Craft Fail or Win?

Sitting on the computer and pinning my heart away is my new hobby. Photography, scrapbooking, pretending to know how to cook & pinning. But I stepped out of my comfort zone yesterday and decided to actually make something I pinned. 😉
It’s based on this print you can buy that’s a really cool herringbone pattern. I saw someone explaining how to make it so I gave it a go. Little did I know in the end, it would be one big fat craft-FAIL.
Actually, this morning I didn’t think it was as bad, but don’t you hate when something doesn’t turn out like you envisioned? I should find a funky frame for it and see how that looks.

STEP 1: I had this old painting I thrifted in my garage. I updated the colors a bit with paint I had on hand.

STEP 2: Start taping. This took freaking forever. After a while I thought, sheesh 50 bucks for the real deal doesn’t sound so bad. Next, paint the whole thing white. Last, peel off the tape.

I was so excited when I started peeling off the tape because it was looking pretty cool. But once I peeled off all the tape I realized that I had it backwards of what I wanted white and what I wanted to show through from the painting. So I didn’t like it. I should have taken a picture at this stage but I was so bugged so I just started taping again and leaving big chunks of white everywhere. Making a messy chevron/herringbone pattern.

I don’t know… what do you think? Fail or win?
I think I need a frame or may it could be cool to layer things in front of or even actually on it. I could tape or stick a bunch of instagrams or Instax on it? That could work.

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Collin was nice when I was bugged last night, “Your art is the prettiest art of all the art.” heehee

56 thoughts on “Craft Fail or Win?

  1. Kim Woods

    I wonder if painters tape would be easier to use and peel off? I like it and think if you layered it with other stuff it would REALLY be cute! Kind of Brave-Girls/She Art type stuff. I could see adding a giant flower that is made with several layers of cool paper or fabric with a jewel in the middle? That’s what I’d do anyway 🙂 Or leave it as a background to your vignette 🙂

    Collin is very sweet, he’s a great scrubby 🙂

  2. caroline hancock

    I think it is really fabulous, i don’t think it has to perfect at all, in fact i think it is better not. It looks lovely as a back drop but could be nice with some pictures on it too. Well done you for doing something , i just pin and look lol

  3. Julie Keller

    I say win!! Everything you do/touch is a win! I like that it’s so random, and those colours seem to be you – soft and feminine. It’s very inspiring, as is your chalkboard globe with love notes!

  4. Adrienne

    Forget the painting, I LOVE the Globe! LOL
    Besides, no craft project is truly a FAIL unless you didn’t learn anything from it for next time 🙂

  5. Veronica

    Will you be mad if I say “Fail?” ha ha ha ha ha
    Truly. Art is NEVER a “FAIL” option! It’s ART for goodness sake! I mean, have you REALLY seen the works of the FAMOUS Artists? IMO some of those should be a FAIL!
    Yours my dear is WONDERFUL!!!! If YOU love it, then it is a WIN!! 😉

  6. Kristen Howard

    I think it’s beautiful! I could see how if you were expecting it to look exactly like the original, then you might be frustrated after all that work, but I actually prefer yours. It must have been a really pretty painting because the colors are gorgeous. I say it’s a win!

  7. Katrina

    I think this is definitely a craft WIN!! I love it!! Sometimes I think our best pieces of art happen when something doesn’t go quite as it should. I love the whole display and that chalkboard globe makes me swoon too!!! Love, love, love it!

  8. Nancy

    I just saw this on Pinterest and was psyched to whip it up. I think it is a “Love”. I love how you used a painting you already had. I jsut might go for it.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Libby

    Maybe you will like it even more as the initial disappointment wanes.
    Otherwise, pass it on to another crafty friend who will enjoy owning
    and using something you crafted. Then you’ll be able to bring something
    else into the house!

  10. nicole

    i kind of like it, actually. i think the white tones down the bright pattern. maybe if you pushed it a little further and gave it a more distressed look? that’s what i always do when i don’t feel right about something i’ve done. just keep going until it feels “done.” 🙂

  11. Raquel

    It’s gorgeous!!! I looked at it and couldn’t find what was wrong with it! You are amazing even your fails are wonderful pieces of art!!!

  12. Cindy

    I think it looks fabulous! I like it without a frame just as is. You did an awesome job, like you do with everything else.

  13. Lindzie H

    I think it looks pretty cool. It would be a great place to stick Instagrams. I wish my craft fails turned out this great…I have a hard time when things don’t turn out at all. Very frustrating.

  14. Mary in IL

    Lizzy, You should sign it and auction it off for a charity that is close to your heart. I guarantee you that something YOU made (and signed of course) would bring in $$$. It is a cool, unique, piece of art. Do you follow Julie Fei-Fan Balzer? She says there is no such thing as a fail. 🙂

  15. Kim

    I think this is really cool – and would look gorgeous with some of your “scrappin’ ” on it! You definitely have a way of making everything sooooo pretty and are an inspiration to crafters everywhere, I am sure! Can’t wait to see what you decide to do with it.

    PS – LOVE your globe idea!

  16. Helen Tilbury

    I had to laugh! Whoever knew everything you did wasn’t perfect!? It was encouraging for me! I know that it is indeed interesting and artistic and has the potential to be something beautiful. I have every confidence that you will show us an instaxed beauty with it soon enough…

  17. Ka'ili

    Elizabeth your picture is amazing!! I definitely find myself on pinterest more than actually doing the projects itself. But i love how yours turned out!! Also, where did you find your globe? it’s a beauty!

  18. Lisa W.

    I think its a win. MAYBEE did not turn out exactly as you wanted. But I too think it has a vintage feel…love that:) The instax photo’s or other “stuff” on it would look way awesome too!!!

  19. Kaly

    I think it was a happy mistake! It’s not uniform, that’s for sure, but I think it has a happy lackadaisical quality about it. I like that it feels really open and breezy.


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