crap you got there!!!

  7. Madelene

    Hi Lizzy

    I’m so keen to get a customised fabric banner, I have email to you but have not gotten any reply from you…could you contact me pls?


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