Pinky Swear

I always feel like I need to apologize when I don’t post something creative on Monday… and give some excuse or something. Because I really really did make things, pinky swear! Instead of posting them I boxed them up and delivered them to the publisher of my book. And right now I should be finishing up the rest of my projects but I am definitely procrastinating. Quincey is at a friend’s house. Lola is napping while Avery should be home from school any minute. Instead of working on said projects I keep pouring myself another bowl of cheerios. And now, apparently, I’m blogging.
This week is going to be cray-zay town… but I am excited because this weekend I will going to SNAP! and I’m also a presenter. I am speaking on a panel Friday at 10:30 about turning your  passion into a business. Are you going to Snap!?


Friday & Saturday I sold a few different items at Bijou Market and we sold out the pleated lace & brown feather slips. Don’t worry, I saved some to post online so you don’t feel left out. : ) It was an incredible market and inspiring to walk around and see everyone’s goods.

Shoes and my favorite necklace: Ruche//Pants: Target

Peach + Grey + Mint is one of my favorite color combos right now.

Last week I seriously was on one. It must have been everything on my plate but I was bugging myself so I know I was on Collin’s very last nerve. I’m grateful for someone who will love me & cheer me up on my bad days.

Happy Monday!

17 thoughts on “Pinky Swear

  1. Amber

    I want to go to SNAP soooo bad. Especially with it being in my backyard and all. (literally I can see Thanksgiving Point movie theater sign flashing out our back window at night–and that sounds stalker creepy but it’s true!)

  2. Sharon Osborn

    Ha! I LOVE when you wear your animal print pants…and the shoes are perfect with them 🙂

    How can you be on your husbands last nerve when you wear an outfit like that??? Just sayin’…

  3. Shana Smith

    I have contemplated those leopard pants from Target for awhile now.. They Look fabulous on you. I’ve been inspired! I might just have to go pick a pair up while they are still in stock! Mint is also my LOVE at the moment, cant get enough:) I am so sad I missed the Bijou Market this last weekend, I’ll get there sometime, I hear nothing but great things every year:)

  4. Joanne P

    omg, i love those shoes and i just checked ruche and i can’t find them:( you look great. loving the color combo and can’t wait for your book – yay

  5. bridget

    Hey my name is Bridget and I have found we know someone in common. Jenna Rammell. I have been reading your blog before I ever got into blogging and I have known Jenna since I was in high school and I just slowly figured out the connection that you guys are best friends. Is it weird I feel a little more cool now that I know someone you know lol jk. That is when you can say “nerd-alert”! ha ha anyways I am going to be going to snap and I cant wait to meet you there 🙂


  6. sara

    my Avery saw these pics of you and said, “You should get that outfit mom! It would be cute on US.”

    a great sense of style this little 8 year old of mine.

    too cute Liz!


  7. Kelly Hubert

    How did you get those color circles on your pic AND the circle with the text inside? Do you use a certain photo editing program? Will you share? Please and thank you!!!


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