If I call you darling…

A couple weeks ago, the folks at the Silhouette offices invited me over for some show-and-tell while Jeana (their die-cut extraordinaire) shared all her secrets about the Cameo… It was awesome! (And not really secrets but since I don’t read instructions manual it was the basic getting started how-to tips.) I have the older Silhouette version, but needed a refresher course for the new improved version. I was amazed at how much this machine can do! I headed home with a big box like it was Christmas morning.
Of course the first die cut was about pancakes. I added this to an easel in my kitchen with a cute Polaroid. Collin takes on breakfast duty most mornings and I think we’ve made oatmeal almost everyday for 5 years now. No kidding. But at least once a week or so he’ll make pancakes or french toast so this quote made me smile.

I rarely do black and white photos but I accidently clicked something in photoshop that turned this photo B&W and kind of liked it. Serendipity!
Good thing she didn’t actually eat any of these pancakes since I would have to deal with the inevitable meltdown during the detox. She did pick off some sprinkles and sat while I took some pictures. Basically I made these just to take pictures to go with my quote… but then I ate them. heeeheeeee
If you make some pancakes this weekend be sure to add some sprinkles.

(Also, March 22-28. Readers will be able to get 1 CAMEO and 1 Silhouette Studio Designer Edition for $299.99) I’ve already tried out some things with fabric interfacing and vinyl heat transfer and that stuff is funnnnnn!

I think I’m in love with Silhouette… I’ll share more projects I’ve made soon. What is your favorite die cutting project you’ve made!?

16 thoughts on “If I call you darling…

  1. Amy

    Ahhh! You can even make pancakes look cool!! 🙂
    I wish I could afford a cameo; there is a lot of cool things I have been spotting on pintrest that I would love to add to my layouts!!
    Fun post!! Happy Friday!

  2. Mandi

    Any chance you can share those insider tips? I’m finding there is a steep learning curve with the Cameo for someone who has never used a cutter before. Makes me not want to use it. I haven’t been able to find any really good help from Silhouette [like how to decide which settings to use – there are so many different thicknesses of card stock and even within the same brands one will work beautifully and others won’t work at all unless the setting are adjusted. I know Ali Edwards mentioned having this problem as well, only she didn’t know what the problem was yet]. Lucky you for getting a show-and-tell! Maybe you could mention to silhouette that Jeana shouldn’t keep her secrets, well, secret.

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      of course!
      They’re not really secrets… It’s basically stuff you could learn from the instructions manual but since I never read that. 🙂
      But like you can print something and then cut it out… and tips for using the fabric. But yes, I will share the things I learn with the cute projects on my blog.
      The Silhouette blog is awesome!! with lots of tutorials and projects of how to use it.

  3. Mandi

    I actually have been through the instruction manual and I’ve looked at the blog. I’m having problems with knowing which settings to use for varying thicknesses. The pre-sets just aren’t cutting like I’m assuming they should. I’m sure my problem is that I need to walk through the trial + error fire. I just hate wasting my supplies and getting frustrated when things don’t work out. Thanks though! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeves. When it works out the Cameo is my favorite new toy!

  4. wendy

    since you mention the Silhouette…any plans to release some shapes/images that coordinate with the Neapolitan collection? you did for your first collection, and I have bought pretty much all of those. would love to see mason jars, etc from Dear Lizzy!

  5. Alysia Peterson

    Oh so excited to read this post. My honey just told me today I could order a cameo for my birthday!! Whooop whoop! I’ve been reading reviews trying to decide if its really that much better than the expression I have now. Do you think the designer software is a must? I mostly cute vinyl….I create signs with it. Blessings! ~ Alysia

  6. Cheryl

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