kids craft idea: Heartstring magic wands

Whenever I am (im)patiently waiting in a doctor’s office I flip through a Family Fun magazine because they will often have a fun kid’s craft idea. For February they showed how to make yarn hearts. They were cute but I knew I would end up throwing them away as soon as we were done. So I took the idea a step further and made magic wands with the hearts that way they can enjoy the craft when we are finished. Since it is still pretty cold here to play outside we are looking for anything to fill our time during the day.

You need basic supplies you probably have around your house.
To make the hearts: ·yarn ·cookie cutters ·1/4 c. cornstarch or you could use watered down glue ·wax paper
How-to MAKE THE HEARTS: Heat up 1/4 c cornstarch with 1/2 c water over medium heat until it is translucent. Wait until it cools before starting. (I used watered down glue, since that’s what I had on hand & it worked great.)
Cut yarn into 12 inch pieces and have the kids dip into glue and then place into cookie cutter heart or any other shape. It takes a while to dry so if you want to speed that up–set them in the oven on parchment paper set to warm for an hour or so.
How-to make the MAGIC WANDS: I used lollipop sticks that I had on hand, tulle, ribbon, jewels, sequins and pearl strings. If your daughter is old enough she could help with this part but I used a hot glue gun and threw it together in a couple minutes.

The girls were so excited to play with their princess wands they hardly even let me snap a photo. The craft kept them busy while we made it and busy playing after=happy momma.

54 thoughts on “kids craft idea: Heartstring magic wands

  1. Mon Petit Violon

    Brilliant idea! Have to keep it for my little girl when she is big enough to enjoy it! 🙂 Your blog is always so inspiring! Thank you!

  2. Kathy

    How adorable and my mind just went wandering and thinking about Easter egg shapes for Easter wands. Or bunnies! Oh, thank you!!!!!

  3. Amanda

    I just saw this craft the other day and was planning on making it with my girls….I love the idea of turning it into a wand for keeps!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. alienanessa

    Ok, that is genius!! They're adorable, functional, and holy goodness, having it as a wand???!!!! What delight!!!

  5. Valley Girl

    Holy cow. We must now have craft day. Bring on the snow or whatever other weather disaster you can think of to keep the kiddos in the house. I too live in the land of princess fru fru. We have two girls with number three due to arrive in six weeks. Where do the long popsicle sticks come from? Those look a little longer than ordinary.

  6. Cheryl B.

    We are doing this today. They will love it. I have little girls in aftercare program and this is right up their alley. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Wendy

    How cute, I made those hearts from yarn too, after seeing them in the magazine, love how you took it a step farther, I made some more hearts where i just circled one 12 inch string of yarn a few rounds after it already had glue, and then shaped into a heart and pressed hard with my thumb and index finger where the heart should be pointy. I thought I could use them like that in a card but they could also be great in a scrapbooking project. Love reading you blog.

  8. Heather

    Oh my word, these are adorable! My "princess" is eleven and too old for magic wands to be sure, but my nieces would love them!

  9. Ann Marie

    You are the best mom ever! I think I need to have a fairy wand even though I'm a grown up. My very favorite though is always seeing how intense Quincey's face is as she's going about her project — she always has this huge concentrated look on her face, it's so cute!

  10. Flower arranging classes

    OMG, I am amazed by your skills and ideas. That is such a great piece of art. The best part of this piece is that it does not require costly stuff, I will sure try to make the one soon. Thanks for sharing dear

  11. CherishedHearts Vintage

    This are so adorable. Marking to come back to when I have a crafter-in-crime about the house and sharing on FB.

  12. Howard Family

    I'd love to know the water/glue ratio too….I figured it couldn't be that hard to guess, but me and my girls made them over the weekend and after 2 hours in the oven and 24 hours sitting out, they still aren't dry or hard and they don't look anything like yours. they're actually just a big mess. 🙂

  13. tracie @ {tsj} photography

    came over from pinterest! LOVE & think i'm going to pull up a chair & stay awhile! 🙂

  14. Jessica @ My World - Made By Hand

    Can you say AWESOME?!? I can…AWESOME!!!

    I'm going to feature this in my Sunday Stalker edition {3/27/11}. Hope you'll stop by and check it out.


  15. Sara

    This is so cute! My girls and I made heart bunting with these gluey hearts. Because I love this idea sooo much I'm linking up at Tangled Happy tomorrow! Thanks for sharing this fun idea. 🙂

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