dirty thirty birthday

I just came across these pictures on my laptop when I realized that I never posted about Collin’s 30th birthday party.

It was the day after summer Craft & Hobby show. (seen here & here.) I got off the airplane and headed straight to the grocery store at 11 pm after flying from Chicago. Good thing I had planned most of the details for this cute boy ahead of time.
The theme was Dirty Thirty... so everything had to do with dirt.

Menu: Pulled pork sandwiches// I made Homemade Rootbeer labeled ‘muddy water’//Brownies labeled ‘Dirt Clods’// Chocolate Trifle labeled ‘Mud Pie’//
I also filled 4 jars with something different including: crushed Oreos to make dirt, gummy worms, peanuts and candy rocks. Two of the jars were used for a fun game.
The first jar was labeled ‘Down and dirty with Collin.’ It was filled with crushed Oreos and colored gummy worms. Everyone took turns and picked out a worm and depending on the color they either told a funny story about Collin, said their favorite thing about him, something they wish for him this year etc etc. I printed out a piece of paper with the colors and questions.
The next jar was filed with candy rocks and stripes of paper that I printed my favorite of Collin’s twitter updates on. Everyone took a turn and pulled out one the strips of paper and read it out loud. Lots of laughs there.
This was my first attempt making trifle and it was quite easy. I started with a trifle bowl then layered chocolate cake, chocolate fudge pudding, crushed Oreos and Vanilla Wafers & homemade whip cream… of course adding some candy rocks and worms. Yummmmy.

I also ordered sumo wrestling suits but it was a HOT day! Too hot to get in those suits. I also had stuff to have an eating contest hoping my family would get messy with that but everyone was already full. Party poopers. πŸ˜‰ If I had more time I wanted to give favors that had to do with soap but alas I didn’t get around to that.
When I was a teenager 30 seemed so old. Now I am almost turning thirty myself in a couple weeks. Crazy.
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33 thoughts on “dirty thirty birthday

  1. β™‘ Ambrosia

    Im so ready for 30! I turned 29 TODAY and Im ready to EMBRACE 30!!
    Great party! Looks like it was alot of fun =]

  2. Heather

    You are SO creative! I love this party idea! However, I'm going to need to modify it to fit ….Forty in just three short years πŸ™

    The trifle sounds delicious!

  3. stephanie

    My husband turns 30 this year and I am very tempted to completely steal this idea! I probably won't end up doing anything but cake and ice cream though, b/c I always procrastinate..

  4. Anonymous

    i know u love lenka, so you've probably already heard, but as of today her new labum released! i was listening to ur playlist and 'the show' came on, so i googled lenka, because i loved 'the show!' i found her site and it said her new album just released today! just letting u know if u don't already know. im excited!


    Love your blog. Barely ever comment but thought I would today. Love this cute party. Super fun. I too will be turning 30 in May and I too have 3 little girls! Mine are 5, almost 4 and 2 months and very cute. Yours are very cute too. Love that Lola!

  6. Tiffany

    Yay for 30! I turn 30 in August. Told hubby I am celebrating all Month!! ;). Great party! Everything looked awesome.

  7. famtastic

    LOVE IT! I always remember that your birthday is the same day as mine. May 4th! Although I turn 34. πŸ™ 30 isn't so bad. Happy birthday to Collin and to you very soon!

  8. Lara

    What a cute theme!!! Happy Birthday, youg-ens! Turning the big 4 0 myself this year. It's ok, I like where I am, but I would so take 30 again, lol!!

  9. Katie

    Oh my goodness! That is super cute! I just had my (first) 39th birthday yesterday!! Time flies when you are scrapbooking/mommying/cooking/cleaning/wifeying/!! What a joy!


  10. Jacy

    Wow! That is such a cute party idea for 30!! Wish I could have stole it back in october for my hubby! So perfect!

  11. Breanna

    That is such a cute idea! I would have never thought to do something like that. Such a creative way to celebrate! Great inspiration, thankyou for sharing! πŸ™‚

  12. mmessner444

    what a great & "dirty" idea for a BIG birthday! (or any one…)
    thanks for sharing!
    happy "dirty thirty" collin


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