Washi Tape Shapes: Love Triangle Series

Geometric shapes are really catching my eye lately. It must be the clean and crispness that I am drawn to. It’s inspiring to see how other bloggers are sparked by certain trends as well. I’ve asked a handful of some of my favorite bloggers to share diys and projects with geometric inspiration in mind… aka Love Triangle mini series. Danyelle from Dandee Designs is the first up sharing a cool idea using washi tape and pachment paper to make your own tape shapes. I recently found Danyelle’s blog immediately enjoyed the simplicity of her style. She has some really neat projects. I especially loved the cross stitch work and her Valentines… check out Dandee Designs! Today’s she’ll show how to make a shape onto parchment paper then when you are ready to use it you can peel your shape off and attach it to your project. So fun and simple! Here ya go:

Washi Tape Shapes: I love creating art with washi tape because it’s not only economical, it’s very forgiving. If you don’t like the direction things are going, you can simply remove the tape and start again. To create this particular piece of geometric inspired art, you’ll need to gather a few supplies: washi tape in assorted colors (pick colors that will compliment your existing decor) parchment paper, scissors, cardstock.

Cut a triangle from a piece of scrap cardstock. This will be your template. You will make the layered stripes triangle on parchment paper then when you are ready to attach them to your project you will peel it off the parchment paper.
Arrange your washi tape, overlapping layers, onto the parchment paper.
Place your triangle template over the washi tape and cut around the shape.

Play around with the arrangement of the washi tape triangles until you come up with a design you like. Once you’re satisfied, remove the parchment paper from each shape and adhere to the cardstock.

So fun because your shapes can be used for crafting, scrapbooking and even to decorate packaging. I love how Danyelle even framed hers for a graphic deco art piece. Enjoy!



22 thoughts on “Washi Tape Shapes: Love Triangle Series

  1. Angel

    I love this! I have plethora of washi tape that I can’t wait to dig into & create something like this 🙂 Thanks fo sharing!

    1. lorica

      hello, i recentlly had a friend introduce me to washi paper, now the tape is l;ookin pretty fun. How ever its beautiful for easter, dont know what you have done with this but to cover an egg that you hollow and then dip in resin or cover with varnish is awsome, just sayin…..

  2. Alexandra

    I am new to washi tape – wanting to order some – wondering what your favourites are right now??

  3. Creative Photo Albums

    Playing with the shapes and colors made this elegant looking frame! I love how it would beautify my bedroom wall. Also this project is very much economical. I also love washi tapes too! Matter of fact I make my own-made washi tapes. 🙂

    Annabella Merlin

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  9. Heather

    I actually found this amazing blog post , “Washi Tape Shapes: Love Triangle Series”, incredibly pleasurable plus the blog post
    ended up being a superb read. Thanks for your effort-Rachael

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