fleeting feeling

There are moments on vacation where you stop everything to savor it, “Okay this very second made it all worthwhile.” For our Lake Powell trip this was the defining moment–on the front of the boat, wind in her hair occasionally calling out, “I’m flying!” Not a care in the world.
Oh, man I bottled up this fleeting feeling and will occasionally open it up on those not-so-great days to live it all over again.

As often as I could, I would follow Q-ey around and just do whatever in the world she wanted to do. This was one of the main reasons I was looking forward to this trip. No distractions, no let-me-just-finish-the-dishes-then-we’ll-play. It was all about just being together. I needed that. She needed that.

My tried and tested hypothesis remains true: You can tell how much fun by how ratted her curls are. As you can see lots of fun going on here.

Hiding under a floppy hat. It was awesome when I was holding Lola because that hat is ginormous and could block the sun from her too. Ha!

She had her own floppy hat, of course. Not only is this a cool camera angle it’s also the best way to drop drool bombs on mom while dad snaps a photo. Good thing momma doesn’t mind one bit.
Heck, I’m usually the one drooling over her. 😉

Collin was definitely in his element there! Sure, he can’t pull his wakeboard tricks like he used to: An Air Raley, Hoochie Glide, Bee Sting, to an Oh Really, Batwing but he can drive our Honda Pilot like you wouldn’t believe. 😉 The boys in our group had fun showing off for the Go Pro camera. It attaches to the end of your board then you can watch yourself get “sick air” 😉 or eat it. haha. But, really, we need that camera. Since I already brought 4 cameras on my trip why not an uneven 5?

Meet Annie. My darling, talented neighbor who is also hilarious… she invited us to their house boat with 2 other families… and clearly we had a blast!
I’m sure you will see more of her in the future since, she can sew circles around me, she is going to take me under her stylish wing and we are going to work on some summer sewing projects.

18 thoughts on “fleeting feeling

  1. Liette alias Pixelle

    oh wouawwwwwww wonderfullllllll photos of your family…the girls are so nice and you have so much pleasure…I adore that feeling of happiness around you…your aura is magnifique!!!

  2. Stephanie Howell

    jealous. oh how i NEED a vacation right now. living vicariously through you. so glad you had fun!

  3. Kim Woods

    What "treatments" do you put on your photos? I love the coloring. Just curious what software and settings you used on these. They are dreamy.

  4. liza

    your photos clearly show how you're having fun… so happy for you… nothing beats time spent with family especially when you are on a vacation and having fun! =)

  5. Veronica

    I love "Fleeting Moments" and intend on having those when hubs and I vacay in a couple of weeks withOUT our kids!! Ha. It'll take us back to a time BEFORE we had kids and just went out on a "whim", just GO!
    Although, I do cherish our "Family Vacays" as well!
    Can't wait to see more of your pics!

  6. JennC

    I feel like I just went on vacation after reading this post. It looks so relaxing. I also am curious as to what 4 cameras you picked up?

  7. Kimber and Casey

    Oh Lake Powell! I'm groaning in jealousy of these pictures! Look like such a blast! I love your ideas on her curls and your hat is super cute!

  8. b.ary

    So sweet of you to share your family pictures with all of us! Looks like you had a wonderful time on vacation! Beautiful photos! 🙂


  9. internodiciotto

    ahhhh!!! we are going to page this summer on US trip and i can't sooo wait for it! do you have a suggestion where to eat or something special???? 😀

  10. Natasha Huffman


    Hello Liz! Stumbled across your website and I adore everything you do! I have 2 questions..
    1. I have one son, How in the world do you find time with three children??
    2. I LOVE how your pictures turn out, may I ask what type of camera you use?


  11. Heather

    That trip looks amazing! I'm taking my kids to Lake Michigan with a friend and her kids, and I can't wait to just relax and see where each day takes us…SO need a break from the daily grind.

    LOVE the pic of Avery "flying"!

  12. Cherie

    I've always wanted to go there…Looks Like you had so much fun!

    And I'm so happy you shared about that camera becasue my husband totally needs it. I had no idea such a thing existed!


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