Happy List

A little happy list today:
Going to the movies last night with Collin to see Hunger Games. woo hooo! It was awesome. We are good about date nights but don’t often spend that precious time at the theatre. It was all I took to not ask him what was going on as the plot unfolds the whole time, like I do at home. “Who’s that…? What does that mean? What’s going on?” Yes, I’m that girl. Read his sarcastic movie critique here.

Singing “More Than Words” from my cassette tape days at the top of my lungs, driving with the windows down. No shame at all.
Pulling up in our garage late one night with the three girls asleep in their carseats. When this happens we sit there for a minute and gaze at their peaceful faces. I felt my eyes get all misty watching them dream and made my heart swell even more when Collin said, “Look at these girls. We made them.”

Cheerios and bananas or Peanut Butter and bananas… I like to eat like a 5 year old.

Counting down for our trip to the beach and Disneyland with my siblings & our families. I think my sisters and I are more excited than the kids. In fact, I know this.
Staying caught up with the laundry… my nemesis.
Laughing hysterically with Collin while watching New Girl. I’m obsessed with the Schmidt character, especially in the Control episode. “I’m wearing my slippiest loafers…”
Learning and growing and stretching and accepting and striving to become a better wife, mother, friend.
Avery is enthralled with drawing pictures of me with my mom & dad. After drawing a picture yesterday she said, “Hold it up to the sky and show your daddy.” I was a little startled by her request but smiled and held it up. She then corrected me,”Not to the ceiling, to the sky! He will love it.” xoxo
(shirt, belt: Ruche//Pants, Necklace: F21//Being a spaz: Me)


…. what’s on your happy list?

37 thoughts on “Happy List

  1. Renae

    Just read Collin’s blog (see that, I remembered the two l’s)…he’s cracking me up like Schmidt. Seriously. My husband thinks i’m some kind of weirdo because I think Schmidt is so damn funny! That guy cracks me up! The way he shakes his head when he’s trying to get his point across. Oh my…I hope you and I aren’t the only ones watching that show! It makes me happy.

  2. Colleen

    You’re the cutest. I was doing black and yellow the other day, thinking, am I too much of a bumble today? I look at you and think, no, I wasn’t …but I was wearing stripes so maybe I was. 🙂 OH, and New Girl, Schmidt is the best thing. Period.

  3. Bea Monforte

    Hey! You’re so lucky, in Spain we must wait at 04/20 to see this movie (a lot of envy!)
    I’ve get emotionally with Avery’s drawing and her “relationship” with her grandad, I loosed my dad 3 years ago and I hope my kids (I’ve not yet) will talk and think of him so naturally 🙂

    Xoxo, Bea

    PS: Reading Collin’s film resum, he is crazy :____D

  4. Candy Bryant

    Collin is too, too much. Pretty hilarious review.
    I’m really writing to let you know that my LSS has finally brought Dear Lizzy to Kailua!!!
    I had put things in my cart at Amazon and the shipping was over $60!!!
    Had to put it back.
    So, so happy to have my own and I can go back and get more! Love X 3.
    Hugs & Aloha, Candy
    PS. How about having a scrappy event here in Hawaii?

  5. Lisa

    Your outfit is darling…always are:) I am seeing TONS of the colored jeans you where everywhere!!! Hunger Games…mmmmm…not sure what to think, my daughter has started the book and says it is amazing, and wants to see the movie. Seems violent?? Will have to go see. Ok…gotta go read the comments…lol OH I just got some of your new line ….SO cute, can SO not wait to play with the ruffled paper…YUM:)

  6. Alexis

    Ah, New Girl! I love that show! Zoey Deschanel is fabulous, just about the greatest and Schmidt’s character is *hilarious*! My husband and I also spent a date afternoon seeing the Hunger Games over the weekend. It was grand :). It sounds like you’re having a great week, thanks for sharing!


  7. Krys72599

    Thanks, Liz, for the little reminder of my dad, who’s been gone since 1987. Not a day goes by I don’t think of him, but today? Cheerios with bananas AND HONEY was his breakfast of choice and it’s a personal favorite, too!
    Loved your Happy List – think I’ll start working on one, too!

  8. laurie lariviere

    on my happy list is flowers in bloom outside, my little guy’s smile, chocolate pudding.,..love what Avery said about showing the picture to your dad, so sweet 🙂 Kids are so loving that way…after our rabbit died, for a little while my little guy would hold his carrot up and pretend he was giving it to “Ra” to eat…so cute and sad at the same time..thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. mindy t

    Love Love Love New girl AND especially Schmidt, My husband and I are always signing. We built this schmidty on tootsie rolls.

  10. Rosemary Watson

    1) Read Collin’s review and promptly died.
    2) SCHMIDT IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO TV in like, a really long time. Did you see this week’s episode?
    Winston : “You think becasue you know a few facts about Princess Kate, you think you’re smarter than me?”
    Schmidt: “First of all, Kate is a DUCHESS and whip smart by all accounts, and second of all, don’t be so pridefull.”
    Something no straight man would never, ever, EVER know.

  11. Patti L

    Its so ironic that you have this post bcz i was just thinking I need to make a ‘happy list’ right before I clicked on your blog…. And i love NewGirl/Schmidt too…I like the “d-bag jar”!

  12. stacy

    My happy list includes beautiful weather, M&Ms and the promise of a relaxing weekend. More Than Words is one THE BEST songs ever. I also like to sing it at the top of my lungs.

  13. Anna Vaschina

    gotta have a think about my happy list…just amazed by Avery’s comments about her drawing, holding it up to the sky for your dad to see…kid’s get so much more than we think. Just so beautiful.
    Chocolate and your blog is on my happy list. 🙂

  14. Carrie

    Chocolate, simple moments, documenting everyday life, my boys…and more chocolate. 🙂 Dying to see Hunger Games…aahhh! might have to wait for Redbox though. You look adorable Liz!!!!

  15. Kate

    Ahh bless Quincey, what a sweetie! On my happy list… I’ve had a far less stressful week at work than the past six and have actually been able to spend time with my wonderful husband! Liz can I ask how you curl your hair? It always looks awesome…my curls never stay in!

  16. Cherie

    what Colin said about making your girls just made me cry a little. SO sweet! New Girl is my most fave show right now! I have such a girl crush on Zoey…love her. My favorite was when she told Nick “Stop it you’re walking like a Disney witch” I almost fell off the couch!

    Have fun at the happiest place on earth 🙂

  17. Belinda

    Liz, what a beautiful “happy list” you have. You are such a lucky lady 🙂 and Avery’s comment just brings tears to my eyes. You should be so proud that you are raising your girls to know their grandfather & keep him close in theirs hearts. It’s such a beautiful thing. I love reading your blog, your posts are always a joy! Take care 🙂

  18. Dana West

    I love Schmidt. Has anyone seen my driving moccasins? That show makes me laugh. That and Modern Family.
    Loved Hunger Games!

  19. Ashley Lynn

    first we will watch New Girl together this summer I am obsessed with every charater on that show. Second Avery is the cutest girl!! I cried so hard when I read what she asked you to do with the picture she drew for you…so precious! WE GET IN MONDAY EVENING 🙂 GET EXCITED SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Shae

    Bless Avery’s heart , just cried me little heart out over her sweet request to share her pictures with your Dad in heaven .

  21. SandraA

    I too can relate to the sweetness of Avery’s heart. I lost my sister just before Christmas last year. My 5yo granddaughter still wanted to make a Christmas card for her because “God can give it to her magically”. Yes indeed He can.

  22. Annabella Merlin

    I love your outfit yellow and black polka dots combi is just stunning. Here’s my happy list:
    1. bought a new laptop
    2. designing an invitation for my best friend’s wedding
    3. waiting for a new make-up to arrive tomorrow
    4. vacation next month
    5. Lots of scrapbooking embellishments just bought recently

    Annabella MErlin
    Creative Photo Albums


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