Daily Dozen: Photo Challenge 03

I try to not give in to that mommy guilt that creeps in so easily while scrolling through our photo library and realized I hadn’t taken any pictures in like, the last 10 minutes… but it was time to get some pictures & not the ones at the mall and we are all wearing denim on denim… but of life. The good thing is when I do succumb to such nonsense guilt it’s easy to remedy… you just take out your camera.Taking pictures of the sweet & subtle moments that highlight our days are not for the mere purpose of filling a photo album or to match a certain color of scrapbook paper or to blog about. It is to tell a story… only I am not the author. These little ones have a story to tell and I am the lucky bystander who was given the important mission of capturing it. If I choose to accept it. Which I do! You might scroll through these photos in .2 seconds and then you’re on to the next blog… which is completely fine… but someday I hope that my daughters stumble upon them and see a glimpse into the sheer joy they’ve brought to my life. Sure, there are times in the day when I want to rip my hair out, but amazingly enough those moments don’t  stand a chance when faced with the magical ones. I almost forgot how she accidentally spilled a whole gallon of milk on the floor. Almost.

Quote in the frame reads, She went out on a limb had it break off behind her and discovered she could fly. (A page I ripped out from one of my favorite gift books:  She…  Used to hang here.)

My favorite lace maxi and toes. I never get tired of pictures like this. Sorry if you get sick of seeing my toes. PS I hate my feet.

Rock collecting with my lace + polka dot jar.

Last year many of you joined in on a couple photo challenges that were quite fun… this year I wanted to start that up again. Starting with photo challenge 03 on this Monday, March 12th where we will take 12 pictures of our day. Similar to Day In The Life with Ali or Rebekah’s ten on ten. It will share a glimpse into your life and you won’t regret joining in.
How it works: Take 12 pictures through out your day of anything. This is optional>> but try to take a picture in a new way. Try a new angle, self-timer shot, get down low or look down from standing on a chair. Even if it’s just trying one new thing in your picture taking process. Then we will meet back here on Tuesday, March 13th with a linky party. Post your pictures on a blog/facebook and link to Dear Lizzy then you will add a link to your photos, like we did here. It’s really cool to click on your blogs and see the faces of my readers and your photos. I hope you join in!!

24 thoughts on “Daily Dozen: Photo Challenge 03

  1. Becky Z

    Your pictures are a true reminder that the beauty is in the details! You manage to take something that on the surface may seem “everyday” or “ordinary” and discover the beauty in it! 🙂

  2. Ann Marie

    Don’t ever stop posting your pics — I love looking at them! You have a beautiful family and you always remind me how the simple things can be the most beautiful things…

  3. caroline hancock

    LOVE your pics, I agree it is nice to grab some unposed pictures. I actually grabbed my camera the other night and took some pics of Lucy brushing her teeth one night before bed, i love that i can see her beautiful face in the reflection of the mirror too, love toe shots too haha

  4. Holly S

    Speaking of hating your toes…lol…I am curious how you deal with not liking pictures of yourself? I don’t photograph well AT ALL and I am so critical of photos of me…you always post pics of yourself (which I love) and I was wondering if you deal with this and how you deal with those insecurities? Thanks!

  5. Alexis

    What beautiful pictures you have of your kids! I love how you decorated the rooms, too. It all looks pretty :). I have a hard time remembering to take photos of anything. My husband and I have traveled so much but we don’t take enough pictures!

  6. Nicole

    Honestly you take the most beautiful pictures of your children. Better than any professional {in my opinion!}
    I love real life pictures, ones where they aren’t even looking. I’m always inspired by your pictures…including all of these. They are adorable.

  7. Natali

    I love your photos, they are beautiful, and your girls too. I’m excited about the new challenge, and ready to take pictures of my day. Have some great ideas.

  8. stephanie b.

    I come here so often to admire your pictures and your take on life! I dream of documenting my family’s life as incredibly as you do but I oftentimes feel at a loss..a loss of words or the right pictures. I am excited to join your photo challenge this monday!

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  11. genevive

    1.”there are times in the day when I want to rip my hair out, but amazingly enough those moments don’t stand a chance when faced with the magical ones.” – u said it so well! very true!

    2. Avery is so beautiful.
    3. Your photos are the best.

    God bless you always!

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