Photoshop Video Tutorial 01: dreamy effect

This morning I wanted to share one of my secret weapons for adding a pretty effect to your photos in Photoshop… & it doesn’t require any actions. Huzzah!
The photo is a self-timer shot at the airport. I timed it perfectly so it took a pic before any cars drove by and smashed my cameraphst and Collin doesn’t trust me toting it everywhere. (Thank goodness most of the time it’s cozy in a jo tote.)
Annnnyways, generally I edit with Photoshop CS5 but I am sure you can adapt this to work with any software. Since Totally Rad Actions are used on the daily for me, I will show a bit of brightening and sharpening with them in my editing process. Hopefully it’s not too boring and you make it through to the cheery song at the end.
xo, Lizzy
If you are reading this in your email: click here to see the video.

26 thoughts on “Photoshop Video Tutorial 01: dreamy effect

  1. Rosa Zanini

    Non ho capito niente in ringrazio lo stesso per la gentile condivisione e chissà un giorno mi verrà utile magari con un traduttore…Grazie di cuore Rosy!

  2. cheryl rodda

    Looks like Long Beach… love that airport… I always think I’m going to see Jackie O walk out and wave….Thanks for the tutorial… I have photoshop but can never seem to figure it out!

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      yeah, I’d never flown out of there but since it is so small it actually was really quick and convenient. 🙂
      you are so welcome!

  3. Jill

    Thanks so much for sharing, Liz. I was just working on valentines last night using Rad Lab! Your video helped a lot…you should do a series on this!

  4. sophie

    thanks so much for sharing Lizzy! i’ll save that for when I finally buy photoshop!! and it is cool to hear your voice too! gives a hint of what it will be like to meet you in real life in Lyon soon!! can’t wait!!

  5. Libby

    Very interesting. Thank you for the tutorial. I, too, do not have photo shop and am fascinated at glimpses of this technology. Someday. Oh and the camera, too ;o

  6. claire

    I had registered for one of your workshops in Lyon in March and have just heard it has been cancelled : I hope you are Ok as well as your family and that your coming is only postponed. Thank you for your inspiration and for this blog and its awesome ideas and spirit. All the best to you

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