Birthday Wish List

It’s almost my birthday so naturally I put together some of my favorite things.

1. Polaroid film for my 600 camera: Film from The Impossible Project
2. Luckily my birthstone is a stunning emerald. I would love to get three stackable rings of my daughter’s birthstones: Von Eshna
3. Wood bowls dipped in colorful paint: Wind & Willow Home
4. Yes, I adore this white gnome with his fancy gold hat: Mod Cloth
5. Navy dotted dress… or anything from Madewell
6. This camera is my next purchase: The Golden Half. It has the option of taking two shots for one picture. I brought a film camera on my trip and developed the film and now I am kind of obsession with 35mm because I am not that great at printing my pictures but I developed my the very next morning. Find this and other cool cameras at Four Corner Store.
7. Stripey wedges: Asos 
8. This bag has been a fave for a while! Thunder In Our Hearts: Fieldguided on etsy

11 thoughts on “Birthday Wish List

  1. Lisa

    Well…I hope you get all of them. A girl has got to dream. Ok, how about one or some of them! I love how you show us fun new little stores websites to check out. 🙂

  2. Shanti

    I hope you get everything off your list! Especially that camera!! I know the feeling, I’m all about 35mm right now. I hope you get them all! Have a blessed birthday!


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