Chalkboard Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day! Instead of posting loads about the glorified love day I caught some icky sick-bug yesterday. But I did manage to make the Valentines I dreamed up in my head. Chalkboard wood slates and heart shaped chalk…!  I painted the wood with chalkboard paint. Then I made the heart shaped chalk from Ikea ice cube trays with a homemade concoction.
I added a stamp to kraft paper. Layered with some of my Dear Lizzy RUFFLE paper, silver doily and some heart confetti. The bags are probably the most adorable paper bags my eyes have ever seen.
(The Dear Lizzy Ruffle paper is sold out at 2 peas but I spotted some at Blue Moon that is available.)

I used embossing powder to emboss on the bottoms of the mini chalkboards with a little Zing! and Zap! The glittery powder is such a cute touch.  I only made about a dozen of these for cousins and besties because I was sick (actually, the real reason, I am just not that cool of a mom.;) For her class, Avery picked out some cat and dog valentines at Hobby Lobby. Because what says Valentine’s Day better than kitty cats dressed in clothes with the saying, “God made you one of a kind.” Avery knows what’s up! I snapped a picture of her box but still need to capture the Valentine she wrote to herself To: Avery Love: me. (You better believe I got first dibs on the loot!)
Happily surprised to receive a valentine from my cute friend Kelly. How darling and thoughtful are these?! Happy Valentine’s Day!










13 thoughts on “Chalkboard Valentines

  1. Kristen Howard

    aw man, I don’t suppose I could get off work early and finish 20 or so of these before tonight….so I will have to file them (or pin them, I suppose) under “to do” for next year! So cute. I <3 chalkboard paint. 🙂
    As of this year I, too, make the cute stuff for cousins or sunday school classmates and send my kids to school with the "cheapies"….there's 124 kids total in their 3 classes and last year when I was making & frosting 124 gingerbreadmen cookies I was just like "ok, this is TOO MUCH"!! lol

  2. Shay

    your valentines are so cute! i love that it would be a mini chalkboard– wish i got one of these in the mailbox!!! hope you’re feeling better pretty girl! happy valentines day :]

  3. Mandi

    Aw Liz these are super lovely! And I feel you on being sick! I woke up rotten sick Sunday and hopefully I recover soon 🙂

    Thanks for getting on and sharing these even though you don’t feel well! You’re fabulous.

  4. Brittany

    Those valentines are such a good idea! Hope you start feeling better. Just bought your line, all that was available anyway. Could you keep us posted if you stamps will be available any time soon? I missed out on the cute mason jar stamps!!

  5. patty

    i so want one of avery’s chalk valentine’s!!!
    (it’s o.k. that it will arrive after v-day…wink!)


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