Daily Dozen: 12 on 12

Hello hello. This morning I loved uploading my pictures from yesterday and seeing what I captured. There was more than twelve but here’s a dozen + 1 that illustrated our day. I didn’t try anything spectacular because I was just trying to remember to take them. But I did shoot a lot with manual focusing. My favorite was that I took a bird’s eye view shot of our kitchen table through out the day. I loved the result of those since we spend a lot of time at our table and it was fun to see the different scenes.
If you want to add the above image for Daily Dozen then feel free to drag and drop it to your desktop. Here we go…!

Welcome to the linky party!!! Meaning that we can all share links to our Daily Dozen. To play: 1. Upload your pics to your blog/facebook. 2. Add a link back here to my blog. 3. Add your link below!
I can’t wait to see who joined in and look at your photos. xoxo Lizzy

24 thoughts on “Daily Dozen: 12 on 12

  1. stephanie b.

    This was so much fun! Looking back I wish I would have captured more detail shots and non-people pictures but it was still fun to at least get my camera back out. 🙂

    I always love seeing how colorful your life is, literally and figuratively. You are a great inspiration and a reason why I dared recently to chose a color like bright green for my daughter’s room.. 🙂

  2. bossy.joscie

    I love all your pictures 🙂
    I’m doing the same format every month on the 12, a head shot of each of us, one item chosen by each person and then 4 of my choice and journaling for what’s going on in our life. I’m printing and putting in my project life in a 6×12.

  3. Latrice

    Hey sweets love your pictures. Our little K has the same booster seat at our kitchen table. Love you girl!

  4. Nancylee

    Love the hues/ tones/ colors of your fun photos! Those cute little toes are so adorable! Thanks for the challenge. I had so much fun taking even crazy photos I actually kept for myself 😉

  5. gina

    My favorite is the 3 girls at the table- each doing their own thing! Your life is so colorful. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Thanks Amy!
      and to answer your question… the table was gifted the chairs are from Ikea. 🙂 thx!

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