It’s Your Day: board book

To celebrate Ruche‘s birthday last week they asked me to contribute a birthday diy for their blog festivities. I thought this Birthday Board Book would be fun!
DIY: Birthday Board Book

Instead of designing a handmade birthday card, make a birthday board book where each page is its own confetti filled present!

Gather some basic supplies: Letter Stickers, Decorative Tape,
Vellum Envies, Striped Buttons, Tickets, Instax Pictures from Instax Camera, Number
Stickers 1-5
, Twine, Sequins, and Fabric Strips.
Use the bottom of the Instax photos to write messages to the Birthday boy/girl! I use my AC slick writer for that.

Start with 6 pieces of chipboard and punch 2 holes for the book rings 3/4″ from the edge and an inch from the top and bottom. I prefer to use my Crop-A-Dile when punching through chipboard. Next, Adhere down a strip of fabric or paper to the left side of the chipboard & attach a vellum envelope. Then fill the envelope with sequins, photos, word confetti that describe the person and a birthday message. Seal the envelope shut with a small piece of masking tape. (The tape works awesome with the vellum envelopes because it easily opens with out tearing and you can re-seal it when you are finished.) Last, add any buttons or tickets to dress up the outside. Added touches: I numbered each page 1-5 with a sticker that I attached on top of the masking tape as extra element.

This is such a fun project because each page with the vellum envelopes is basically a birthday present in itself. It’s so fun when the sequins and word confetti spill out and is sure to make someone’s
birthday special!

Hope you enjoy! Lizzy xo

30 thoughts on “It’s Your Day: board book

  1. Dawn

    What a great idea!! My sister's birthday is coming up and I made her a little scrapbook and this would go along perfect with it.

  2. Maria

    Oh, gosh, the creativity of this project sends tingles down my arms! I'm so making something like this for my friend's birthday. Such a marvellous idea!

  3. {Creating Beauty in my Everyday World}

    Hi Liz! LOVE LOVE LOVE this cute little board book.

    Quick questions: I got an Instax camera for Christmas and it takes horrible horrible photos, no matter if I have the setting on light, medium or dark *AND* the pictures come out off center, even though the subject is perfectly lined up.

    Any suggestions as to how you get your photos to come out so clear?? Maybe I got a *dud* 🙁


  4. Amber V

    Hey! love this project!! I was thinking about a post you did a long time ago & am hoping this comment will get to you… The post was about doing something special for someone who deserves it, like maybe a scrapbook project. Well, I think I know JUST the person! Her name is Courtney Roth. She has a blog called RandyCourtneyTrippRoth, please go look at it. I cheered with her in high school and we live in the same town still. She has an amazing son who has a genetic disorder called "EB". She remains optimistic & full of faith throughout their struggle with this disease & I think a scrapbook for this family would be so sweet 🙂 My email is
    Please go see her blog. She inspires everyone I know & everyone who reads her story…

  5. mandyb

    just wondering what kind of pen you used to write on the instax pics (the white part)….i used one and it is wiping off!!!

    love ya album

  6. Esther Aguilera (Barcelona)

    Beautiful project Lizzy! As always you show any project, I get ispired and want to make it myself. I'm seriously thinking about shopping an instax camera (I've a reflex and a compact) but instax photos have something nostalgic for me.
    Now I'm preparing a kit for kids for my son and my niece for holidays (similar to the one you showed some posts ago)¿who do you thing is going to have more fun, me or them??? Ha ha

  7. Beatriz

    Great book, so elegant and cute <3 I love Ruche, is one of my favorite shops, so "Happy birthday Ruche!!!"

  8. laurie lariviere

    How clever is that? love this idea, this would be cute for a child's birthday, the giver could put photos of each of the birthday girl/boy's friends in the envelope and then the birthday child would have a book of friends, think I will give this a try for my daughter's 12th birthday coming up. thanks!!

  9. Amy

    Great idea and gift idea! Who wouldn't want to get one of these for their birthday!
    Funny pic of you!! 🙂

  10. elizabeth

    oh this is great. i'm thinking of doing it for my bff who needs a pick me up. some of our favorite memories would be great in this 🙂

  11. Vangee

    I love this album idea!! I would love to know where you got the white chipboard…did you make your own or can you purchase it somewhere? The envelopes are so great. What a great gift idea! Thanks for sharing!

  12. christi @ burlap and basil

    this is a great idea. i've seen it executed differently and i like yours the best. great blog … stumbled here tonight and love the authenticity and joy that comes through your voice.

  13. Noisette251

    i love this project ….

    I have a small question will you come in France next year for VERSION SCRAP ?
    I did "unlock your story this year ad i love it !!


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