21 thoughts on “Still Laughing

  1. Tine

    Hahahaha oh my gosh i love that pic. After all we learned about u and ur family on ur blog here, it was obvious, Collin would do that but still that makes me smile a lot 😀

    Greetz from Germany, Tine

  2. Cherie

    The girls are so brave! That’s the one ride I won’t go on. It scares me! Looks like you guys had a blast…makes me need to plan a trip up there!

  3. summer

    oh my word I am dying. Collin’s expression is hysterical- he looks like one of my students wondering when the boring misery will end, and your girls are too precious!

  4. Ana Paula Paes

    Amazing picture! It’s great to hear that you all had a great vacation. Disneyland is always a magical place. Great to have you back in Blogland!

  5. Kristen Howard

    When you mentioned splash mountain in your other post, I was thinking “surely she means Avery, there’s no way little Quincey went on that”….I can’t believe she’s that brave! Mallory, who’s much older than Q, was traumatized of the little drops in Pirates of the Carribbean, and even Captain EO! Even I opted to sit out Splah Mountain and take pictures instead…..I can’t handle that drop. lol! That’s so neat that your little ones are brave. 🙂

  6. Mary in IL

    Where is the bowl of cereal or did Collin finish it off waiting in line for the ride? Thanks for my laugh of the day!


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