She: is dear to me

How did you guess that I am sitting here in my PJs munching on a bowl of froot loops?
Tomorrow I am heading into American Crafts to start on my fifth Dear Lizzy line. Lucky 5! Any requests? What would you like to see designed in your wildest craft dreams?

Just wanted to share this book I made, you might have already seen it on Ali‘s blog but here it is again…
For this project, I was inspired to create something really organic, focusing on text, simplicity, and raw texture. Mini-albums are my go-to when I’m in the mood to experiment something new or try something a little out of my comfort zone. I loved the quote Ali recently posted for her Project Life using the Silhouette & it really sparked an idea for these pages. I wanted to die-cut a little snipit of journaling onto each page to give it a crisp, modern look. It took a bit more time but I love the end result. My plan was then to back each diecut page with red so the words would really stand out, but after experimenting on a page or two I ended up not liking it and put that idea aside for another project. That’s one thing I love about creating, you can try ideas out and if they don’t look how you want it, save that idea for a future project! Once I carefully removed the backing, I realized I loved how I could see through to the next page and the edges of each letter. Instead of the red paper backing, I added a piece of my Dear Lizzy polka dot vellum in front of each page. I cut random circles from the vellum to continue with the feel of the diecut pages. Next, as I was adding the photos that I picked out, I printed a few in color to start. The color photos ended up being too busy, and although I usually work with color photos, changing them to black and white kept the focus on the text. I love the simplicity it added. I then cropped the photos ranging from 4″-5″ and added them above the diecut journaling. I didn’t necessarily match the photos exactly to the journaling but left a bit of surprise element to what each one would convey.

I die cut the journaling using my Silhouette and the Governor font onto the pink horizontal stripes from this crate paper.


Loving Studio Calico’s wood veneer flag pennant shapes and the felt bow clips!
It truly is one of my favorite albums to flip through…! Here are a few of the pages. 

Next, I added a few simple embellishments which in a way can make each element pop. Keeping with the theme, I stuck with mostly wood veneer banners, sequins and button candy dots, & washi tape. I also added some pieces from my newest Dear Lizzy collection: ruffle paper, fringe ribbon, sequins & wood buttons.
Lastly, I worked on the cover. I usually do this first but I got excited with the inside pages and wound up designing it last. I cut the title “SHE” through a piece of kraft cardstock and then through chipboard. I sewed on the kraft paper then attached it to the chipboard so it wouldn’t show through on the inside cover. I sewed pieces of the diecut letters from the inside pages and left the thread slack longer. I also added a few splashes of mist and a punched heart. I was sad when the idea I had to bind the pages didn’t work out like I envisioned so I used book rings to keep it all together instead. For the inside cover, I added a vellum envelope with washi tape and included some letter confetti and one of my Dear Lizzy tags with a little note.



37 thoughts on “She: is dear to me

  1. caroline hancock

    Lizzy this is AMAZING i LOVE it so much. I really need to give this a go. How did you do it? Do you create like a 5×7 box then put the fonts in there or something? need to try it out

  2. Lucia

    Wow the mini is so beautiful and inspiring. I am really looking forward to your new line, I hope there will be lots of clear stamps(sentiments maybe?) and some punches.. 😀 but I know that everything you will create will be amazing 🙂

  3. Annabella Merlin

    I love the vellum envelope looks really lovely and artistic! The die cuts are pretty! ‘She is so dear to me’ title is such a sweet dedication for your girl.

    Annabella Merlin
    Creative Photo Albums

  4. Carole

    Oh Lizzy, I really love this design… very inspiring… I want my cameo soon now…… oh this is so lovely and so original…. Thanks for sharing all your talents… If you contniue like that, sure you will be the girl of the year !

  5. Kelly Jean

    I reallk love this album. I also love mini albums. I think a travel line would be awesome. Or maybe you can create your own naked chipboard mini albums. Maybe in the shape of a bee or something fun!

  6. Carol Chastain

    never cease to amaze me miss lizzy! so so so so so darling!!! I love it! have fun at AC! (they are the bomb 🙂 )

  7. Anelsie Ramos

    Hi Lizzy! Congratulations on your 5th line! I LOVE all of your products!!! I would like to see a boy’s line with lots of embelishments!!!

    1. Charis Mouritsen

      I absolutely want a line from you that can be used for my boys. I love the pink, but I don’t use as much because I only have sons. Boy stuff, boy stuff, boy stuff!

  8. Amy

    Congrats on your 5th line! Love love love this mini!!!

    How about some vintage suitcases, owls, cameras, cake plates. Flea market finds 🙂

    OR anything motocross 🙂 hee hee…

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  9. jody ferlaak

    It’s stunning and sweet all rolled into one. Your family is lucky to have a mom who makes such wonderful books and pages and other things that they will look back on and cherish always. Have fun creating your next line! I imagine it’s always a fun process seeing your “dreams” turn into reality. =)

  10. laurie lariviere

    wow!! this is really something special Liz, love those cut out words, so different, love the vellum too…as far as a new line, would you consider doing something for boys? maybe blues, greens, oranges,? I LOVE all your lines so far, so I know you and AC could come up with something cute for little guys…

  11. Julie

    This album is amazing!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the text….will have to try this myself. Thanks, as always, for the great inspiration! Have a super day!!!

  12. Adrienne

    Pretty Awesome! I am inspired to get the Silhouette font 🙂 Thanks for a fresh idea!
    I would like to see more glitter in your next line. As well as some rub on embellishments 🙂 I love what I ordered from your most recent line 🙂

  13. Jessica

    Love, Love, Love all of your stuff! This mini book is so cute. Can’t wait for your next line. I agree with some of the other ladies…a boy’s line would be amazing. Would love to do a mini book for my little guy too.

  14. Jessica

    Love, love, love your products. Can’t wait for your new line. I agree with some of the other ladies, a boys line would be great! That way I can do a mini book for my little guy with all of the dear lizzy goodies. Your mini books are wonderful and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Whitney

    Whatever you do, I know it will be gorgeous (I think the feedsack prints from the 20s would be fun!), could you see about during your gorgeous stuff into a digital kit as well? I have no talent for manipulating paper and ribbons, but pixels I can do! 🙂

  16. Bridget

    Oh how exciting! I would love to see anything ombre, frames to make your photos look like polaroids, stick on chevron borders, gauzy ruffled paper, coloured rubonz, sunbleached peeling painted timber looks. I’m sure I could put alot more down but I am too lazy to get up and get my inspiration diary.

  17. Gina f.

    How about a dear Lizzy tea party / old fashioned picnic with doilies, tea cups and saucers, sunshine, flowers, picnic baskets & blankets, etc and have bare feet in the creek and frogs and a stick used for a fishing ple for the boys.

  18. Bea Monforte

    Awesome album! And your girl is so sweet <3
    I've recibed the Neapolitan roller stamp todas, so cool!



  19. Katie Gelbaugh

    I LOVE this album! So darling! I would love to see a line with a watercolor look! I <3 the neopolitan line….the softness of it….I think something kind of like that with more of a watercolor feel! OH….and LOTS of embellies!

    1. Nianna

      Aaaah! YES! Watercolor line would be ahh-mazing. I’d like to see a water-color mini book and/or some pages that look like completely painted over water color paper. I’d love something similar to Neo but with brighter colors… turquoise, beige and orange or red, maybe? You could do a line that has some elements for boys with those colors. Once again, a fall theme would be awesome…. I also like pages with big print, that you can cut out and use separately, not as a whole page, like some of the papers in Neo (e. g. the Polaroid one and the mason jar one.)

      Can’t wait to see what you do!

  20. Simea

    Love the Mini.
    As inspiring as all your minis:-)
    Liz, I would love to see a travel-themed line as well as a fall line. There are not enough fall lines out there but fall is the season where I take the most pictures. The beautiful light and the color…. So I would buy anything “fall-y” that you designed:-) Thats for sure. Boys would be nice, sure…
    A school line…
    Oh, I cannot wait to see what you come up with.
    And… materials: some burlap pleeeeaase!

  21. Rosemary Watson

    Hip Hip Hooray! So excited for this new line! You know what I’d love? To see your take on Americana. Like what you envision for 4th of July, because Americana can be used for so many different things!

  22. gina cunningham

    This is AMAZING! I love the vellum envelope and letter confetti idea.

    Keep the vellum coming in your next collection. I love to make a fun edge on my background paper with punches, so how about a cloud, ruffle, or lace edge on the top of your papers? I am also really wanting to find some bling studs to add to my pages…you know like the fashion designers add to back pockets on jeans. Really sparkly and flat backed rather than brads.

    I would really like to see some tassels and flowers and frames with lace and tulle too. Self adhesive tulle or lace would be awesome too!

    Hope these help!

  23. Michelle

    Congrats on your 5th Line!!!!! I love everything that you are doing! I would love to see more clear stamps, hot air balloons, rainbows, clouds… fun and whimsy things. I would love to see travel stamps and embellishments and I too have a boy, so anything that we can “cross over” to the boy side would be wonderful!
    Thank you for asking!

  24. Frank

    Hello Liz! Beautiful project!!! Lovely!! SOO beautiful! Cannot wait to see the 5th line! I made a layout inspired by you, and I mentioned you in my blog! You are simply awesome and it was a pleasure meeting you at CHA 2012, more like a dream!

    Thank You! Keep doing what you do!

    Hugs! Frank

  25. Nianna

    Requests? I love all of the scrap-booking things you do, but I’d love to see more cameras, maybe a fall theme as opposed to neopolitan’s summer theme? Leaves, nature. But I’m happy with pretty much anything.


  26. Nianna

    Yeah, I agree. I want a travel line, and once again, I would obsess over a fall line. I don’t like pink allthatmuchthankyou, but my favorite colors for scrapbooking would be turquoise, beige, grey and yellow.


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