Love Triangle: Make your own stamps & Leather printed pillow

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Love Triangle is a mini blog series where we are sharing our favorite geometric shaped projects.
No 1: Washi Tape Deco Art No 2: Polymer clay earrings.

Hello there! I’m Melissa from I Still Love You. I’m excited to be here today sharing two quick, easy, and ah-inducing tutorials with you. I’m in love with the geometric print craze! It all started with a quilt in my bedroom and now it’s quickly moving to every corner of our house. I love how geometric prints are so versatile and work perfectly with bold colors, florals and other geometric prints. I’m quickly finding that geometric prints are like the denim of patterns; they can go with just about anything.

I’ve whipped up a simple leather envelope pillow and I’d love to help you make one, too! Leather is not nearly as intimidating as you might think. You just have to have the right leather and tools and you’re good to go. If you’re a sewer/crafter like me, you’re likely to have most of these tools on-hand already. Let’s get started, shall we?



 scissors, leather (or craft foam sheets), wood blocks, glue


Cut your leather (or foam) to the desired shape. Make sure that they’re smaller than your wood blocks.
Glue leather (or foam) back onto leather. Allow glue to dry before trimming it out.
Once your shapes have been trimmed out of the second layer of leather, rub leather (or foam) on the ink pad.
Stamp the top of your block with your shape. Place leather shape inked-side down and apply glue to the back of it. Place the wood block on top and allow the glue to set before using.
Stamp away! I know I’ll be having a lot of fun making patterns with these basic shapes.



upholstery weight leather or vinyl, plexiglass, brayer, silkscreening ink or fabric paint, thick leather or craft foam, scissors, glue, wood block or clear plastic block

I purchased my leather at Tandy, but you can easily use an old leather jacket from the thrift store or head over to your local upholstery shop to see if they have any leather scraps. Vinyl would work okay with this, too. You’ll need plexiglass for the inking part. It’s a fantastic tool to have with any type of messy crafting, so I suggest you run to Home Depot and pick up a $5 sheet anyway. You’ll need a brayer, which can be easily found at an arts and crafts store for under $5. I used Yudu silkscreening ink, but any type of flexible ink would do. I’ve used fabric paint on leather before with fantastic results.

First, you’ll want to make your stamp. I used my leather/foam stamp tutorial to make my stamp.
Once you’re happy with your stamp, you’ll squirt a dime-sized amount of ink onto your plexiglass. Spread the ink evenly with your brayer, just larger than the size of your stamp.

Place your stamp onto the ink and squish around to coat the stamp evenly.

Start stamping your leather. Since my triangles were uneven, there was no need for perfect lines, so I just eyeballed my spacing. If your print is more consistent, you’ll want to make guides with a washable marker that matches with your ink. Once you’re done stamping your leather, you’ll want to heat-set the ink. Iron the leather with medium-high heat with a piece of paper overtop the print. This will set your ink against rubbing off or wearing unevenly.

I used a wool glen plaid for the back of my pillow. Since I wouldn’t be laundering the leather, I may as well use something that would need just about the same kind of care. I sewed up my envelope pillow (Susan has a great envelope pillow tutorial) with regular thread (I should’ve used thick thread, but since it wasn’t showing, I got lazy) using a leather needle. A leather needle is pretty much all you need for sewing through leather, but you’ll need to take a few things into consideration as you sew:

  • decrease thread tension- test this out on a scrap if you’re unsure
  • use your longest stitch length – otherwise you might end up cutting through your leather, not sewing it
  • pin before sewing
  • think twice, stitch once – you can’t un-puncture a hole in leather
  • go slowly

There you have it. I’m really proud of the end results of this pillow. It’s probably the nicest pillow I’ve ever made and without too much effort. I think it’ll look really nice next to my pin-tucked pillow. Be sure to check out ISLY for more tutorials, printables, refashions, design, calligraphy and thriftiness than you can shake a stick at. Thanks for having me, Lizzy!


• Celebrate Spring: Jo Totes camera bag and Studio Calico giveaway is still open below •


8 thoughts on “Love Triangle: Make your own stamps & Leather printed pillow

  1. Pamela Wonnick

    This are so stylish. I would love a fresh camera bag! My bag is getting worn out and it isn’t pretty at all. It is a waist pack for hiking and though I love it because it’s practical for outdoorsy stuff it isn’t pretty for anything else.

  2. Peggy

    I love the camera bags, I have never splurged and bought one so my camera just gets thrown into whatever bag I have around. Thanks for the chance to win, both prizes are great.

  3. Annabella Merlin

    I’ve been thinking of ways on how to print on leather without the use of machines and you just gave me such a great idea! Thanks a lot for this!

    Annabella Merlin
    Creative Photo Albums

  4. Vanessa Borghesan

    I loved your blog! This camera bag is perfect for ladies! I’m from Brazil and I loved to know your blog. Thanks for great inspiration.

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