New Cleetus episode!

   Don’t be jealous when you hear that a few days ago I spent the morning following Cleetus around and taping his daily life. It started bright and early and was full of laughs. We even glittered two 100 oz jugs! That’s right baby!

Some of you know that Becky Higgins, the creator of the wonderful Project Life, held a “12 Videos of Christmas” contest on her website and Cleetus submitted this….and he won! Take a gander into the day-to-day of this scrapbooking addict.

(click on 360p and watch it in 720HD!)

31 thoughts on “New Cleetus episode!

  1. Reina

    so funny! Just watched it with my 3 year old on my lap and he said “that guy is not good at bowling. Im good at bowling..Why he not know how to bowl?” So cute!! thanks for the laugh..I needed it today

  2. Kaitlin

    There are few things in life that are as perfect as Cleetus. Great outfit and I LOVE him filling those jugs. Stay hydrated during all that scrapbookingCleetus!!

  3. Amy N. Johnson

    Too fun-nay! I had to show it to my husband, he’s a banjo player. I knew he’d at least like the tunage goin’ on during the day in the life montage. He got a kick out of it, too.

  4. Laurie LaRiviere

    Liz, how in the world do you not just bust out laughing while taping this?? It’s just too hilarious! Love the scene outside the store with the people walking by just thinking he’s looney…lol…Cleetus is awesome!!

  5. Anne

    This is amazing. Congratulations.
    I love it because sometimes when things get too serious this kind of things remind us that we should always try to humour things up.

  6. SHAE

    I sure hope that Cleetus does not make an appearance in your bedroom Lizzy. You would run the serious risk of baby number four arriving with a set of dazzling teeth like her daddy’s oh heaven forbid !

    Thanks for making me laugh Cleetus!

  7. jen erickson

    omg! that was THE funniest scrapbooking thing i have EVER seen. i am going to go as far as to say it is the BEST scrapbooking thing i have ever seen. the banjo music in the background was a great touch. fan-freakin-tastic!!

  8. Wynn Harle

    Congratulations on the video win. I’ve decided Cleetus must be a very secure man…I wouldv’e lost my husband at the pink bicycle. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. TracieClaiborne

    Oh my word – that is about the funniest thing I have ever seen. I just shared it on Facebook. I must say, as someone from the South, he does a good job of a country accent! I know a lot of country bumpkins and he did great! ha-ha!


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