Big thanks!

Thanks to everyone who is enjoying our sneak peeks and blog hop! I’m so thrilled with the response and reading your comments makes all our time putting this collection together completely worth it! Now I can’t wait to see what you design with all the goodies. Studio Calico has quite a few Neapolitan pieces in their February kit. We started Neapolitan in March of last year so most of the products are ready to ship now–which is awesome if you’re impatient like me. heehee
Big thanks for your support and sharing this excitement with me!

Feel free to still enter the giveaway and join in the blog hop!

One of my favorite new products is this Date and Phrase Roller Stamp seen in the blog hop. The one below is the Best. Day. Ever. phrase with date. And I love the number flash card sticker from the sticker book & the splash of watercolor on the ‘Splendid’ sticker!

How cute is that?! With the Dear Lizzy logo on it and everything! (sigh)

xo, Lizzy

89 thoughts on “Big thanks!

  1. Amanda J

    I will no doubt be purchasing every single piece of this collection! It looks fabulous! Congrats on another beautiful line and thank you for the gorgeous inspiration!

  2. Esther

    I fell in love with that stamp from the very first time I saw it, you have named it: SO CUTE.
    I think this time I would buy the whole line!!! Everything is so yummy…!!!

  3. Renee Zwirek

    SO Pretty! I’m an impatient person and I feel totally rewarded for waiting SO patiently. πŸ˜‰ Loving this line…especially this date stamper…I love the sentiments. My girls and I are totally gonna use it in our smash books, too! (I guess I can share this with them, but JUST this. hahaha) Great Job, Dear Lizzy!

    1. Lauralee

      My thoughts exactly Renee. I have the Smash one but this one is way cuter and way better! Can’t wait to get it!! ;D

  4. Michelle A.-T.

    That stamp is awesome!!! Definitely a must get for me…I have been looking at similar roller stamps but have not loved one enough to purchase…yours has the perfect images & sentiments…love it!!!

  5. tai

    I feel kind of silly asking but I have clicked all of your links…where can I get this stamp? I am ready to buy NOW! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  6. caroline hancock

    OK so i started using the smash roller stamp, but i really don’t like what the sayings are so only use the numbers. I NEED this one, the saying are just to sweet. Smash one to be purged for sure, i love that its pink and silver too, mmmmmm

  7. Kate

    EEEEEEKKKKKK! When will we be able to go into a store to buy that stamp? It is over the top, perfectly cute! I love it! I have a stamp with some phrases on it but I like how that has the date on it. Like the commenter above if I weren’t already married to my Prince I would have to marry the stamp!!

  8. Latrice

    I die over this new line of yours girlfriend! You have done it again and I can’t tell you how fast this stuff is going to fly off the shelves. I need to get some in my little hands ASAP. congrats again. Love you dear.

  9. Kathryne

    That is so awesome! I wondered exactly what a phrase roller was but now I have to have it! The products are just so amazing and I cannot wait until they hit stores to play

  10. Joeygirl

    I just logged on to your website and literally two seconds later I saw Colin on the nightly news in trouble for honking his horn at a highway patrolman with expired license and that he had posted something on YouTube. Seemed pretty serious. Hope everything is okay.

  11. Shay

    by far that date stamp is on the TOP of my list already of CHA wants…. cannot WAIT to see everything in person in Cali && you’re beautiful face! Sending much love to you Liz, amazing new line!

  12. Alessandra Loiacono

    Oh Liz, now I will be dying ’til I get my hands on this stamp… πŸ™
    I am so excited, I can’t even tell you how much!!!! Besides, it’s pink and has your logo on it!!! What else can a girl dream for?!
    I will be at CHA on Sunday (only), I hope to be able to see you and say hello! πŸ˜‰

  13. Angie Gray

    Thank you for the entry to win!!! I love everything you do Lizzy and would have a blast playing with these beautiful things. β™₯

  14. anouk

    OOOOOOOOOOOh I want this stamp!
    I live in france , I hope I will can have it!
    thanks you are amazing!
    I think I will see you in “Version Scrap” in Lyon in March!

  15. Mdm Samm

    You are the sweetest thing..your creations, your softness in all you do…love the new stamp…where and when will it be available? We celebrate your success.

  16. Lisa W.

    You are welcome…and again it is SO yum. And that date stamp…isn’t that what makes it or what…with the Dear Lizzy logo:)))))))))))))))))))))

  17. Lauralee

    That is way too cute I have to have it!!I

    I tried to find you on facebook earlier but the one that shows up on facebook is a new page – a boutique/cafe called Dear Lizzie. ?

  18. cindy barriga

    I am silently praying my LSS will carry your entire new line. Must own each piece maybe even duplicates of some. πŸ˜€

  19. Kris Weber

    I love the stamp…I was thinking of getting the Smash stamper….but I love yours! Where and when can they be bought? I usually buy online, were to far out in the middle of nowhere. Like no malls, big name shopping centers.

  20. MaryLouH

    I love the new collection. Wish I would have won it.
    Will you post the winners from each blog stop on last weeks blog hop?
    I’ve checked individual blogs but only one lists who one the prize she was giving away.

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