December Daily-ing it up! Part One

I’ve been December Daily-ing my brains out… ! Each year these Christmas memories suck me in and I love making an album of it all! This is the first part of it because it took me so long to take pictures of it all I am going to post half now and half later. I might be missing the point with not doing it every day but this is what works for me, putting pages together on the weekend or a few days at a time.

I’ve really had too much fun & making my printer do a lot of the work! I printed photos on patterned paper, vellum, journaling on glassine envelopes & my favorite is a photo on a freaking doily! I was pretty excited about that one… mostly because I didn’t ruin my printer. lol But I am hoping to share some video tutorials this week but for now here are some photos.

I cut the calendar and used the bottom half for a pocket for the inside of the first page. Next punched some squares added patterned paper behind and some fun embellies. I am using this pocket for notes, tags, papers the girls have drawn on that I want to include later in my book.

I loved the book paper envies and we included everyones’ wishes in our family inside each one. As well as some tickets, a feather and other little surprises.


This is when Lola met Santa. Apparently she wasn’t excited that we sat her on some strange man’s lap. Poor thing had to endure long enough for a picture.

I printed Avery’s photo on vellum and it measures 6″ x 9.” I wanted her letter to Santa to show through from next page. I cut the edge of the vellum photo with pinking shears so the edge looked more finished.Β 

“Dear Santa, This is Avery. I would like a pink puppy.”

Stay tuned for the second half… not that you really care right? I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats. (heehee ;))

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37 thoughts on “December Daily-ing it up! Part One

  1. Amanda J

    This is looking fabulous already! I love that you printed your photo on so many different elements! I am very excited to see the tutorial on the doily!

  2. Tine

    Amazing Lizzy. I wish to have a Christmas Daily like this one day. But it feels so boring to do it, as I don’t have my own family now and live far from my parents to take pictures of buying a fresh tree and stuff like that πŸ˜‰ One day. LOVE the idea of printing the picture on vellum so u can see Avery’s letter.

  3. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

    I can see what you mean… but I bet it would still be neat to document what you do during the holidays.
    Thanks, yeah, the vellum turned out cool. xo

  4. heyjenrenee

    oooh, you’re inspiring me to get started on mine (before it’s too late!) I love your ‘putting a few pages together on the weekends’ approach … that’s right up my alley. πŸ˜‰

  5. Molly

    I just love the way your pictures printed. Could you let us know what printer you are using? I’m thinking I need a new printer….
    thanks and Happy Holidays!

  6. Tracy O

    Love your DD. I am a putting it together on a weekend kind of girl too…mostly because I send me pics out to print, so doing it on Friday, instead of everyday seems more logical. I do love the vellum though and might just have to try that one in my own DD.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Vicki

    You are so delightful and i love it here! thank you for sharing all of your wonderful inspiring ideas ~ the printing on velum is perfect. i need to get going on mine, no pictures in it yet. β™₯

  8. becky k

    oh man, this is gorgeous! can i pay you to do one for me??? just kidding. okay i’m not. wink!

    in all seriousness, you need to have a craft night where we come and dwell in your creativity…

  9. Jenni Hufford

    elizabeth– this is SO beautiful. i love that you printed your photos on pattern paper and vellum- can’t wait to see the doily. hmmmm i wonder if cleetus will make an appearance in your DD?? or make one of his own(!!) ???

  10. Nicole Recksiedler

    omg… u did it again! spectacular! i do hope to see a picture of you eating a cinabon! ha ha ha… still a great memory from scrapfest… oh and I LOVE your use of thickers! i have that same kit and i don’t think i am doing it justice like you… but i will post mine on my blog just to show i did it finally after years of saying I will… look forward to seeing more!

  11. Kim Woods

    I have a ton of Vellum…never even thought to print photos on it! You are brilliant πŸ™‚ You totally need an Elf on the Shelf. Go to Hallmark, they sell them. It is soooooo much fun and the book inside will tell you all about it. Santa brought ours one year, called the house to tell us it was on the back deck. It was wrapped up. The kids unwrapped and VOILA a super cool way to get them in the spirit and a great tool in your belt to “bribe” good little girls and boys!

  12. heathyr

    this is EASILY my fave DD album I’ve seen so far this year. CAN YOU KEEP IT COMING?! printing your photos on light patterned paper is absolutely GENIUS. you’re my hero for doing that.

  13. Adrienne

    I would have never thought to print a picture on scrapbooking paper or velum or a dolly! Thank you so much for being adventurous so that now I can add a new trick up my sleeve πŸ™‚

  14. Carol Chastain

    So…I have been Working on my DD for 2 months now…consists of a box of christmas papers, ribbons, stickers etc….since the first of December I have been taking a pic a day…and scribbling what it was about on index cards…I plan on working on it…good to know I am not the only one who is setting my own pace! Yours is so pretty!
    ps. if you do get the wee one a puppy…there are places that “paint” doggies and it is completely non toxic to the animal…I’m just saying if Santa were to make all her dreams come true!


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