Like Popeye’s Spinach (giveaway) Hijacked by Collin

Liz isn’t feeling well so I took over the blog.
Strangers ask me all the time, “Collin, how is your wife so creative?” or “Hey man, where are you going with my shoes?”
It’s taken years for Liz to finally let me share with you where she harnesses some of her creative mojo from. Popeye ate spinach, Gummy Bears drank Gummy Bear juice, Chewbaca ate Necco Wafers (this has yet to be proven).
Liz. Loves. Frosting.
There you have it. If you’re looking to add a creative spark to your kidneys scrapbooking, try adding a spoonful or 3 of your favorite lard-based cake topping. But don’t take MY word for it! Nah Nah NAH!
Two of Dear Lizzy blog’s lovely sponsors are doing something NO ONE has EVER done before, something SO unprecedented, SO edgy, SO out of this world! They are letting us GIVE AWAY some of their amazing products to 2 lucky readers as part of something brand new to the blogosphere, I *JUST* coined the term…. a “GIVEAWAY“!

Freehand Scraps is a monthly kit club that inspires customers to tell their story, be creative and have fun. They offer several different kinds of kits to meet all your crafting needs, including 12×12 kits, mini album kits, and card kits. Each kit contains the latest products, exclusive embellishments, and non-traditional supplies to give your projects uniqueness and flair! At Freehand Scraps, no subscriptions are required. Buy only what you like. International shipping is available (please contact to purchase internationally).

There’s a darling purse mini album kit and the card kit includes 10 cards all precut and ready to assemble with step by step instructions. Card themes are birthday, thank-you, hello, and all occasion. Card kit comes with a full sheet of alphabet stickers to customize your sentiments.

Visit the website to see other available kits and view sample layouts from the talented design team. Follow Freehand Scraps on their blog and on Facebook.

Leave a comment with what is your Secret Super Food or Secret Weapon… a Haiku with how much you’d love your chose of the Scrapbook Kit, Mini Purse Album or the card kit.
Next, we have a giveaway from Scrapbook Circle kit company!
Scrapbook Circle is a monthly kit club that designs a unique scrapbooking kit each month and mails it to thier subscribers. We create a kit each month filled wiht the most current scrapbooking products including patterned paper, custom embellishments and digital downloads.
Lisa started Scrapbook Circle because ever since she was young, it was important to her to document the stories of her life. From the time she received her first camera when she was eight years old until now, taking pictures and organizing them to tell stories has been an important part of her life.
Check out their awesome kit this month that is perfect for the start of summer: Garden Party!

Connect with Scrapbook Circle:

Leave a comment with what your Secret Super Food or Secret Weapon OR a Haiku with how much you’d love one of these kits.
Add extra comments if you like/follow Freehand Scraps or Scrapbook Circle on Facebook/Twitter!

If you would like to be one of Dear Lizzy’s fabulous sponsors email:

598 thoughts on “Like Popeye’s Spinach (giveaway) Hijacked by Collin

  1. The Hunters

    My secret food weapon is vanilla ice cream (or vanilla frozen yogurt) with mini gummy bears. Not the large gummy bears you find in the store packages no, these will not do. You MUST have the mini bears.

    Liz- For an even more delicious treat. Spread a thick gooey layer of that frosting over graham crackers and make a graham cracker frosting sandwich. It was a favorite of mine when I was younger. Of course I wasn't allowed to eat it so it had to be snuck during the middle of a summer day when I was out of school and my Mom was at work πŸ˜‰

  2. Jody

    My super secret weapon – x-ray vision! Ok, not really. But those kits are gorgeous and I'm no good at haiku.

  3. Cass

    Awesome giveaways, as usual!!
    Someone just said my secret super food above … peanut butter cups. Kept in the fridge, just eaten cold. Yummo.

  4. Christine

    Wassup Funny Man? I love when you hijack the blog! This fat cat (Ok, so I'm not really fat) can't live without powdered Hostess Donnettes by the bag full. I hoard them as to not allow the munchkins to find my stash. Love the scrappy goodness and love even more the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  5. Jeni

    Fun! My secret weapon is chocolate. Hot chocolate specifically. Semi sweet chocolate chips melted into low fat milk until it becomes luscious goodness. I think I am going to have one right now. It's particularly great if you are trying to keep that post-pregnancy weight on (I speak from on-going experience).

  6. Claudia

    NUTELLA (or Nudossi – only available in Germany I believe) works anytime. I'm so so glad that they have the "FAMILY" jars now here, which have been around in Germany for some time. The little ones are a joke. Eve the big jar barely lasts a week in my house. Hungry for the mini-album kit but really everything looks delicious!

  7. Heather Innusa

    Ah yes… frosting… makes perfect sense – seems like she’s very sweet, that must be where she gets it from!

    While I’m not a frosting type of gal – I can definitely appreciate it’s magical powers. I like all of these goodies/kits shown here – fabulous kits – the Freehand Scraps kit looks especially fab. Thanks for the chance to win one!

    I’m not really a haiku-er though {heck, I’m lucky I spelled it right}, so I’ll just tell you I’m a fan of Dove Promises ;). I don’t think they boost my creativity in any way, but they sure as heck boost my mood :D. They make me nicer… sometimes. Not always.

    Thanks for those links, I’m off to peruse their blogs & goodies up close and personal – that doesn’t sound right.

  8. caroline hancock / Scrappercaz

    OMG i love to eat sour candy mmmmmmmm i am always stealing Lucy's that and a glass of wine if she is in bed for the night:)
    they kits all look awesome. hope you get better Liz πŸ™‚

  9. RobinG

    two must haves are reeses peanut butter cups & dove milk chocolate…along with a nice cold mtn dew next to me!!!aaahh pure happiness…..

  10. Anonymous

    My secret food weapon is marshmallows (the BIG ones:)dipped in melted chocolate, with sprinkles of course! or "skrinkles" as my daughter calls them πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the chance to win! Lizzy is so lucky to have such a cool husband πŸ™‚

  11. DeeDee

    Nice sponsors Lizzy,
    sure hope you feel better soon!
    eat plenty of treats!

    Beautiful kits, really – hope all is well soon enough in Dear Lizzy land!

  12. Jennifer Stanley

    My super food to get the creative juices flowing is Haribo Gummy Bears. I love to bite the heads off and put the heads back onto different colored bodies before I eat them! Frosting right out of the can is good too, especially with Vanilla Wafers dipped in! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Maggie @ Midwestern {Sewing} Girl

    hmmm…secret food…cheese popcorn…holy crow is that stuff good eats…

  14. Maria Therese

    Right now I'm allergic to food with too much sugar and fat in, so I don't even dear trying in fear of ending up all day in bed..But before I looooooooved ice coffee mocha so need to find myself something new creative thingy for my scrapbook blog rounds.

    I would soooooooooooooo love a kit from Scrapbook Circle as they are so cute and would defenitly get my mojo going again after my hospital trip.

    Hope Lizzy is feeling better soon! Although I do love your hijacked πŸ™‚

  15. Jill

    reese's miniatures (has to be the mini's!) and dove chocolates are the most amazing, creativity-inducing little chocolates i've ever met. yay for tiny chocolate!

  16. Nicole G.

    Ok so I'm not even gonna lie my secret food(or drink weapon) is usually an ADULT BEVERAGE of some sorts favorites would be margarita, pina colada or a glass of wine (hey dr. oz says a glass of wine a day is good for us, lolz!!) It takes the pressure and stress of wanting my pages or cards to come out perfect.
    I think both of these kits are super cute and have alot of embellishments. Thanks for the opportunity to win πŸ™‚

  17. Jennifer Stanley

    I "liked" Freehand Scraps on Facebook. They have a ton of cute stuff, but none of it is as cute as Colin!

  18. Jennifer Stanley

    I "liked" Scrapbook Circle on Facebook. I'm looking forward to seeing more of their kits. Almost as adorable as Colin! πŸ™‚

  19. Mandy @ This Girl's Life

    Ahhh! So that's the secret? πŸ˜‰ Yum! Mine is Dove dark chocolate promises OR sour patch kids. Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Cali and Brett Smith

    Ice cream sandwiches are my secret power food…. they just seem to make the day so much better.

    LOVE the kits!!!

  21. thestampinglady

    My secret power food is candy corn when in season–I try to buy several bags to last till the next Halloween season. If I run out of that–and I always do–the next power food is vanilla wafer cookies. This is a fun topic and I enjoyed reading the responses. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Veronica

    2 words: RED HOTS! Yup. So much so that I cracked. a. tooth. and. needed. a. root. canal!!!!!
    Did that stop me from eating them? NOOOOOOO! Only inspired me MORE!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  23. reese's pieces

    I love to eat Nerds
    Fruity and crunchy are they-
    Look,a stray one on my desk.

    These kits are so cool
    How neat to choose one of them-

    Missy in SC

  24. Jessica Miller Kelley

    I'm pregnant, so whatever my little heart desires at that exact moment is my superfood. (I'm intentionally not reading the list of other comments, b/c then I'll start craving those things!)

  25. Rebecca

    Mmmm – frosting sounds good! My secret food though… chocolate chip cookies. Ugh… dirty little secret. Not good for me, but so yummy! Thanks for the chance!!

  26. s a n s k u :)

    mine isn't as weird as liz's. just plain old chocolate. keeps me up at night and brain can't stop coming up with creative ideas. πŸ™‚

  27. Almayer

    I am crazy for (Italian) coffee.
    I can't wake up without it.
    I can't imagine my life without (Italian) coffee.

  28. Amanda Sevall

    mmmm…. frosting! good choice! Any sugar works for me… chocolate is usually the favorite! πŸ™‚

  29. mcscraps5

    Love it when Collin hijacks the blog. Always something funny!!
    Alas, I do not have a haiku…so sad.
    But my secret weapon is milk duds. I love eating them while I'm at the computer getting ideas or scrapbooking. So so good.

  30. mcscraps5

    And now I totally "like" Freehand Scraps on FB. I even added their blog to my Reader. Thanks again!

  31. sstevens

    Ok, so when my kiddos go down for nap time and I want a creativity treat, I indulge in sprinkles. Yep, cake decorating sprinkles. I don't know if it is the crunchy texture or the fun colors, but it is my secret, not so secret anymore, unhealthy indulgence. -Sarah Stevens

  32. wendipooh13

    what a fun post!!!!!
    my secret good is peanut butter M&Ms… they are soooo addicting and you can't just eat a couple.. I buy the SUPER big bag.shhhhh.

    those kits both ROCK!!!!

  33. Ana

    My secret super food at the moment is a KitKat bar. It's hard to buy KitKats is Brazil but I managed to find a supplier. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope Liz is feeling better.

  34. the johnson's

    for the life of me I can't think of ANY of my weird food habits at the moment. probably because I am trying to fit into a crazy cute strapless bridesmaid dress for next month and have sworn off said foods. drinking lots of water these days, though.

  35. Amanda Johnson

    My secret weapon food are Reese Cups…but only the holiday shaped ones…laugh all you want, but they are way better!!

  36. Mary Ann

    I have a number of super creative foods – popcorn, any thing chocolate, lactose free ice cream, and corn chips!
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  37. AnMiSu

    Well now that I have a craving for frosting not sure anything else will do! Cheddar cheese is what I go for (too much of it but I can't help it).

  38. Julia P

    Yum Dove dark chocolate
    With almonds would work
    Well with card kit!
    ( don't know a thing about creating haiku?!)
    Would still love to win!
    Thanks, Julia P

  39. Nancy H.

    Route 44 Sonic Cherry Coke — and it has to be 44 oz and a styrofoam cup!! No not green, but a red straw works perfectly!!

  40. Adelina

    well. . .my secret wouldn't be a secret if I told you.

    bright and colorful
    I want to create with you
    I will cut you up

  41. Lizzie Justice

    My secret weapon would have to be doritos and cottage cheese. A weird combination I know and totally unhealthy. But I am totally inspired when I eat it.

  42. Amber

    My super weapon when crafting is a big old diet coke, chocolate, any chocolate will do and good music!!

  43. Susan

    Great kits- love them!!! My super food (and secret weapon) right now is Quaker Breakfast Cookies- chocolate chip! They are totally delicious especially when scrapping, dipped in coffee! Yum!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. Candace

    My mojo booster is Iced Cappucinos from Tim Hortons! If you were Canadian you would know exactly what I was talking about. Yum, almost as good as frosting πŸ˜‰

  45. Cora Sewell

    Sweet hijacking skills Collin!

    I don't have much of a sweet tooth so I would have to say that my super food would be garlic! I put it on everything! Sometimes I carry garlic salt in my purse with me, just in case! Never know when you might need that little extra dash of deliciousness!

    All of those kits are awesome! Get well Liz!!

  46. Juls

    my super food is Popcorn Indiana and there are many different flavors! Yum!!!

    These monthly kits are beautiful!

  47. Jill Dater

    Pad tai is my secret food. I ate it last night for the first time in months and I remembered how much I love it.

  48. pulverschwein

    po ta to chips crunch
    sidecars not for riding in
    chocolate bacon

    Those be my superpower foods. But also on the list… cheese of any sort (except the plastic kind.)And have you ever had that delish homemade bread filled with belgian chocolate that they make in that wood fired oven in BC? Oh Mama!

    The "May" kit sounds intriguing especially since we are having unseasonably wet weather this June so far! ugh! However, this weather is less May and more April.

  49. Jessica

    Starburst for sure….BUT only the orange and red ones. I have bags of the yellow and pink ones left over…want some?!

    Awesome opportunity, thanks!!

  50. Stephanie Joanna

    I love munching on popcorn and chocolate chips simultaneously. Gets my creative juices flowing, that's for sure! πŸ™‚

  51. Eliz Gardner

    Hot Tamales all day long,
    with them I can do no wrong,
    I'd even write them a song…
    Ok, not quite Haiku. But really, I eat these little cinnamon treats everyday. I think I may be single handedly keeping them in business. Taste the FI-YAH!

  52. flo

    super secret food…hmm….i'll have to go with french fries! thanks for the…what did you call it? giveaway?

  53. Queen of Bristol

    yummmmmmmiiiiiii! Both of the kits look spectacular. I can very well imagine myself scrapping with those and a glass of Nutella beside me which is my secret food…. it's a basic food actually πŸ™‚

  54. dalijablog

    My secret food weapon is rasberry turnover with fresh wipped cream, mmmmm and…porfiteroles, beautiful!
    Thanks for a chance to win such a great giveaway!

  55. Ellie A.

    Are you ready I don't share this with anyone but I will cause well there some awesome goodness to be won so I'll share JUST this once. You ready. Trader Joe's Peanut Butter chocolate cookies. 2 of those bad boys & I am ready to get my Super Mama on Chocolate cleaning going on πŸ™‚

  56. - Lindsy Weidner -

    My secret food would definitely be homemade sugar cookies!!

    Love the give-a-ways, as usual! Pick me, pick me! πŸ˜‰

  57. Sam F

    Hmmm…I would have to say popcorn. It is my all-time favorite snack food.

    BTW, these kits look awesome and I would love, love, love to win!

  58. ScrappingMomOf3

    Kits make life easy;
    My kids sometimes make things hard.
    {Insert "Office" joke!}

    That might be the most punctuation ever for a haiku. Ha!

  59. melkom_po_nebu

    My secret food is beef stroganoff.
    I make them very quick and they are very tasty))
    Also I like to make pan-cakes with sour cream)

  60. Courtney

    My secret weapon is a straw believe it or not! I must chew on one when I am crafting, studying, or thinking too hard πŸ˜‰ it is HORRIBLE for my teeth, but it such a comfort. Awesome giveaway Collin! I hope Liz feels better soon πŸ™‚

    courtneydcantu AT gmail DOT com.

  61. Cynthia B.

    hehe – you're a hoot, Collin! Hope Liz feels better soon (not that we don't love your hijacking the blog! :))
    My super-secret food has lately been Lil' Drums – those are mini-Drumsticks (basically a chocolate ice cream cone with nuts and choc. on top). Not as many calories as a regular-sized Drumstick but still packed with deliciousness!

    Thanks for the chance to win the scrapbook kits from either of these companies!

  62. Gale

    I like Junior Mints. My family & even my extended family now even refer to Junior Mints as scrapbook food.

  63. Sandy

    Hilarious!! Awesome job Collin – hope Liz feels better soon! My super food -Snickers always!! thanks for a chance!

  64. angie gutshall

    My "super food" is my Chai Tea. I love to drink a cup before I scrap.

    Thanks for a chance to win a great prize!

  65. Tracy

    Are you ready for this…my Secret Super Food would be stale mini marshmallows or any type of gummy candy. Great for scrapping πŸ™‚

  66. Anonymous

    I don't really have a secret power food! I will have to give this some thought. Perhaps that is why I am not as creatvie as sweet Liz!!
    Hmmmm…Guac? kit kat bars? frosting is a good idea!!

  67. Kylie D

    Oh so many….. hmmmmm let me see, pineapple lumps, k-bars melted so they are all stringy and gooey, m&m's, oh and I love a good cheese spread too… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm of i'm hungry now – THANKS!!!! LOL
    Super cute kits. What awesome giveaways.

  68. Ashley Michelson

    My 2 secret power foods are 1) spoonfuls of Nutella, sometimes with an added spoon or two of Marshmallow Fluff…a dentist's dream!!( I too could live on frosting but Nutella is amazing!!) B) Starbucks Caramel Frappuchinos!!!
    Collin- you are super hilarious!! You and Liz must be such a fun couple (with adorable little girls!)
    Thanks for the chance to win one of these epic prizes. Feel better Liz!!

  69. Tere

    My secret wapong is a combo of a huge 32 oz cold pepsi cup from QT (it has to be from QT, not Circle K or other convenience store!!) and a Mexican candy called 'pulparindo' it is a delicious sweet-hot-sour candy made out of tamarind pulp.

    When my husband and son see these 2 things on my scrap table, they know I need to feel creative.

    Thank You Colling, for this awesome and fun post!

  70. D'Lonna

    Junior mints for sure! The chocolate soothes the nervous and the mint gets the brain juices flowing!

  71. Hee Jin R.

    Following both Scrapbook circle and Freehand Scraps on FB. Which to choose ??? They're both adorable but maybe this time I would choose Freehand Scraps

  72. Pamela B

    My super secret spark for creating…Christmas movies (usually Elf or Home Alone) or a good chick flick (You've Got Mail!). SHHHH! Don't tell anyone!

  73. tccba

    My super food is
    Dark chocolate so bitter
    I can't get enough.

    (Because dark chocolate is considered a health food!)
    These prizes look great! Thank you!


  74. JennV

    I have a silly secret super food…hot cereal. It doesn't matter what type of day it is! I can eat oatmeal or creme of wheat at any meal. I am also a ridiculous lover of dove dark chocolate…the kind with the inspirational messages.

  75. Heather Dzioba

    My secret super food is definitely peanut butter cups (with milk, of course). My secret weapon is Basic Grey! I get inspired just looking at anything by Basic Grey.

  76. Jennifer Chapin

    Haha! this post makes me laugh πŸ˜‰ I am not a big sweets person….but I do love a big plate of tortilla chips sprinkled with shredded cheese – nuke em and put salsa on top. Yum. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  77. Jen

    Pretty much anything that is bad for my is my secret super food…though thats not very secret. πŸ™‚

  78. Meg

    as the days get long
    in the state of MN
    i need something sweet

    i open up the cupboard
    and what do i find
    but something yummie and
    sweet. chocolate it may be.

    anything really works for this
    sweet toothed girl.
    but the real way to my
    heart is a scrap pack or two!

    that is as close to a hiaku as i can get!!!!!

    thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  79. PhelpsPhan

    NUTELLA…something about opening up a jar, cracking that gold seal and eating a spoonfull or 3…it's simply delicious! I have a sweet tooth so I totally get the whole frosting/creativity thing like Liz! I guess us "sweet" girls gotta stick together!

  80. MB

    sour cream and onion
    that is my secret weapon
    …and my kryptonite

    Collin is so nice
    Moreso if he picks me as:
    Give-away winner πŸ™‚

  81. Christy

    LOL the reading rainbow link made me laugh…it's been a long time since I have seen that show.

    My secret food would be cheese. I love cheese…cheese on everything!

  82. Sylvia Hall

    My not so secret super food is… ice cream! All colors and flavors. I'm an equal opportunity ice cream connoisseur. Thanks Collin for the fun post and fun give aways πŸ˜€

  83. Annmarie H

    Here's my attempt at Haiku. Love your blogs!

    My Scrapbook Haiku
    by Annmarie H

    Scrapbooking with a
    Creative style is
    Really easy
    As long as a
    Person can get
    Scrapbook Kits via The Scrapbook Circle

  84. Tan E-Zen

    My Secret super food is….. Gummy bears!! They are chewy and come in lotsa flavors and colors; I just love them..(:
    Hope Liz gets better, and thanks for the chance to win those awesome kits!!:D

  85. Ashley Horton

    Little Debbie Snack Cakes…doesn't have to be a certain kind, any will do! Thanks for the giveaway…fun blog post btw!

  86. Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale

    As a mother of 4 (two of which are 12 mo old twin boys)my super secret weapons are my eyes in the back of my head- along with super sonic hearing.
    My kiddos never quite know how I figure out what mischief they are up to.
    I think one of these kits would be awesome for me- as you might guess- I rarely get time for myself, and this could be *just* the excuse I've been looking for πŸ™‚

  87. Kokie

    Secret weapon: Audiobooks. I keep up on my favorite series while cooking cupcakes and cleaning my room! =)

  88. Brandy

    I am unable to be creative or produce a cohesive scrapbook page without sucking on Werther’s Original hard candies.

  89. jules

    lizzy i love frosting too…its the only reason i make cupcakes…so I can eat the chocolate buttercream. πŸ™‚

  90. The J9

    There is nothing better than a big ol' spoonful of frosting goodness! The one and only superfood!

  91. Shanna Noel

    Hi-Chews!!!!! They are a YUMMY Japaneese starburst like fruit chewy candy! THey are sooooo yummy!! They have a cataloupe (I know, WHO wants Cantaloupe candy… ) that is TO DIE FOR!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!! xoxoxxoxoxo

  92. scarthur

    Lately goldfish help my scrapbook motivation. Weird I know, but we have toddlers around here! πŸ™‚

  93. Carol

    LOL…I love it when you hijack the blog! We find out more about Liz (probably more than she wants) HAHA.

    My secret weapon is almond chips, yummy Blue Diamond Baked Nut chips with sea salt (sometimes with Hummas) and/or Twizzlers.

  94. Jenn D

    Secret weapon = spending much needed time with a friend dreaming up the next LO. Stunning LOs guaranteed. Plural.

  95. Melissa Davis

    Well I would love to say ANY kind of chocolate is my secret super food, but in recent months it makes me sick πŸ™ so SAD! My secret super food lately has been avocado! Yep…yum!

  96. Linda E

    My secret super scrapbooking foods of choice are M&Ms and white wine. Thanks for the chance to win these fabulous kits. Hope Lizzy feels better soon.

  97. Heather (goldiecar)

    My super secret food… brownie batter and pirate booty. Sweet and salty at the same time!!

  98. Shannon :-)

    Peanut Butter is my favorite secret super food. Hmmm.. I guess it's not a secret anymore. I have also been enjoying jasmine rice.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  99. mhrabbit

    Collin – you and Lizzy are just too cute for words! And you make extremley adorable babies!! My super secret food is Double Stuff Oreos, but with a twist… I remove the top off each one, thus creating Quadruple Stuff Oreos. Simply to die for!!! I only buy them about once a year, though, because admittedly it is pretty wrong! πŸ˜‰

  100. Deana

    I love it when there's a highjack! And I love scrap kits and giveaways! Oh, and what's all that without a little chocolate-peanut butter!

  101. LIly'sMummy

    Love Lolli gobble bliss bombs they are definately my favourite sooo much so that I hide them in a secret spot in my pantry so my Hubby doesn't get to them. Hehehe!

    I would die to win one of the kits haven't bought any scrappy goodness this year and would LOVE so of the new stuff to work with might get the scrappy nojo moving again.

  102. The Nelsons

    I'd have to say I'm with Lizzy on this one. I LOVE cream cheese frosting on graham crackers…I'm drooling just thinking about it!!!

  103. Angela Monges-Ortiz

    Now that I'm preggers, my secret super food is pretty boring… yogurt with granola, but it's so yummy. Before baby was the center of my life, my secret super food was Reese's Pieces. I like to imagine that the peanut butter makes them sort of nutritious… sort of.

  104. Jen Schow

    I am not so good at the Haikus… but my secret super food is………sour patch sour watermelons! Yummy!

  105. Michelle

    My secret super food is a perfectly formulated combination of Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips and Diet Pepsi!

  106. brianne sheppard

    Dear Collin, Your blog posts are my secret weapon.. they keep me on my toes and laughing. Your an inspiration to us all.. not to mention, handsome, charming and umm… hilarious as well. Plus your wife is adorable so you have good taste!

  107. Jenny

    My super secret food is Ben and Jerry's Phish Food frozen yogurt with cinnamon sprinkled on top…yum! Frosting is in the top 5 for me as well!! double yum…

  108. rahel menig

    first: collin, i always love your fun posts πŸ˜‰ totally love your birthday ones too!
    second: liz, i hope you feel better soon, just eat lots of frosting and cupcakes and brownies πŸ˜€
    third: to answer the question about my super secret food… well, if i'd tell it wouldn't be a secret anymore, right??
    so fourth, i love all the kits by these two companies so i would be beyond happy to win either one of it πŸ˜€

    xoxo, rahel πŸ˜€

  109. Tancha

    ΠΌΠΎΠΉ сСкрСт – сладкая Π²Π°Ρ‚Π° ΠΈ ΠΌΠΎΡ€ΠΎΠΆΠ΅Π½Π½ΠΎΠ΅ ))
    спасибо Π·Π° шанс Π²Ρ‹ΠΈΠ³Ρ€Π°Ρ‚ΡŒ ))

  110. Gina B

    Im not picky…… anything chocolate!!!! Oh except chocolate covered raisins.. I class them as health food.
    There is nothing that gets the creative juices flowing like……… CHOCOLATE!!!!!! Thanks for the great giveaways. Hope Liz feels better!

  111. .:| Angela |:.

    My "super food" right now is actually Cabela's green apple licorice. Can't get enough of them!

  112. Anonymous

    My secret weapon for creative mojo is chocolate and red wine….Yum. Thanks for the opportunity! Tanya W

  113. Fifi

    How about a mishmash and a haiku about food

    I love eating food
    I love all things that are sweet
    Best are haribo

  114. Laci J

    OH BOY!!! Super food… I have too many. I could go with the Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream that Cold stone only offers at Christmas, or sea salt caramels dipped in chocolate. Could also go for some fresh caught crab, pre-smashed of coarse.

  115. Sophia

    Ooh I hope someone like little old me all the way from South Africa is allowed to enter this awesome giveaway…I already follow Scrapbook Circle, love their products.

    My Secret weapon is fruit pastilles sweets we have here, always gets my creative juices flowing.

  116. chou_

    One food? seriously..; just pick ONE fave food? oh boy! the pressure.. of chosing!
    Oh well, can't… so my all time fave (that just rocks every time I make it) is my own banana cake. AND… my carrot cake. AND my apple crumble as my grandma used to make it. AND… (oh I can go on hehe).
    Otherwise, I'm a sucker for ice cream. I used to be crazy about chocolate chip mint ice cream, but we can't get that flavour here anymore (sigh). So I go for just about anything with toffee in it, or macadamia nuts or cookie dough…

    The giveaways are amazing.

    how is Liz doing? Better today I hope

    take care

  117. scrappingmom73

    Peanut butter M&M's….aka "vitamins"….are a must for scrapping. Mmmm…….Now a liker on both FB pages too.

  118. Ann-Cathrin

    Ooooooh my secret food is definitely ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. It's so amazing and YUMMI!!!

  119. Ann-Cathrin

    MHM – oh I know – My secret food is definitely ice cream from BEN AND JERRY'S – YAMMI!!!!! IT's so amazing β™₯

  120. Abby's Paperie Garden

    Mine would have to be the candy Now & Laters…yes I'm dating myself by admitting this but I LOVE them and can eat an entire pack in one sitting!


    P.S. Feel better Liz:)

  121. Barbara

    Private Selections Moose Tracks Ice Cream All The Way!!!

    i need to hide it in the bag of frozen veggies so my chicks don't eat it! and buy the pint size so 'I' don't eat too much!

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  122. Ann Marie

    If I am not feeling well, it's definitely Mrs. Grass's noodle soup with extra noodles. Cannot beat it! Love the blog Collin …

  123. Traveling Mama

    I am never far away from my coke zero. It's an addiction.. an expensive one in Denmark… that I should shake… maybe next year. Hope Liz is feeling better!

  124. Tanya

    Secret Super Food: Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs – and it's a good thing they are only out a few months in the year!

  125. Sheena Rae

    TWIZZLERS! I can't scrapbook without 'em! And to intensify the creativity, I turn on some Journey! How could "Don't Stop Believin'" not inspire you?!

  126. Jasmine

    Poor Lizzy, hope she's feeling better soon, but man, your posts are hilarious! I like it when you hijack!

    My secret super food is peanut butter cup ice cream! Makes me has a happy!!

    These kits are gorgeous!

  127. Beatriz

    My super secret yummy food is (depending on the day) A) cream cheese and avocado sandwich, or C) a piece of chocolate (white/milk/black, it doesn't matter)

    OMG now I'm starving! ahahah

    Thank you for the chance πŸ™‚

  128. Lisa

    Oh gosh I'm with Lizzy ALL the way. Chocolate it is. With peanut M & M's being my biggest…ahhhh YUM!!!! Thanks for the awesome chance. That stuff looks wonderful:) Get better Lizzy…we need you!!!!!!!!!!

  129. artfuljourneys

    Hope Liz feels better soon. However I love when you hijack her blog.:) Secret weapons..Ghirardelli Dark Raspberry Squares. Love the May kit and purse kit is so cute. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  130. Linda

    the secret weapon
    i use to craft at nighttime:
    cups of tea

    there you go! I even did it in Haiku form (well the English version, it's too hard to type it in japanese and then English! lol)

    Great giveaway!

  131. jennifer from down south

    Secret super food – SUGAR BABIES!!
    Sweet giveaways, thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  132. the nayz

    My super food would have to be chocolate covered cinnamon bears (although I don't eat them while I am creating, just prepping-too messt) and licorice-but it HAS to be red vines!!

  133. ScrapMomOf2

    It's weird, but my secret super food and drink is: baby carrots and ice water! Yep! Weird!

    I follow and love both Freehand Scraps and Scrapbook Circle!! β™₯ Awesome kits! Every month!! πŸ™‚

  134. Heidi G

    Chocolate is my secret super food.

    Haiku for you:

    Paper, scissors, tape and such
    Make me happy

    Burp loudly.

    My secret weapon–wasp spray.

    There, I gave you everything you asked for. Now can I please win something. Pretty please?
    With frosting on it.

  135. NinjaCupcake

    Can't believe I'm admitting this, but I love those pasta roni boxes of white shells and cheddar! When my fiance is not around I cook one up, turn on a chick flick and litter the living room with scraps!

  136. Carly

    My secret super food would have to be Dove Milk Chocolates! It's the heartfelt message inside everyone that gets me. I usually am in the middle of major decision making moment ie. Pink or red…ribbon or fiber…stamp or paint etc. and it's just the little ah ha moment I need to remember why I'm creating in the first place and it doesn't matter as long as I'm lovin' the process! That is what's important right? :). If that fails then my secret weapon is my hubby:,"Uh Honey, I think your little girl is wanting to spend some quality time with you!" to have a little Me time. I love crafting with her but it ain't always easy lol!

  137. michib

    what amazing giveaways!! I'm a candy-a-holic – there, I admitted it! I usually have a couple items in my supply organizer on my craft desk, so it's always within reach πŸ™‚

  138. glynda roffmann

    Jacobs German coffee (iced in the summer) with hazelnut cream.
    (Hey, STILL love Toad the Wet Sprocket, BTW.)

  139. Summer

    Liz, my new fave is homemade strawberry frosting. I love leaving it in the fridge and scooping it on to anything that I can find: a strawberry, a Nilla wafer, a finger . . . Recipe: 1 c. unsalted butter, 4 c. powdered sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 T vanilla, 2 T milk, 2 T mashed and mushy fresh strawberries. Combine in a mixer for yumminess! Collin, there's no lard there.
    Now since I really want to win. Here is my haiku:
    Freehand Scraps many kits,
    Fun flirty palette great ease,
    Scrap Circle life told

  140. Monika Wright

    I like way too many things that are not good for me, but Reese's PB cups have always been a favorite for me. The full-size, not the mini's, though!

  141. Rachel M

    My super food is Ben and Jerry's Phish Food ice cream. It helps my mojo, but my hips say oh no!

  142. Jessica

    Your hubby is hilarious! LOL! My secret weapon is ICE CREAM! I can eat a 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell IC in less than 2 days all by myself. I love Rainbow Chip frosting too, but not as much as ice cream. Thanks for the opp! πŸ˜‰ Hope you get to feeling better!

  143. Nitasha

    My Superfood is (keep this on the hush hush because my kiddos may seek and destroy my stash if they find out about this) Nestle Treasures w/ Heath! OMG- I can fly when I'm activated by those things! Of course, some may call it a sugar rush, but I prefer to think of it as activating my Mrs.Roboto mode!!! LOL!

  144. Christine

    I love haagen dazs dark chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and Hershey's dark chocolate syrup. Yummy…..

    I liked both on FB

  145. SuZeQ

    The first thing I saw on that opening photos was the container of frosting. My thought was "nooooo – she can't be eating that straight from the container!" After all, I thought I was the only one to do something like that … but how does she maintain her darling figure eating that!?! Doesn't work for me! I think my super secret sneak-food would be almonds. I love them … they're my pick-me-up treat!

    This is a super giveaway and I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to be the winner. Really!

  146. Shona

    Wow! You enlightened me today with this Secret Super Food talk! I ALWAYS eat my buttered popcorn with Peanut Butter, not Peanut, Peanut Butter M&M's when I'm working. Until now, I never thought of it as "Super Food"!! Now I know! Thanks for the giveaway, it's awesome!

  147. Liette alias Pixelle

    my fAV sugar food is chewing-gum trident watermelon twist…i can take one super pack by day…as soon as it is not sweet anymore, I put it in the garbage and take an other one…and I adore the same thing than Lizzsy…vanilla….

  148. Gabi

    Well this isn't much of a secret around my house, and most people think I'm pretty weird, but I love to eat, raw chocolate chip cookie dough, raw brownie mix, and raw vanilla cake mix.

    I don't do this regularly as I'm terrified of food poisoning, but I do it at least once per month just to garner more creative strength from the cupcake, cookie, brownie gods πŸ™‚

    -Gabi from Savannah, TX

  149. Amy

    My secret weapon, especially in the summer~time, is a cherry limeade slush from Sonic! I only go during Happy Hour though so it's half price! Thank you for the chance to win some fabulous prizes.

  150. Theresa & Keith

    My secret power food…hot chocolate! I LOVE it….the bigger the mug the better! Also….if a hockey game is on the TV I am one happy scrapper!

    The Freehand Scraps looks like an awesome club…I am off the check out their site!

    Thanks for sharing Liz's secret!!


  151. Theresa & Keith

    My secret power food…hot chocolate! I LOVE it….the bigger the mug the better! Also….if a hockey game is on the TV I am one happy scrapper!

    The Freehand Scraps looks like an awesome club…I am off the check out their site!

    Thanks for sharing Liz's secret!!


  152. Karin

    Ha! I love when Collin Hijacks Lizzy's Blog X-D
    I'm really sad Elizabeth isn't coming to Puerto Rico Scrapbook Event this year πŸ™ You where our very firt teacher on 2009. Hope you could come next next:)

    So my favorite super food is….
    Wonka NERDS!!!!! Totally helps me with my two toddlers and my everyday. Doesn't matter the flavor… Nerds are Nerds.


  153. Michelle

    My secret food Kit Kats. I love to keep them in the freezer and they taste so good with ice cold water!


  154. Michele F.

    My secret scrappin' food is PRETZELS dipped in Uncle Dan's Original Southern Ranch Dip. (Say that 10 times)
    My secret Scrappin' weapon… TV or Stereo ON.
    Thanks for the chance at some goodies.

  155. {VICKI}

    Nuts are my super food–any kind of nut–peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc…….

    Thanks for the chance—I would be happy winning anything—they are all great!

    Hope your feeling better Liz!

  156. Anonymous

    Awesome giveaway! My super secret food is ice cream – I'm partial to Hoof Prints and Cookies & Cream.

    Allison M.

  157. Beanie

    Mine is sour patch kids or my new favorite the watermelon ones. I thought i would hate them because i don't like watermelon "flavored" stuff, but they are really good – they don't taste anything like watermelon!

  158. Ella's Mama

    Love the kits…and Colin's funniness!

    My super foods would have to be dorittos and dr pepper. πŸ™‚

  159. Michele F.

    I also just subscribed by email to Scrapbook Circle! (Deactivated Facebook… long story.) πŸ™‚

  160. Scrapper Myra

    Oh God…. I eat a lot of Junk… I mean "snack" or finger food… like corn chips, popcorn and chips… but my favorite are pistachios… I could eat too many if I don't control it.
    About the kits… I'd love to win one of those. They look fabulous. I definitely would prefer the 12×12 kit, but I would be grateful just to win any of them. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for covering on Lizzy. Hope she feels better soon.

  161. Aimee

    Raisinets are my super food. How can chocolate covered sunshine not help you do everything better. I LOVE them!

  162. Jenny B

    I would say anything in the pantry or whatever we pick up at the store that sparks my interest for the moment, but if I HAD to pick just one item……chocolate chip cookie dough πŸ™‚ If it is a going to be a good scrap day/night, I make sure I buy a roll with the intentions of eating the entire thing πŸ™‚

  163. Lillian Child

    Collin, you always make me laugh – sure hope Liz feels better soon! My superfood is definitely those little white powdered donuts that Dolly Madison makes! I can pop them whole and smile while doing so. And LOVE your unique idea for a giveaway! Why didn't I think of that?! Thanks though for the chance at some really fabulous products!

  164. Casey Wright

    My scrapbooking super-food isn't actually food at all – I LOVE making home made cappuccinos at home for those late night scrap nights.

  165. Joan

    My stash is Ben and Jerry's ice cream titled "Everthing but the…"
    It has peanut butter cups, toffee, white chocolate chunks, almonds, chocolate and vanilla ice cream etc. Mmmmmmm I can eat it while working on the new kits if I am lucky enough to win one.

  166. Tiffany

    My Super Secret Food is (drumroll, please) Hostess cupcakes, but only the tops, I don't like the actual cake part.

  167. Shanon

    My secret make me happy while scrapping food is anything flavored with Nutella! Seriously love the stuff!

  168. Amy

    Iced coffee…yum! Good thing the closest Starbucks is an hour away! LOL!
    The Scrapbook Circle Giveaway is amazing!
    Ever try eating the frosting with Graham Crackers? Wowza good!

  169. Karen P

    Secret super food is … chocolate! How can you go wrong with good chocolate? Thanks for the giveaway!

  170. Christy Butcher

    My secret is Good-n-Plenty. Not only is it yummy, but it is pink and white. How cute is that??

  171. Iska

    Champagne is a food, right? It is make from grapes; therefore, food. Wow, that was a quick justification.
    I have been researching monthly kits and am dying to try one out. Love that you captured Liz and the frosting. Can't wait to see that layout.

  172. Libby

    Hey Collin, frosting is Liz's SuperFood and you are her Secret Weapon!
    My summer SuperFood is a acai-blueberry juice bar. Otherwise, it's miniature peanut butter cups and lots of green tea. All about the anti-oxidants – ha ha.

  173. Ady

    Now that I know her secret I must buy some frosting because my mojo has gone in hiding. I would love to play with those kits to jump start my summer creativitiy. Hope Liz feels better soon…

  174. Joan

    I am a huge frosting fan too! I like it best on saltine crackers (don't judge). Thanks for the chance to win such marvelous goodies πŸ™‚

  175. Arjanne

    My secret food is not so secret: I love my Saturday evening chips! And since I even suck at haiku's in my own language, I won't try to do that in English and just tell you the Freehand scrapbook kit!

  176. C Trimble

    Secret food…..swedish fish and a tall diet pepsi. The diet pepsi cancels out the fish….right?

  177. Lacey

    My new super food is nutella on graham crackers. I love chocolate frosting on them but Nutella on them is amazing too and I try to tell myself that its healthier:)

  178. Debra

    Being totally honest, my "super" food changes with the seasons, my mood, or just plain availability. First might be "Hot Tamale" candies, second of course to "Milk Chocolate (with Raspberries if available), but believe it or not a staple for me is sour cream. Yep love it on potato's, chips, added to almost any casserole or sauce, etc. I have even been known to eat it plain on a slice of bread. (that frosting not sounding to bad about now, huh?)

  179. HeatherOz

    I hide a stash of Hershey's Kisses in my scrapbook room. I have to rotate them so no one gets any hints about where they might be! πŸ˜‰

  180. Liz Johnson

    my secret super food is greek god's pomegranate greek yogurt πŸ™‚ mmmm!

    i love this giveaway!

  181. Scrappin' Siggy

    Starbucks Skinny hot chocolate with whipped cream (a contradiction but makes me feel super)

  182. Amanda

    My super food would have to be mini eggs!! I'm such a sucker for mini eggs, and no one knows where I keep my stash! πŸ™‚

  183. Ashley Crenshaw

    Colin, you're such a delight. You always crack me up. My super secret super weapon is jet fuel… I mean Diet Coke. A lady has got to keep up with a toddler somehow!

  184. Holly S

    If I'm feeling stuck, a make a secret trip to the freezer and push my way to the very, dark back of it and move the frozen peas and corn and reach for my Blue Bunny ice cream in Birthday Party…it tastes like cake AND has blue icing throughout it…so sinfully good…Liz should try it.

  185. susang

    My super secret foods for scrapbooking are chocolate and diet coke!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  186. Kristin Hayne


  187. Kara

    Right now I would say my super food is ice cream! Not just any icecream… coconut icecream with coconut and almonds…..YUMMMMMM!

  188. Lisa H.

    Hot Tamales- the perfect super food for scrapbooking-doesnt make a mess, tastes delicious and can be shared πŸ™‚

  189. Overjoyed Ink

    Thanks for an amazing giveaway!!
    I work at a candy shop and I make a super yummy Moose Track Fudge that I just love. I don't think it's much of a secret though!!
    BTW I love how much you support your wife, every woman deserves a husband like you, thanks!

  190. Charis

    My secret weapon for great scrapbooking is amazing photography! They give my pages the life and story that is necessary for remembering those special times!

    Collin: here's a haiku for you

    Collin, your humor
    reminds of my husband Bob.
    Two, cut from same cloth.

    Charis Mouritsen

  191. Liz Michaud

    Currently I am enjoying dark chocolate covered almonds while I scrapbook! But any fresh gummy sour candy is good too πŸ™‚

  192. amyp

    My super food is Nutella by the spoonfull! A big spoonfull! Oh and of course berries too!! Just not together! Hah!

  193. Tina

    colin is so cute…what a guy.My secret to creativity is – starbucks coffee following by my hubster as a close second…he gets to the starbucks for me then watches the kids so I can actually get crafty…the 2 go hand in hand.

    feel better Liz.

  194. Gretchen Knutson

    Chile Limon Cheetos dipped in cold cream cheese-yummmmmmmmmmmy!
    Great giveaway πŸ™‚

  195. Jackie

    My super secret food that is not so secret is a snickers bar…or should I say multiple snickers bars. My family jokes that I should buy stock in them because they are bound to do well with how many I eat. πŸ™‚

  196. phaedra

    my super secret food? as in so secret I hide it from my family so i can have it ALL? chocolate chip cookies of course. *I do let them have a couple. ahem.
    I would love love love to win any new kits- needing a jumpstart (other than what the cookies provide of course!)

  197. Rosa

    for getting strong and healthy i always eat fishermen's friends anise (aniseseed!) i love love love them. i could eat loads of packages a day if it wouldn't bring diarrhea to the eater (me!) ..
    lots of greets from the far far far away vivien from germany!

    DU BIST WUNDERVOLL LIZ! (you are great, liz!)

  198. remus79

    My secret super food is dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. I can't get enough of them! I'd love any of these giveaways. Thanks!

  199. Ann Cicilie

    Starbucks Iced Cappuccino with Caramel! When I get one of those to start the day with – I can do anything. Anything!

  200. fermoe

    My secret weapon is LACK OF SLEEP!! That's when I do my best work. Although, it's pretty easy with a 3 year who doesn't like to sleep and a 10 month old! Who needs sleep anyway??!?!! (My sister swears by beer, but I am liking this whole frosting idea…)

  201. pretiflowerliz


  202. kori and rhen brown

    My super secret food = brussel sprouts sauteed in white truffle oil. wow, I want some right now!

  203. nancy

    Well, the real giveaway is a post written by Collin. Now I have "butterfly in the SKY, I can fly twice as HIGH" stuck in my head.

    Yes, you should give me
    One of these kits because this
    is one cool haiku.

  204. (Pisces)Olya

    I also 'Liked' Scrapbook circle on Facebook (via Olya Schmidt handle)
    and have a wonderful day! =)

  205. rhonda

    Colin you are so cute and funny! And my super food snack is Jelly Belly jelly beans eatem by the bag full! And you gotta know I would love to win one of these delicious kits!

  206. Anonymous

    Ribbons & buttons
    Look so much better, don't they?
    With a fro-yo first!

    Love the kit clubs!

  207. Rachel

    I.LOVE.CHERRY.SOURS. They are my secret weapon when crafting! And, bonus-they're not pointy-no danger of putting an eye out. πŸ™‚

  208. Scrapamum

    Ooo I might need to try Liz's secret super food ; )
    My special secret super food is Blackberry flavoured Australian liquorice!
    I follow Scrapbook Circle on Facebook and I am off to check out the others!!!

  209. Anonymous

    My super secret food is peanut butter filled pretzles, the little square nugget ones. Not really a secret in my house, everyone knows hands of.

  210. Lacey

    My creative super secret food is either a glass of wine, Lime based malt drinks or a LARGE Vanilla latte (iced or hot). There you have it!

  211. Jackie

    do i need to choose just one "superfood"? im gonna have to go with either funfetti vanilla frosting or preanut butter!

  212. MilliD

    Chocolate chip cookie dough. Not the cookies, not the ice cream, just the DOUGH. Don't even bother puttin that stuff in the oven. I WILL hurt someone. I WILL crop you right out if you take mah dough.

  213. Jingle

    Jujubes! I love those things, but I try to hide that from everyone 'cause they are wicked bad for you and most people can't stand the little chewy tooth stickers! LOL!

  214. And U Jest

    Hot Tamales… always seem to be the secret super scrappin' food…
    Thanks for such a great "GIVEAWAY"

  215. Catherine Gilbert

    I have to say fruits and… licorice. ok one is better than the other for my health but …

  216. artsymama

    My super secret food is a drink! It's diet coke! It makes me happy and makes my day brighter…gives me my mojo!

  217. Kim

    oh, gorgeous kits…my super food is milk bottles – lollies – and sadly soy lattes…oh, and a biscuit called a toffee pop…none of which are very good for the 'waist'… πŸ™‚

  218. Amy Goldstein

    Nutella. Straight from the jar. Works like a charm. Second would be Trader Joe's new hot fudge (in a jar). I totally get the frosting inspiration thing. Great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  219. Amy

    This is so funny! Thanks so much for a chance to win! All my crafting happens at night so as soon as the girls go to bed, I automatically go to the kitchen and make a slice of toast with Nutella on it, and a cup of black tea with honey and milk. Those are my go to 'Let's get crafting' starters. πŸ˜€

  220. Anonymous

    I love all things sweet is a very very common thing in scrapbookers and such, anyways do we really have to make a haiku??? cuz I forgott what was that… I like, I mean I love to dip french fries into ice cream!!! so so goood, I think Im gonna get some now!!!! xD

  221. Anonymous

    I love all things sweet is a very very common thing in scrapbookers and such, anyways do we really have to make a haiku??? cuz I forgott what was that… I like, I mean I love to dip french fries into ice cream!!! so so goood, I think Im gonna get some now!!!! xD


    406 comments?! Whoa, you are famous πŸ™‚ My secret food is probably coke, or chocolate….or both!

  223. Redheaded Wife

    Also I "like" Freehand Scraps AND Scrapbook Circle on facebook.

    And I like to eat cake pops… mmm

  224. Sassy

    my super secret food is Rollo chocolates πŸ˜‰ Shhhhhhh though don't tell my kids we have them in the house. I hide them in the back of the freezer.

  225. smyrnow

    My secret super food, which now is not a secret is chocolate and peanut butter. Either together, or alone!

  226. Gina

    I love the apple cider doughnuts that are a specialty of a local bakery. Chocolate or maple frosting, I cannot resist!

  227. Mindy

    lard based treats to be eaten with a spoon are great super foods.. i love them, passionately. but i love marshmallow creme even more. a spoon goes well with it also. i wouldn't recommend fingers especially if you are scrapping or sewing..

  228. Rhiannon

    Got to be Ben and Jerry's ice cream. But I switched to the frozen yoghurt version so it's totally good for me. I would LOVE one of these kits. Mostly because my husband has finally put his foot down and I'm not allowed to buy any more craft things. πŸ™ So you'd be helping us both out!

  229. La grande cupcake

    French fries dipped in soft served chocolate ice cream! Nothing can beat that.It works for scrapbooking as well as for photography….but not for sewing. Too messy!

  230. LoneStarBunny

    My secret super food is avocado. Nice ripe ones with a little salt and a spoon. After seeing the icing, I may be tempted to switch!

  231. Rena

    AS we speak, I am eating handfuls of Honey-Combs!

    Funny…my word verification is murdog! I son't (so don't) know why it's funny though….

  232. Selena

    Drinking hot coffee,
    Eating a cookie or three,
    I scrap with my kits.

    :/ Ok, that was terrible, but I really love those kits! And I love when Collin hijacks the blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

  233. leah

    seems my secret super food is changing everyday, but the majority of the time it is either homemade chocolate chip cookies, or root beer floats!! yum yum! awesome giveaways, thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  234. Savannah O'Gwynn

    So sad Lizzy isn't feeling well! Hope she feels better soon:)

    As for me–my fav snack is almost anything! I will eat cheese and crackers, jelly beans, ice water, chips, uncooked biscuits….ANYTHING! LOVE food;)

    Thanks for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  235. Tenny Kusuma

    My Super Secret Food or I say Drink is Dr. Pepper or Vanilla Iced Coffe. Gotta Have this while scrapping…:D

  236. Angi @ CokiePop

    Cheesecake Cheesecake Cheesecake…I could eat it all day. Fab giveaway! Hope Liz feels better soon! πŸ™‚

  237. Dawn Schmitz

    Salt and Vinegar POP chips are my food of choice right now…love them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  238. Kim

    Clearly, Liz needs ALOT less of her secret food to get her mojo going–since she has a beautiful figure..and I well….I need to lose about 40 lbs of my secret food! LOL My secret food is seasonal—in the fall:Candy corn, in the spring: jelly beans!

  239. okanogangirl

    well…..since I don't remember the structure for a haiku, I shall tell you my super food!! Brussells Sprouts! Yup…sauted with a bit of butter & brown sugar.

    Okay really…'s usually goldfish…fairly mess free when working with scrappy goodness!

  240. Rina Salazar

    My Secret Super Food is M & M's – all kinds, any kind!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    Rina Salazar
    Anchorage, AK

  241. Joni J.

    My super secret food is raw cookie dough….on occasion, the family doesn't even know I ever intended to make a batch as there is no evidence remaining.

  242. Bart and Cindy

    Cola Icee is my secret weapon. Keeps me going for hours!! Wait is that considered a food? Love these kits and the two of you for doing the giveaway!

  243. KellyG

    Only one food??LOL!! I am addicted to gummies! I give them up every year for Lent but it does not help, in fact it might make it worse! I do love frosting, but have never pulled out the can to eat out of it, unless I am frosting something, please, don't give me any more ideas!!

  244. Anonymous

    Moi,moi,moi! These kits are totally awesome. My secret food: licorice with diet pepsi. Michelle mom of 4chippets

  245. Melissa

    My secret super food.. definitely strawberries! I can conquer the world with a good bowl of fresh strawberries. Ha!

    I hope Liz feels better!

  246. Lucy Newton

    I love to snack on walnuts and or fruit, and I would love to win a kit, scrapbooking is one of the only ways to indulge withouth gaining weight!!!

  247. Lucy Newton

    Thanks Collin you have a beautiful family, I hope Liz is feeling better!
    I am now following Freehand Scraps on facebook

  248. Heather

    York peppermint patties, those are my super scrap food. I never eat them unless I am scrapping. OH and I have to have the movie Stick it on the boob tube.

  249. Heather

    I like freehand scraps on fbook. So cool to find these new compaines. thanks for the chance for the giveway.

  250. Marsha

    Lately, my Secret Super Food has been semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels. I won't buy candy bars because I will eat them. Then, I want chocolate so much that I get out the bag and pop them in one at a time until I'm satisfied. My guilty secret no longer…..

  251. Angie... by the

    Love, love these kits and would stive to make something beautiful with them! β™₯ Thanks for the chance to win. My secret super food…used to be something yummy and slightly sickening I'd eat as a teen: Reeses toast. Peanut butter spread on toast, strategically placed choc. chips, broil in oven til chips get melty. My mom never knew I made this! lol She'd have killed me. πŸ˜‰

  252. Angie... by the

    Love, love these kits and would stive to make something beautiful with them! β™₯ Thanks for the chance to win. My secret super food…used to be something yummy and slightly sickening I'd eat as a teen: Reeses toast. Peanut butter spread on toast, strategically placed choc. chips, broil in oven til chips get melty. My mom never knew I made this! lol She'd have killed me. πŸ˜‰

  253. Angie... by the

    I followed both blogs and facebook and came back for extra brownie points. :0 Already left SSF comment. lol

  254. Angie... by the

    I followed both blogs and facebook and came back for extra brownie points. :0 Already left SSF comment. lol

  255. Brenda Smith

    Umm, I'd have to say a glass of red wine. But no more than one glass. Tipsy does not a good scrapper make.

  256. Keahi

    My super secret food…… anything chocolate! It's funny cause I have been known to keep some frosting in the fridge and sneak a spoonful now and then. Yummy!

  257. Bonnie

    super food…does caffeine in large quantities through a daily drip count? hee hee…seriously, coffee and chocolate, {the two together are super-} And I love yogurt with a banana and honey…
    Oh and I want to win…badly.

  258. leash

    M & M's have to be my Super Food…they are amazing…I try not to eat too many though…not the greatest!..I might as well apply them directly to my thighs right?…

  259. Ruth

    my super secret food is chocolate chip cookies and the bigger the chips, the bigger the power boost, also the bigger my bum gets!

  260. nicole

    My favorite is Licorice!!! It is a must have to scrap with or create with. I love the kits!! Seeing the bicycle made me think it would be time to start scrapping those wonderful pages of my daughter and all her bicycle phases:)

  261. la-la land

    I gave up my super secret weapon about 6 months ago-Diet Pepsi. Replaced it with iced tea, and I'm still kicking pockets:)

  262. Felicitas Klink

    wow, amzaing giveaways. i would love to win πŸ˜‰ my crafty secret is that i listen to some old audio books while im creating πŸ™‚ xo Felicitas from Germany

  263. Sherry

    my super secret food is spoonfuls of peanut butter straight out of the jar. Sometimes I add a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips for good measure. πŸ™‚

  264. Missy knits

    Yep, frosting works. When I was in high school and college, I was known to take the spoon to the hot fudge topping jar….oh, that sweet sugar rush!!

  265. T/J Hall

    Granny Smith apples are my super food. I can't live with out them and have one everyday. My mom even buys them for me when I come to visit!!

  266. barbie_love

    Dark chocolate pomegranate by Brookside oh soooo delectable! Collin you are a wordsmith you should have your own blog!

  267. Defining Moments

    Who doesn't love free stuff to create with?? I love haagen daaz coffee ice cream almost as much. No ice cream can beat it.

  268. Aubrey

    My super food is ice cream. I don't discriminate, most any kind will do!

    I agree with the frosting spread on gram crackers! Super yum.

  269. Michelle

    Not a Haiku, but so much better.
    I'm rhyming a little from letter to letter.
    I like to eat sugar sprinkled on bread
    then smothered with butter to turn arteries to lead.
    It's thick and it's gooey, it's tasty as sin.
    This poem so rocks, I better win!

  270. Roberta

    My favorite secret food is gummy green apple rings. Easy to pop in your mouth when the kids aren't looking! They have to be nice and soft though or the kids can have them.

  271. Eva

    My special super food for being creative is… the paella. We are from Valencia, Spain and here we have the best one. Whenever you want, you are invited.

  272. Keri Piercy

    My secret super food is chocolate. I especially like the dark chocolate Dove Promises. They are the just the right size to get a little taste of chocolate and a mood boost without blowing the diet and having to put on stretchy pants. I love the little message on each wrapper too. Here is the latest message I got: "Happiness never decreases by being shared.". Seems keenly appropriate for the awesome peeps sharing their goodness through this giveaway!

  273. Uptowncat

    I, too, love the frosting, but my secret food is semi-sweet chocolate chips straight out of the bag.

  274. Carol H - Fairview Hts, IL

    Chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the oven……….helps anything! Love Liz's blog and love when Colin takes over! You have three adorable daughters!

  275. Emily

    My secret super food would have to be jalepeno Cheetos. I can't get enough of them. Not quite as much lard as frosting. But close!

  276. Karen Beldon

    Hello Hilarious Collin! First off, I hope Liz gets to feeling better soon…it's never easy on anyone when Momma is sick! Secondly, thanks for the awesome giveaways and chance to win… superfood is Hot Tamales candy! I buy them by the huge bag-fulls at Costco and speed through them while I scrap. πŸ™‚ I absolutely am in love with the 12×12 kit from Freehand Scraps!!!! Have a fab weekend~Karen

  277. tarasmith

    My super food is definitely peanut butter…by the spoonful, on bananas(another favorite), on celery, pancakes, crackers, pretty much whatever I have lying around to dip in it!! Now we know where Liz gets her creativity…where do you get your hilarious wit?!?! Those kits are to die for!!! I'd be totally over joyed to win one! I'd be apt to start a solo flash mob!!!

  278. Betty-Ann

    HC = homemade cookies YUM-MO!
    …if you can get them in the oven before all the dough disappears…
    …of particular charm are the peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chippers…

    p.s. Liz would love cake pops…ever try these?

  279. Megan D

    My super secret food is homemade hot pretzels rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Dunked in melted vanilla frosting. But straight white frosting from the can always helps me ace a test when I am up studying.

  280. clouds shadler

    oh my, definitely my super food isn't frosting, but I really enjoy Whole Foods organic strawberry jam, hands down! over crackers, it's amazing!

    Clouds πŸ™‚

  281. Hodge

    My superfood has got to be nutella. I eat it on just about everything breakfasty. Apples, oranges, toast, waffles, pancakes, I even tried to put it in a smoothie once (it didnt work :P)

  282. Mommy

    graham cracker frosting sandwiches are a fav of mine with milk chocolate frosting but if I have the time my fav is still homemade white cake with white and chocolate frosting…mmm mmm good….i just don't take the time to make it enough. in a pinch a reeses peanut butter cup or a snickers bar will do…

  283. chemgirl

    Yikes! My inspiration food is biscotti with hot chocolate! And Dear Lizzy, I love how you live with abandon…but you need get your husband under control…he's giving away ALL your secrets! πŸ™‚

  284. Mr. Baby

    I have many secret weapons…but the one I am about to eat right now is ice cream from Maggie Moo's. It is the better batter cake carnival flavor-cake batter ice cream with twix, cookie dough, and fudge! THE BEST!

    Happy to see you Collin! You always make all of us gals smile!

  285. Latrice

    Collin you kill me!

    My super secret food is Sour patch kids…oooo or lemon heads….ooo…ooo…ooo…or maybe Dots! I just love candy!!!!

  286. Gwendolyn

    Cookie dough!! Nothing like raw eggs, flour and sugar to get those creative juices flowing! πŸ™‚

  287. angiedawn

    Maybe this is the reason i suffer from scrapper's block…I don't have a secret weapon! I am thinking I will give chocolate ice cream drizzled with caramel a try. Yes, definitely. Well, it's not that I want to win the giveaway, I think I NEED to win it. Very bad day at work, down in the dumps, bummed out. Yes, definitely. NEED IT! Thanks for your fun giveaways! Love them!

  288. daizie

    my 'top secret super food' (LOL!) has gotta be my dr pepper πŸ™‚
    i Lβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯VE it

  289. edwige

    Hi there ! I would say my favorite snack is M&M's ! Not so original but soooo good ! But as I start, I cannot stop !! I can't help it !
    :0) But their colours are a positive source of inspiration ! xoxo.

  290. Kris

    Grilled pineapple is my super secret food, sometimes I even add a little turbo power to it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!! Yum!

  291. Rhonda Walker

    Chocolate is my secret most days but sometimes I want salty and popcorn is my vice. Hope Lizzy feels better soon.

  292. Superwoman Scrapper

    my secret food weapon is potato chips. nothing fancy just plain ridged lays or ruffles. the salt just makes me soooo excited.

  293. Deirdre

    I have a jar of lemonheads next to my computer. I blame my sons for their frequent disappearance, but deep down, I know better:)

  294. photochic

    I love eating GUMMY LIFESAVERS! Any kind of gummies, really. Let's just say I have a sweet tooth. πŸ™‚

  295. Anonymous

    Funny hijack. Great giveaway. my secret crafty power is york peppermint pieces. Ahh the sweet cool goodness. Makes me feel like i'm standing on the top of a large colorful paper pile surrounded by beautiful embellies while the fresh cool ideas blow past like wind in my hair.. (remember the old peppermint patty commercials) guess im showing my age huh? Karen loper

  296. Karen L

    My secret weapon food this week is Entenmann's chocolate covered donuts!I alternate those with Cheetos and I'm good to go!!

  297. Karen L

    I follow Freehand scraps by email AND on Facebook!
    My haiku about Freehand Scraps scrapbook kit…(don't say I didn't warn you that I'm a terrible poet!)

    Stormy days are fine
    When imagination flies
    Do chipmunks scrapbook?

  298. Karen L

    Okay, I'll give it another try with a Haiku about Scrapbook Circle.

    Summer is a treat
    Memories are made of this
    Where is my juice bar?

    Ha ha….funny!

  299. Kirsty Wiseman

    Am I too late, hope not – sorry if I am!

    My fave ever sniggable food is strawbs dipped in nutella, sprinkled with crushed meringue with a blob of whiped cream. I love it – I have thighs as wide as the Pacific to prove it!

  300. Suzette Altieri

    FIANLLY!!!! Someone who shares my frosting addiction πŸ™‚ My FAVE is the true buttercream from a bakery, but Fluffy White by Betty Crocker will do in a pinch. And it's best when nice and cool..right out of the fridge. My husband always says that the cake is really just a vehicle for the main event, the frosting.

  301. foureyedgirl

    My super secret food(s) are Larabars! They are super healthy, but most importantly, super yummy! My favorite flavors are Cherry Pie and Carrot Cake πŸ˜€

    I would love to win either prize to kick my scrapbooking into gear or start up making some new cards πŸ˜€

  302. Reina

    Mine was frozen PB cups but the kids found out about them πŸ™ so now I make smoothies when they go to bed (I don't want to have to share-that is what my two year old says and I like it!)

  303. Inspired.By.Love

    I Too Have Been Known To Raid The 'Cake Decorating' Section In My Pantry.. But I Must Say My 'Go To' Secret Creative Munchie Is.. *Insert Drumroll Here* CINNAMON SPRINKLES!!! -I Even Share This Secret With My Dog (& Now All Of You) *HeHe*

  304. Kelly in NB

    my super food…has to be potato chips! YIKES> washed down with a cold coke. hehehe
    Would LOVE to win! pick me Colin, pick me!

  305. Mabel


  306. kaly

    My secret super food changes all the time. Sometimes it's a smoothie from Booster Juice, sometimes a yummy treat from the patisserie, sometimes NIBS, sometimes cold lemonade, and sometimes PC Chocolate Chunk cookies. Can you tell that I'm pregnant? hmm.

  307. Jamie

    My super secret food is whatchamacallit. You know, the candy bar. Whatchamacallit. Light, crispy, chocolatey perfection.

  308. cheryl a.

    i LOVE vanilla frosting on cinnamon graham crackers and then topped with sprinkles! can't live without it & eat them for my late night snack!

  309. Vicki

    Great, now I have a craving and no frosting, no one to get me frosting either. The child is asleep, the hubby is at work and the cupboard is bare. I blame you Colin, I blame you.

  310. Debbie

    My favorite this tme of year is vanilla ice-cream with sliced cantaloupe and strawberries….yum…delicious!!

  311. Suzanne

    Haiku for Collin:
    Secret snacking yumm
    Chocolate Nutella rocks
    I dip pretzels shhh!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Love the cute scrapbook kit.

  312. Melissa

    Double chocolate brownie batter is a great one…eat it before cooking the brownies. I don't even like the brownies after they are cooked!

  313. Marisa

    When I was 8 I went to a party and ate so many Red Hots that I threw up. You might think that would have cured me of my Red Hot obsession. Nope, they are still my secret super food, I even sneaked them during labor with my babies!

  314. Sandra Jimenez

    My super secret food is cupcake. Starts with feijoada, a delicious food from Brazil, and finish with chocolate cupcake. πŸ™‚

  315. Jenzie1203

    Ok, so I wouldn't call this my secret weapon or anything, but I always like to get Starbucks (especially with one of my best friends Beth) before I go to an all day cropping event or just hanging out at someone's house to scrapbook. I swear they put something in those drinks to make me crazy, but I can't help it. I heart Starbucks!!! P.S. I would absolutely ENJOY winning this prize! Duh!

  316. Joeygirl

    okay Colin…most of you will just go ickkkk! But I love pickle, ketchup and potato chip sandwiches on good old white wonder bread!! I know…the only healthy bit is maybe the pickle minus the sodium! Love them! Would love to see these awesome lovelies in my scrapbook room right next to my yummy sammy!


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