Floral Antler Piece

I’m thrilled to share this project with you today because it quickly became one of my favorite projects I’ve made this year. Probably because of that refreshing, springtime happiness it brought to our kitchen. Seriously, the sure sign is when your husband truly appreciates it too. I also learned that fresh flowers are a perfect pick-me-up… even when you buy them for yourself.
Victoria from Styled magazine asked me to create something for their floral issue. I started out thinking of all sorts of paper flowers but then somehow I ended up going in a different direction. That direction included antlers with ranunculus. So random, right?
First, I painted and gold dipped the ends. I pretty much love anything with a bit of gold right now. Then used bright pink string to tie tiny vases along the antlers. Last, fill with flowers.

This Styled issue is full of floral inspiration… The Art of Summer Merry Making!
xo, Lizzy

24 thoughts on “Floral Antler Piece

  1. air greenwood

    I absolutely adore this. Its so lovely! I cant believe I live in Utah and dont have a set of antlers of some sort. What a shame.

  2. Annette

    Wonderful idea to bring the soft side and rough sides together. A touch of her and a bit of him. P.S .to Collin: My guys think duct tape could have been used.

  3. JaneEllen Jones

    What a pretty original centerpiece. Wow, that’s so incredible, colors are so cheerful. That’s a great way to use a set of antlers. Great project.

  4. Cherie

    Ok this is why I don’t throw things away…I had this branch I found on vacation last summer that I had been saving for a special project. And of course I just threw it way today! Ugh it’s things like this that make me understand hoarders!!! I love that idea…now on a search for a new branch πŸ™‚

  5. Natt Smith

    Elizabeth ^_^ This project is totally wonderful.I can see you were smiling and singing Zee Avi’s songs while you working on this pretty floral arrangement.

  6. danielle

    just gorgeous! So weird, i just saw some painted antlers on a website similar (not as pretty as yours, though ) and thought that would be such a pretty centerpiece. Thanks for the inspo!!!

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  9. Jean

    I will be using a modification of this idea in a wedding, I spent hours and days looking for test-tube type vials to place the flowers in, ended up spending a to much on tiny vases. However, as I was standing in line at a “Dollar Store” there in front of me were tinted plastic Tequila “shooters”, which would have been perfect if they were in the right colors. Could have saved a lot of time and money had I seen them earlier.

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