Travel Art Kit: Here We Goooooo

“Here we goooooooooo!!!” Said like Peter Pan, of course. Which is quite fitting since we are off to Disneyland! That’s right people. The kind of vacation where you are more exhausted when you get home. But you don’t complain because… it’s Disneyland. I will be eating my share of churros, pushing a sexy double stroller, and taking pictures of my kids standing by adults dressed in giant mouse costumes. Collin is already planning out the Splash Mountain pose for the pic. He wanted to be reading a book, or pouring a bowl of cereal… I’m scared.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep because I had taken a non-drowsy allergy pill and earlier I drank a Diet Coke. This must have been a toxic combination. I was still going strong to the wee hours of the morning. But I’m glad because now I have this little book and what do I have to show for our last Disneyland trip? Nothun.  I haven’t done anything with my pictures. This trip I am prepared with 4 cameras. This isn’t a joke. : ) I don’t want to lug my slr around everyday so I have some smaller options. Clearly, I am determined to document our time togetha. I grabbed some of my favorite supplies for a travel art kit.


Starting with Kraft Cardstock I used my Cameo and cut quite a few pages with one or two words on each.
Then I added some elements to about 5 of the pages. So they are ready to go. I am mostly going to add Instax to the album and possibly some Instagrams.
I spray painted the coils with gold metal paint and used my Bind-It-All to put it together.

The only adhesive I packed is my Glossy Accents since it is tiny.  And it’s my favorite adhesive for the wood accents. Can you tell I am obsessed with SC’s veneer pieces??!! Just slightly.
Also packed the least deadly scissors I own. The memory marker is perfect because I will use it for journaling & to stamp with my Dear Lizzy roller date stamp.

I painted my cloth bag with neon pink using a stencil. And I put together two journals for the girls. Because we have a 12 hour drive ahead of us…!
The striped paper is one of my favorite papers from my Neapolitan line and the little bow is too.

Everything fits perfect into my bag. I might even squeeze my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher in there too.


Also, here is the Kid’s Art journal kit I put together last year for our Lake Powell trip. Which had a lot more down-time and worked out great!

Leaving in an hour… gotta go pack!
xo, Lizzy
Click on the images to check out the supplies:


55 thoughts on “Travel Art Kit: Here We Goooooo

  1. Adrienne

    Have a great trip! If you feel like a 15 minute drive for breakfast or lunch one of your days, head to The Cafe Cup in Huntington Beach of Springdale and Warner. They have the best cinamon rolls and I am positive Collin will enjoy the mashed potato omlette. 2 of the 3 servers own a scrapbooking store. I also hope you get to try dole pineapple whip. It ‘s worth the wait in line!

    Happy vacation!

  2. Kaitlynn

    I just got back from Disneyland two days ago. All the wait times were pretty short, thank goodness. My man was pulling some pretty crazy splash mountain poses too including the classic taking a nap picture. Hehe. Have fun!

    Now I want a churro…

  3. Carrie Nolen

    Sooo fun! 🙂 You might want to bring several of those non-drowsy allergy pills with you to Disneyland…I have a feeling you will need it. ha ha! Can’t wait to see pictures from the trip!

  4. Bonnie

    Such a cute album! I’m so impressed that you did that before your trip. I’m lucky if I remember to pack a notebook so I can write notes about the trip. Oh, and thanks for the product links. I hadn’t seen the tiny attacher before!

  5. Stef

    Way to be prepared!! Also, if you discover a vacation destination with three little girls where you do NOT come back more exhausted than when you left, please do let me know!!!

    Have fun! Disneyland rocks!

  6. Valerie.H

    How funny. I did exactly the same thing for our cruise trip two weeks ago. It was fun to journal and snap shot on the go. ^^ can’t wait to see your finished journal.

  7. Bea Monforte

    I wish you tons of fun and happy family memories 🙂
    Sharing the Splash Mountain picture is a must now (we’ll be expecting the final result!)
    Those journal kits are so cool!

    xoxo Bea

  8. Colette

    Oh I really hope you enjoy your trip, it sounds amazing. You are so lucky to be able to drive to Disneyland as opposed to flying 1000’s of miles! Someday soon I hope,

    Say Hi to Mickey and the gang!

    Colette x.

  9. shannon

    I feel like you’ve read my mind. My family is going on a big trip on Saturday and I wanted to make the kids each a journal so they can journal their experience and have a place to keep their memories. I love what you came up with. It’s so beautiful and creative.

    Have fun at Disneyland! It’s pretty much the happiest place on earth. 🙂

  10. Adeline

    This vacation to Disneyland sounds like an amazing art trip too, both for the kids and you. Can’t wait to see what will come out this !
    Have fun 😉

  11. alicia @ la famille

    hey there 🙂 just found your blog through the pleated poppy and i’m so glad! great stuff going on over here. hopefully i can carve out some time this afternoon to read more! nice to meet you


  12. Cathy L.

    Love your travel album! You must post the Splash Mountain pic, can’t wait to see what Collin does. I never know where the camera is, and so I just end up looking terrified, because I am!

  13. Julie

    Loving what you’re doing with the Cameo! Your kit looks great. Have an awesome time! Can’t wait to see the pics!

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  21. Jazz

    I’m a big fan of travelling and craft as well 🙂 So I love what you’ve put together! Very pretty..

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