the Fancy Pants Party

Dressing up your kids in their brightest colored pants and then chasing them around the park with your camera trying to get a good shot?! Yep, I’m officially one of those moms. AND if I am going to be one of those moms… I might as well be proud of it right?! (Just say right to make me feel better.)
Well, that’s just what we did & called it the Pants Party.
Emily brought Hayes and I brought my 2 bigs and we ran around wearing all the shades of the rainbow. And we liked it.

I’m sure I’ve already declared my love for colored pants on this blog soooooo I will skip that part and share ideas of how to style your fancy pants.
Polka Dots///Denim///Color Blocking/// Fur///Leopard print///Black and white with a pop of color///Stripes///

SHOP for your own fancy pants:
Pink & yellow: Old navy///Mint: Ruche///Cobalt & Green: JCPenny///Forever 21///JCrew///Anthropologie///H&M///Papaya///ModCloth

Now tell me, are you digging this bright fashion trend?


24 thoughts on “the Fancy Pants Party

  1. Sydnie

    I am soo digging it. Unfortunately I am still on the hunt for the prefect pair for me. I am ridiculously picky about how my pants fit.

  2. Tracy

    LOVE it! we are in desperate need of a family photo shoot and i’m going to do bright colors instead of the denim & white shirt combo. thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. Jenn

    Oh my goodness. Your kids are more stylish than I am and I love it/it makes me sad ; ) Super cute! I need to get me some colorful pants!


  4. Cathy L.

    I’m with Tara! Love the colored pants on you, I can’t pull it off! Although, I do remember having a pair of jeans with palm trees on them when I was in High School!

  5. Erin

    YES, YES, YES!!! My new fave are a pair of coral pants! My kids {who are older than yours} warned me if I get the green or yellow, they are disowning me, but I know they’re happy they have a cool mom!! 😉

  6. Dawn

    I love the colored pants!!! You are always so colorful and that is why I love your new line. I just blogged about using all your products today in my new layout and it turned out awesome. =) Love it.


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