Photos by Collin and random people walking around. 😉
I didn’t edit any of the photos… the sky did change at sunset though.

I’ve watched the sun rise and set here in Paris, both of which were magical, so I think now it’s time to go home.

This trip was mostly work and partly pleasure, kinda like Collin’s mullet right now, but it was so lovely and I’ve soaked up every single second.
Here are some photos from last night. After I taught my last workshop we made a mad-dash to the Eiffel Tower to say au revoir and see it sparkle.
How will I ever explain to the girls that Lola got to go to Paris?

53 thoughts on “Bonjour!

  1. marianne

    Hello, So happy to meet you, i was with you for "unlock your story" at version scrap, it was great, nice to see you in France.


    It's realy good to meet you in Paris at Version Scrap! When I have finish my album, I send to you a picture of the album! Thank you so much for this moment whith you… and sorry, my english is bad 😉
    Sandrine from Switzerland

  3. Jo

    Your photos are amazing! Makes me want to visit Paris, which I haven't been to and I only live in England! Your photo's also make to want to take more dynamic shots, so cool, thanks for sharing.

  4. Libby

    Happy for you that the three of you had this wonderful experience. Fill us in on the details in your next blogs, OK?

  5. Daniela

    well, As I was leaving Version Scrap I saw a man with a buggy, and felt very weird because I had the feeling I knew this man somehow…well it was Colin 😉 I guess you must have been around but already somewhere in the front…

  6. Vero

    Hope you loved your stay in France and teaching at Version Scrap. I really enjoyed your workshop "Temps" and I finished the album today at lunchtime! I am definitely a great fan of your papers and projects – they are just amazing and so colorful!
    Can't wait to see you again in France for some another workshop (?)
    Véronique, from France

  7. Veronica

    Tell them NOTHING! LOL We are going to Hawaii for a few days in June and my teens know NOTHING and will know nothing! LOL Heck, Lola won't even remember until she can read these posts. LOL

  8. carrie

    AMAZING pics!!! So glad you got to go! Hope you were able to do a little sightseeing…if not, I guess you'll just have to talk Collin into another "around the world" trip! ha ha!

  9. Melissa

    The photos are beautiful, but nothing compares to that sweet little baby Lola's smile. Have a fabulous time!

  10. Rosa

    Ciao! Lizzy ! Dal tuo sguardo si vede tutta l'emozione…anche nelle tue parole verso le tuo bimbe!!e pensare che eri solo ad un ora dall'Italia..mi sarebbe piaciuto frequentare il tuo workshop..chissa se la prossima volta io non possa raggiungerti DREAM!!!! Con affetto Rosy!

  11. brenda

    Fabulous pictures!! Makes me want to go now (too bad hubby says no way! lolol) I would hide the pics of Lola from the other 2 for YEARS!!! No need to tell unless forced! 🙂

  12. Sheila

    Fabulous pictures!!!!
    I love the ones with you and the bebe the best. I think Lola looks excited to be there too.
    How did she do on such a long trip?
    She really is perfect 🙂

  13. HewwiyBelle

    Paris looks amazing, even more so through your eyes… looks like you had a lot of fun posing for photos too!! Love them, thanks for sharing.

  14. Jill Dater

    My three year old daughter just looked at your pictures and said, "I like that. It's all treaure-ey."

  15. Noisette251

    beautiful photos !
    I love your class "unlock your story " at version scrap …. thanks i love your scrap !!!

  16. zuzia620

    as always amazing:)so how did you explain to the girls that your youNgest one had a chance to say hello to PARIS:)lol so jealous of your time there:)

  17. Debi

    These pics are AMAZING!!! I especially love the pic of you a Lola. She is such a little ham already! (and so beautiful) Can't wait to see how you scrap these pics. You live such a great life girl!

  18. Heather K.

    Hi…I'm new to your blog and am having fun looking through it. Can you tell me where you buy all of your adorable clothes?? I'm in the mood for some spring shopping. Thanks!

  19. edwige

    Bonjour Lizzy ! I am so glad you enjoyed your visit in our fabulous Paris ! Even if I was born here in France, it's always a pleasure to visit that fabulous city when I go visit my Mom…I laughed at the picture with the bread/chocolate ! :0) How good is that ? Delicious, right ? Hope to see you again in Paris with all your family ! :0)


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