painted pumpkin jars: kids’ craft

While browsing a magazine in the doctor’s office my sister told me about this kids’ craft. She told me she probably saw it in Family Fun & that her kids enjoyed it… so we gave it a go.

One of our annual Halloween traditions is to carve pumpkins at my sister’s home, this will tide us over until that night. Collin’s pumpkin usually wins for uniqueness: one year he carved H1N1 and has carved other clever, current issues. My pumpkins, for some reason, haven’t changed since the 3rd grade and always have one big buck tooth. See below…
Supplies needed for this:
-Painters tape
-Paint/Paint brushes
-I lay down wax paper or freezer paper or butcher paper… any kind of paper to limit the mess. That way you won’t want to kill me when your kids paint all over your table.
Just make sure they don’t paint the inside. You may want to add tape to the opening of the jar to avoid that.

I joined in the fun and added stickers to a couple jars. Then turned them upside down, to make sure no paint got inside, then spray painted them. One white and one black. Lastly, wait for them to dry and remove the stickers.
Tonight I added candles to the inside. I think I dropped about 10 lit matches inside the large jar missing the wick every time. Collin pulled through with his MacGyver skills…


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30 thoughts on “painted pumpkin jars: kids’ craft

  1. Anonymous

    This looks fantastic! Thanks for the idea. Do you have a paint-type suggestion? (I really need these things spelled out for me…) 🙂


  2. Amanda Greer

    What a neat idea! I know it says "kids' craft," but I'm thinking I could make a few of these for decorations for home. And hey, I'm a kid at heart, right?

  3. Ann Marie

    How cool! gosh, I just want to reach out and kiss that Q's cheek — how do you kiss her all day long? She's the cutest thing!

  4. Jena

    We did these too while we listened to Conference. I originally had 4 jars (one for each kid) but they were having so much fun with it, I had to go find more jars – we ended up with 13 pumpkins! Love this project!

  5. Amanda

    CUTE craft!! .. hahaha.. my pumpkins look like that too.. sometimes I get crazy and do the nose upside down! .. {whoa!} … glow sticks would work for these too!

  6. Anonymous

    This is fantastic! Coming from the UK we don't celebrate Halloween as much which is a shame! Loving your blog I'm a big fan of all your fab projects and ideas. x

  7. 505whimsygirl

    I am all over this! I'd been thinking of something to do other than carving a pumpkin this year — can't wait to get started.

    Love the Boo!!

  8. elizabeth kartchner


    I used acrylic paint and it worked great!
    And the spray paint was just a matte white and a glossy black… was just a regular spray paint nothing fancy for glass or anything. let me know if you have any other questions.

  9. Lisa

    We did something similar for the fourth of July but just free handed it. I lovehe idea of painters tape and spray paint.

  10. Esther

    we don't celebrate Halloween (Spain), but I can't resist to try it, my little kid loves painting, i doesn't matter if it's distress, acrylic or crayons…
    I love all the ideas, projects, photos you do!

  11. Debi S Nicol

    FYI–cute jars…if you light a dry piece of spaghetti, it will ignite and give you a long match to use. It is natural energy.


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