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This is another installment of Love Triangle: a mini blog series inspired by geometric shapes. Today one of my crafty friends Ann-Marie shares a fun triangle banner. I met Ann-Marie at American Crafts and she is so darling… I adore her and her paper crafting style! Her project is super dooper easy. All you need are scissors and paper! No excuses because we all have those on hand. For Avery’s pretty pow-wow birthday party next month I plan on making one of these.
Take it away Ann-Marie (passing the mic)… Since the banner trend has been around for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, it’s always fun to experiment with different shapes to keep things fresh and interesting. The best thing about this triangle banner is that it only requires two supplies: paper and scissors. No adhesive necessary! And while it may look tricky at first, once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to make one for every room in your home (or maybe that’s just me?)! Either way, I know you will love the end result!


1. Cut a 4×6″ strip of cardstock (or any other type of paper that will hold it’s shape when folded) and fold in half.
2. Leaving your paper folded (as if you were making a greeting card), cut off the two outer edges at a 60 degree angle.
3. Allowing for approximately a 0.75″ border, cut an actual triangle out of the center of the cardstock. When you open it up, it should like the number eight.
4. To connect multiple triangles together, leave one of the triangles folded in half (orange paper) and open the other triangle (cream paper). Using the open triangle, straddle the closed triangle by pulling one end over each side.

5. Repeat step 5 with as many triangles as you desire and enjoy your new banner!


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PS Last month a bunch of you joined in on a photo challenge–taking 12 photos on March 12th. It was neat to learn about even more blogs that do a similar tradition… probably because it is quite fun! So, I wanted to do it again this month. Tomorrow actually!! Take 12 photos of your day with your fancy slr or even your phone.
Join in on the Daily Dozen!!
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21 thoughts on “Triangle Banner: love triangle series

  1. stephanie b.

    I never cease to be amazed by the awesome yet simple projects I find here! I’m ready for another 12 on the 12th. Hopefully this time I’ll actually remember to document my full day..

  2. Jules

    Dear Lizzy,
    wow, love this triangle-garland!!! Nice DIY!
    But even more I like the 12 by 12 “tradition”! 😉
    Here in Germany we have it since almost 2 years… So much fun!
    I will join tomorrow/today with a “daily dozen on April 12th”.

    Greetings from Germany

  3. Sam

    Awesome banner! I’m definitely giving this diy a go!

    On a completely different subject, could you please tell me where the white pen holder (in the top photo) is from? If it’s still available, I’d love to purchase one! 🙂

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  6. paula

    Very cute project! I think that’ll be used in a gifting project i’m doing soon.

    I have to ask though, where is that desk caddy from? It’s adorable!

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