Baby Steps

Today I usually collage some of my favorite Instagram photos from the previous week of our days but this time I took a different approach. I guess you could call this my first official Project Life page. I’ve been busy on other things so I took some baby steps to start project life… baby steps. I’m so glad I did because I love it! Although, I used some random page protector I’ve had on my desk for a few weeks begging me to fill with memories, the grid printed cards are an official Project Life product and are perfect to journal and layer on. For those of you who haven’t heard of Project Life: It’s a product and system created by Becky Higgins and a way to document your memories in a simpler fashion than scrapbooking. It’s awesome because it seems like scrapbooking went full circle and back to the basics with Project Life. Simply pair your photos and journaling with pre-designed title cards and journaling cards. Your photos, these cards, and even your memorabilia slip into the Photo Pocket Pages and that’s it. The result is a stylish masterpiece that represents your life or whatever occasion you choose to record. I said baby steps because Becky was sweet enough to send me her products last summer and I’m just now getting started. I’m all about making my memory keeping processes faster and easier so I will hopefully keep adding to my Project Life album each week.

Since apparently I cannot get enough of vellum, I used my vintage pink typewriter to type journaling onto three pieces of 3″x3″ white vellum then added a kraft heart sticker to the bottom center edge. I attached the photo and vellum to the outside of the pocket with my Tim Holtz tiny attacher. I’ve always enjoyed layering elements of my pages on the outside of my page protectors and this was no different. I added the tickets and clothespin, clothing tag, brad with ribbon and wood veneer camera on the outside of the protector. I don’t know why… I’m just weird like that and love having some texture showing when I can.
Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!! xo, Lizzy

Click on the image below to view product used.

PS Don’t forget tomorrow, Monday, is my Photo Challenge 03 to take twelve photos on March12th. Then post them on your blog or facebook Tuesday and meet back here for a linky party. Read more about it here. : )


16 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Heather

    I have been a diehard scrapbooker for years (since Creating Keepsakes began, I’m thinking). I started doing Project Life in 2009, but the picture a day theme overwhelmed me, I went back to school to get my Bachelors degree, and it fell to the wayside. This winter, I went back and finished 2010 and am halfway through 2011 already, because Project Life is just so manageable and flexible. I still make “creative” scrapbooks for some events, but I am loving the simplicity of Project Life. So keep up those baby steps…you will learn to love it, I am sure!

  2. adriennealvis

    I’m glad I’m not the only one just now starting Project Life :0) (I thought I was!) I had only heard about it recently and decided to start on mine this week! I just ordered some page protectors and an album from Amazon! Your spread looks amazing, as always! Can’t wait to post my 12 on 12 pics tomorrow!

  3. tara pollard pakosta

    I was doing the 12 on 12 this year too and didn’t even know you were doing it! I heard of the 10 on 10 awhile ago then saw someone else do the 12 on 12 and liked that better! I missed it today though because we just plain ol’ forgot! so I am doing mine tomorrow!

  4. Creative Photo Albums

    Project Life is indeed a good way to value your day. I used to do this project but then I got so busy but still I’m trying to value days but not entirely making an actual album., I’m storing them in my digital album which takes less time in the making.

    Annabella Merlin

  5. Dina

    Cute idea! I’ve been thinking of purchasing an instamatic camera…I just love the tiny photos but not sure what to get. What type do you have and how do you like it?

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Hi Carola, I print my instagram photos by downloading them off my phone or by pulling them up online and dragging them to my desktop.

      Then I use Picasa: a free photo organizing system from Google. Picasa has a collage option that I use to collage my photos then I print.

  6. Kia Gregory

    Yo, yo, Elizabeth! I’m taking a crazy vacation to a place that is not on anyone’s vacation bucket list. But whatever, I am trying to have an optimistic attitude about this trip. I want to do a memory book of some sort for each child, plus put together something bigger for all four of us. Should I do some mini books? Should I snap away and worry about how to put it all together when I get home? I need some creative suggestions, girlfriend.

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