wood memory game: diy

A simple memory game I put together for our trip this week. It’s perfect for the sand but keep it away from the water. I tried it out and the girls loved it. Seeing all of the faces of the people they love and trying to find the match! I was going to make one with the alphabet I will have to do when I get home.

It’s easy peasy: Just paint the wood circles then attached photos to the other side.

There’s a fabric bag I stamped to keep it all together.
All the colors remind me of summer!

xoxo lizzy

42 thoughts on “wood memory game: diy

  1. ♡ Ambrosia

    So simple! I love this. Memory is my littlest little's favorite game! This would make it way more fun =]
    Thank for the inspiration lady!

  2. Sara Ancich

    hmmmm…. lemme guess where you are headed… does it start with "hippo" and end with "cookies"?

    enjoy! just got home from that neck of the woods an hour ago.

  3. Kristine

    Just made these!!!! Great minds think alike! I used chipboard, but love the wood!! I will have to take pics and post mine so I can link it to yours now 😉 I used different pictures of the same people? Just curious if you did too? THANKS for sharing!!

  4. JennC

    I did a cloth version inspired by Alicia Paulson's book Stitched in Time but I love the wooden disc idea…have a wonderful vacation 🙂

  5. luna47

    So cute!! I just purchased something similar but way less colorful on Etsy for my five year old niece, but I loooove yours because they're personalized and colorful!

  6. Deb @ Paper Turtle

    I've seen a lot of memory games, but this is just the cutest! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  7. Jessica Woodford

    great idea! I might have to do one that is tic tac toe since my kiddos are a bit older 🙂

  8. Lerato

    O-m-g!!! Amazing!!! I looooove it. Now i just wish i would have my own kids just to do a memory like this for them haha. Where did u get the wood circles or are they a diy-project?

  9. isabel

    it's just- too cute, love this fantastic idea… try to create one as well !
    Thanks Elizabeth for al the inspiration on your blog !!!

  10. Chardee Watowich

    I created a similar Tic Tac Toe game for a class I taught a few years ago. I used pics of the boys on half of the circles and girls on the other half, but you could also do half kids', half parents' pics. Love the storage bag you created!

  11. Glenda

    I have a case of coasters no joke…now I have more fab ideas on how to use them. Well the case was only 3 bucks did you really expect me to not buy it at that price…LOL

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  13. Cassie

    On the other end of the spectrum….I think this may be a great idea for my mother who is showing signs of dementia. She is getting people mixed up, but has always loved to play games. Your idea might prolong the memory gap! Thanks for the hope!

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  19. Diane

    This gave me an idea for a family ancestor version. Place the same photo of an ancestor on 2 discs or squares and on the other side put a a fact about that ancestor, but not the same one on each disc. For example : born in Denmark on one, and Worked in a coal mine on the other. Some of the information would have to be he same on several discs, such as the birth place so it could be played several times and not be too easy.


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