diy: crepe ruffle sweater

This sweater was sitting in my closet lonely and bored. I thought I should lift its spirits with a crepe-ruffle edge to give it new life & ready for Spring. It was surprisingly quick to do and easier than I expected.

1 Choose a fabric that has some texture and is pretty thin
2 Cut two strips of fabric at 4″x 40″ or longer depending on length of sweater
3 Iron fabric strips in half so it is about 2″ wide
4 Run a wide-stitch… on my machine the stitch was set to 4 and then tension 4
5 Hold the top thread while gathering the fabric so it is evenly ruffled

6 Pin the ruffled fabric to the sweater so that there’s 1/4″ of the fabric layering overlapping a seam to the left of the buttons on your sweater. That seam is where you will sew so you’re stitching isn’t seen.

Repeat for the other side of the sweater.

Tip: I ironed the fabric so that one of the layers is shorter than the other so it looks like two layers of ruffles.

I am not a seamstress at all so if I can do it you definitely should give it a try. Plus, your sweater will greatly appreciate it.

64 thoughts on “diy: crepe ruffle sweater

  1. Melissa

    I LOVE this! I have some fabric that is just like this, actually, that I was supposed to make into a dress. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the idea!

  2. Tabitha

    Great idea!! Did you use fabric from another shirt or just fabric on hand? I have a few shirts like that fabric that are too big and they just sit in my closet, but I love their color!!
    You are truley a creative genius!
    Rock it girl!

  3. Tori

    Totally reminds me of something I saw at downeast but two tone and super cute! You are one talented gal! πŸ™‚

  4. sillypea

    (sigh) This is darling… and you should open an Etsy shop with things like this for people like me with no time to do this ourselves!

  5. And U Jest

    SO SO SO Creative!!! Your sweater is adorable… thanks for the tutorial… now I just need a sewing machine… DI here I come…

  6. Ana from Sweet Serendipity Design

    Oh my goodness I am in love!! So beautiful!! This is also my kind of stuff… easy peazzy!!

  7. Meg

    oh my i love this! i tried this same thing not so long ago but it did not turn out nearly as cute…. i think i am going to try again!


  8. Kim Woods

    About 8 years ago I worked in a corporate office that was always hot or cold so I had literally 40 twin sets! That is all I wore! In the time in between I got rid of most of them because I was horrified by the number and for a bit wore more jackets than sweaters. I do still have some lovely, lonely sweaters I might be able to jazz up with this idea but if I had this idea just a wee bit earlier…watch out! Ruffles galore!

  9. Tam

    I love this! I have a few sweaters I wanted to upcycle and just couldn't decide how. I love this and I am surely going to try this!!!! Such a great idea, I love the way the fabric is inset so I don't have to button sweater(still working on losing my weight).

  10. sharon g

    How do you keep the edges from unraveling since you didn't stitch them or anything? I'd love to transform a sweater, but wouldn't want it to unravel….

  11. Sheila

    So Lizzy! Spring is in your heart.
    Sweater is happy, light and ruffly just like you. I bet the girls want a mini version too.
    Keep em coming, love the idea!

  12. Revlie

    this is gorgeous! can you please inform me about prices & possibilities of sponsoring on your blog, can't seam to find a link or email. revlie.schuit [at] thanks!

  13. Marion

    So cute!!! Absolutely love this idea and will be sure to steal it πŸ™‚
    You are so wonderful – talented, funny, creative, sweet… thanks for sharing with us!

  14. Rosa

    Ciao! Lizzy sei bravissima sia a scrapbooking che nel cucito creativo…Fantastico e chic maglia! Dall'Italia con affetto ROSA!!

  15. Steph Jacobson

    So cute! This will be perfect to go with the skirt I'm planning on making for Easter (but of course haven't had time to make yet).

  16. christy

    I would have never even considered changing a cardigan like that and I LOVE the idea. How sweet and creative!

  17. jamie

    fabric in hand and i am doing this. love it. i am afeared now that many of my lonely tops and sweaters will not be safe.

  18. ~Rasz~

    Too cool. Going to the thrift stores tomorrow to find some old sweaters. I am going to try this on a pullover sweater and cut an opening down the front then ruffle it. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  22. Samantha

    Love! I have so many things I can add a ruffle to in so many different ways! Never thought of a ruffle! You have given me quite the inspiration!

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