Valentine’s Day Countdown

To celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Valentines Day, I put together a 1-14 day countdown. Each day has a package to open with a love note, an activity or goodies to eat or play with.

I used my old school Martha Stewart number foam stamps to paint the numbers on a board I found in our garage from one of Collin’s projects. I used a hot pink paint, like neon pink, but the lighting was so horrible in my house the colors are a bit off.

Next, I hot glued clothespins to the side of each number and added a sewn package with kraft wrapping paper.   I even had Avery color on some of the hearts before I sewed them to get her involved in the process too.
Add glitter and heart sequins to the hearts as well for even more of a fun surprise.  C’mon do it! You have to vacuum anyways.


HOW TO fill the hearts: First cut your heart shapes with two pieces of kraft wrapping paper back to back so they are the same shape. Then I sew the heart and leave an opening for the prezzie. After I add the goodies then I finish sewing the heart.


We will see if the packages are still around when I get home from my trip to Anaheim.

38 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Countdown

  1. Adrienne

    Super cute and easy! What a great way to keep the kids involved, provide a positive daily surprise, and have fun while making it 🙂
    Do the girls split whats inside or do they take turns opening?

  2. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

    Thanks Adrienne!

    haha good question… I hadn’t thought that far ahead. 😉 Most of them had a couple things small things inside.

  3. Alessandra

    That is soooo cute Liz, I am definitely giving it a try!! I love it! 🙂

    So AWESOME seeing you yesterday!!! You look stunning as usual, and so VERY sweet! And your line is to DIE for, EVERYTHING from top to bottom!!! Can’t wait!!!!
    Now let’s hope for Reflections, it would be so much fun!!
    Have a great time at CHA!
    Xoxo, Alessandra

    1. Carol Chastain

      I’m jealous! 🙂 My husband mentioned the prospect of us moving out there(military) and I said “sure”…..when he was surprised by my response I said…”there are tons of scrapbookers there”…”famous one’s too”…He thinks it’s a joke…So, Alessandra, next time you see Elizabeth tell her hi from me 🙂 a faithful Dear Lizzy follower and scrapbooker living in the swamps of Louisiana! 🙂 Yes, the line is to die for! can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!!

  4. amy

    Are you kidding? I am SO doing this. thanks.
    Where did you get the cute white dresser?
    I need one that is not too deep…looks just right.

  5. A Forest Frolic

    Well if that ain’t the cutest idea…I don’t know what is 😉 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    Jamie 🙂
    p.s. my guess is they’ll all be opened by the time you get back from CHA, tee hee 😉 At least if it were my 3 girls, they would be.

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  7. Kelly

    This is a great project! You must love countdowns. I see them on your blog alot! I love countdowns but don’t have kids. I do have a hubby and two rabbits, so maybe I’ll start adding bunny treats to the little countdown packages, haha.

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