lola bug mini book

A little book for our lola bug. Yesterday I snuck away into my office and put this together.
Creating my own minis from chipboard takes a bit longer and they don’t always work out like I hope but I usually have fun in the process.
I do love how this little book turned out. The book is two pieces and the back is scored and folded to the front then attached to the cover that is also scored so it will fold open. The glassine bag pages are secured to the back cover. I wanted to be able to see the back cover since the papers look so cute together.

You know I love you blog readers since I froze my tooshie off outside getting a picture of this book in my fancy photo studio. I must have been literally shaking since half of the pictures were blurry. But here are some shots.

There are 10 glassine bags inside that are decorated with ribbons, stickers & rubons. Each one is filled with photos, instax, & notes from everyone in our family. And each one feels like you are opening a little present to find a note and pictures inside.

The ‘find you be you’ is my handwriting turned into a rubon for my Dear Lizzy Enchanted line. This simple mantra is something I’ve included on a scrapbook page or a book for each of them. I hope I can teach them how to live in such a way as they grow. How sweet is Avery’s drawing holding Lola’s hand? The shape next to them is a heart. Love.
The papers are Crate Paper’s new line Emma’s Shoppe & Neighborhood. I can’t wait to get more of these lines when they are released.
Paper, Stickers, Ribbons, Journaling Cards: Crate Paper
Rubons: Dear Lizzy + AC

40 thoughts on “lola bug mini book

  1. Daria - Boutique Cafe

    Oh I love this, and I LOVE that we both have little Lola Bugs in our lives! You are such a beautiful and wonderful Mother, I love seeing the treasures you create for your family.

    Amazing once again!! 🙂

  2. Stef

    So cute! I love the package within a package. Lola will love that!! And Avery's drawing is so precious. My kindergartener keeps handing me pictures in various hand-holding scenarios. And there are always hearts accompanying them. It's so fun to watch their artistic development. Love Avery's heart.

  3. Ana

    Loved it! That's a great mini that your children will cherish. And since we're talking about minis, are you thinking of a next online class already? I really hope you are.

  4. Nancy W

    What a sweet book and love your rubon! Moments like this makes me sad we aren't having children 🙁 Glad I get to see your precious girls grow up!!! hugs from conroe, tx!

    P.S. Incase you are wondering why I keep signing from Conroe, TX… well I am hoping that if someone that visits your blog is from my area sees it they will reach out. Love meeting locals! I have already met one person that way and she was new to Conroe from Colorado and Utah. Come to find out she knows your family and Rhonna's MIL. Small world 😉 So that is why I haven't dropped my hugs from Conroe, TX 🙂 (incase u or anyone else wondered, hehe)

  5. Amy

    Super cute mini!!! And I love your glitter shoes from the post before… I really should wear heels instead of flats…maybe I would get over 5 foot 2!! LOL

  6. Heather Innusa

    I always look so forward to your mini books and wow, this one is an amazing idea! I picked up a few of these glasine bags way back in september to maybe serve up some treats (for teacher & such) with a crafty twist & I hope youi don't mind, but I may have to put this idea to use! I think its just th sweetest idea ever! Great project. Something your little Lola will treasure forever.

  7. Renee Zwirek

    Gorgeous! Avery is such a sweetheart…beautiful. LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing this and I appreciate you going out in the cold studio for us…ha! (It's cold here in Chicago too…I definitely appreciate it ;)!) Your pics are great!

  8. Arrica

    Love this project. I remember when Erin Lincoln had this project on Creating Keepsakes back in the day. Love making these as a 1st Bday gift.

  9. Kim Woods

    super duper cute! The bug theme could be great for Summer pics too! Bring on the sunshine and warmth!

  10. Lora Oliver

    Absolutely incredible and thanks for braving the chill to show us photos! I love that line from CP and cannot wait till it is in my LSS. Your book is very inspiring!

  11. Bonnie

    love that mini book, the colors, everything. Emma by crate paper looks amazing! {and of course it would be, that's my daughters name!!} thanks for showing us.

  12. Monika Wright

    i just ordered a cajillion glassine envelopes, so now I have an inspiration piece to create gifts…thanks!

  13. Melissa

    Avery's drawing has GOT to be THE cutest thing I've seen in forever!!!!!
    Do you ever picture them as adults, teasing one another about things like this, commenting, "See, I KNEW you loved me!" and "How great is mom that she saved all this little stuff?"

  14. Eva (Fister)

    This is just so cute.
    Would love if you made it available as a kit with a how2, that one (me 🙂 could buy.

  15. kelsterjean

    Beautiful mini album, as always. I have been making my own mini albums too, and have been experimenting on what I have been using to make them (like one album I'm working on is made out of an advertisement magazine type we got in the mail). So far so good!

  16. Altaira

    Liz – i have been shopping around a bit for an Instax – wondering what model you are using and if you have found any cons??
    love this little album and some of the ribbons you used are Adorable!!

  17. Maryse_BL

    very cute and I love the idea … discovering each photo and comment like a little present.

    My best friend will get married in a few month and I think it could be a little present for the D-day


  18. Bee Burg

    Your little book is just adorable! <3 The last time I visited your blog there was only 4 members in the K. family… I have been busy with my own little (and not so little) ones and stopped blog reading… (plus my computer crashed and I lost all the bookmarked blogs)…:-(
    I have been thinking about you and today I finally pay you a little visit and discover a little Lola! 😀 So my very belated but warm congratulations on the arrival of your youngest little bug… 😀 <3 She is as darling as her sisters…


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