Refashion// full skirt to pencil skirt

Sometimes when it comes to clothes I can be a hoarder… nothing that I need an intervention for where all my friends come over and pry flannel shirts from my kung-fu grip. But I can hold onto things for random reasons for much too long.
I once made a rule, that I always break, if I haven’t worn it in 2-3 years then I should say bye bye unless there was something special & sentimental, or a nice pattern. This polka dot skirt I haven’t worn for well over 7 years & regardless of the fact that the zipper was broken- I just couldn’t let it go. As you can see my sentimental side always wins.
Well, I recently did another spring cleaning (yes I’m aware it’s August) to clear up some space and thought it would be fun to refashion a few things.
This skirt was my guinea pig.

  • I used my favorite pencil skirt as a pattern. Pinned the pencil skirt to the polka dot skirt. Made sure that since the polka dot skirt has many pleats on the front that the pleats were folded. Then I cut both sides of the skirt, leaving a seam allowance.
  • Next, I pinned one side together (right sides facing each other) and sewed that side seam. Then I sewed the other side seam leaving room at the top for my zipper. Then I tried on the skirt. One of the sides was too bulky so while I was wearing it I pinned where the bulkiness started and stopped (to mark it) then sewed so that the skirt fit more snug.
  • I added the zipper, which is a Christmas miracle that it actually was functional once I finished.
  • The pleats in the front give it enough room so that I didn’t need a slit or anything and it not as restricting when I walk compared to my other skirts so I love that aspect.
Share any tips or ideas of your refashioned pieces…! I’d love to hear.
Before the refashion the skirt fit really low on my hips, now it’s sits higher on my waist which was a happy accident. Yes, I had to take apart the seam a couple times but it all came together in the end. We will just have to see how it stays together when I wear it.

37 thoughts on “Refashion// full skirt to pencil skirt

  1. Libby

    Love it! Great job re-purposing and with the tailoring and fit. Looks terrific on you. I can see why you wouldn't want to let go of that fabric.

  2. Anna V

    Beautiful! I've been spending the last fw weeks evaluating what I actually wear in my closet. I now have a bag filled with things to donate, and another of things I may want to refashion…thanks for proving it can be done! Looking forward to the adventure!

  3. ♡ Ambrosia

    Nice job! I like the high waist.
    And I like the big bun! Not the big BUNS…the big BUN! The one on your head 😉

  4. Ellie A.

    oH SOOOOO LOVE this awesome post! Well I actually need refashioning tips especially w/super tight budgets and losing 40 pds. Lets just say what I wear right now is SUPER limited. 🙂

  5. Jess

    Such a cute skirt. I love the pleating and where the horizontal line of fabric would accentuate my post-baby belly, it really looks amazing on you.
    Job well done.

  6. Renee Zwirek

    This is so Fab! And, You look Beautiful! Love it! You are inspiring!

    I'm counting down 'til your next Dear Lizzy Line hits stores…I can't wait! (tee-hee) PLEASE keep us posted when you can! Thank You!

  7. Tammy Morales

    oh my gosh – I now know exactly what to do with all the A-line skirts in my closet that I think make me look older than I am.

    Thanks Liz! LOVE IT

  8. Helen Tilbury

    You never cease to amaze me…is there anything you CAN'T do??? And BTW you look like a catwalk model in that last pic – way to go girl…

  9. executive desk

    Superb idea…Its really looking cool.I have many old fashioned skirt.And now i know what to do with them.Thanks for this wonderfull idea.

  10. mossa

    I think I’m in denial tiryng to fit into my new non-maternity clothes. Maybe I should just own my new body and go back to my maternity jeans!Thanks for giving me the strength to go on. BTW, your tummy looks great!!.-= Mamaganda s last blog .. =-.


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