refashion: Ruffle Blazer

I would love to have the time and patience to thrift more often. It’s fun seeing what other people find. Actually, let me rephrase that… it drives me nuts when I see what other people find because I swear the best thing I’ve ever thrifted was the Sound of Music record & Collin’s old lady Halloween costume. Which I am very proud about both!
You could imagine my excitement when I found a blazer for 2 bucks! I did a little happy cheer all the way to the register. Then all the employees broke into a celebratory song and dance as they carried me out the store on their shoulders.
Not really, but I did get what I needed to make a ruffle blazer.

First, I found a pleated lace trim and sewed it to the bottom inside of the jacket only sewing onto the lining. Then I pulled off the shoulder pads and slightly opened the seam to remove them then sewed the seam back together. It still seems a little big on her but at the rate she grows it will fit snug in no time & be too small by spring.
Last, I added some Miss Ruby Sue rolled flowers, Deja Vu pearl necklace and the cutest knitted bow from Emmadimeher shop is perfect for Fall. I swoon over it all.

She is my girly girl of the three sprouts so I knew that if she was going to wear a blazer… it better be as pretty as can be!

The picture above astounds me and I absolutely love it. Especially larger on my computer screen.
Oh, my sweet girl, who is such a little stinker! Like how she poured milk into her watercolor cup and then painted and kept drinking the black murky milk.
Collin did such an awesome job taking photos. He’s so good at letting her play and then capturing the moment.

30 thoughts on “refashion: Ruffle Blazer

  1. Amy

    Seriously; this could be an ad for any children's clothing mag!!! Great pics, cute clothes and an ADORABLE girlie girl :)!!!

  2. papillonroses

    Those pictures are gorgeous, love the apples as well! Hope to have some nice ones like this in a few years time, and hope I can also find gems in charity shops!

  3. Stacey

    Such a cute blazer! Can I ask where you got her boots? My daughter has been asking for pink boots and I'm struggling to find any that aren't cutesy.

  4. Laurie LaRiviere

    what beautiful photos, that little one is so cute and a spitting image of her daddy! very cute blazer, thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  5. kylee

    Perhaps us not so pro thrifters who seem to have zero luck should team up and all go out together. Between all of us someone is bound to spot some gems.

  6. pakosta

    Colin does ROCK at getting photos! and she looks JUST LIKE her daddy! she's beautifuL! love this set of pix soooo MUCH!

  7. Annie @ Originate and Renovate

    liz! i'm in love, I want to refashion one of alfie's old blazers now! Those flowers and bow!!! I need to go scream into a pillow! and those pics! I can't handle the cuteness

  8. Angela Fehr

    Gorgeous – the girl, the blazer AND the photos!
    I've given up on getting my kids to wear anything that requires accessories or is too much like an "outfit." Jeans and t-shirts is how we roll.

  9. Betheny

    O.M.G. SO in love! I'm so looking for a blazer now..for ME! And I may or may not take that same lace that you put on the bottom of the blazer and add some the the back of the collar sticking straight up. 🙂

  10. Bryant and Crystal

    still laughing about cleetus. my mom called me and we had to talk about and laugh together at all our favrite parts. The giant knife to pick his teeth and muching on the nachos just before he dove were my favrites. what a treat. We want more!

  11. terrid614

    ohhh my goodness! seriously, your little peanuts are the cutest!! i love the entire outfit all the way down to the boots! i love thrifting but it seems as of late, i havent had a lot of extra time! thanks for sharing! soooo flipping adorable!!!

  12. Libby

    Truly the "apple of her Father's eye" and the spitting image.
    Liz, this blazer is adorable and you have done a great job re-fashioning it with the cutest materials.

  13. cinnibonbon

    You are too much!! And she is such a beauty!!! This is a wonderful idea–I love the layered clothes. I wish I could pull this off on my wardrobe.


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