A couple of turkeys!! (Thanksgiving kid table idea)

This week I have some blog posts pre-published and ready to roll because my sweet baby is probably arriving tomorrow. That’s the word on the street after my doctor appointment today. (And by tomorrow I mean Tuesday the 23rd.) I can not believe this day is here!!

Such a couple of turkeys!!

Surprisingly, Avery & her cousin Matthew were quite cooperative in taking pictures for me. Probably because there was some yummy bribes involved.

I wanted to show the darling kid table decor my sister, Camille, put together.
She used two plastic wrapped hay squares and then two tall garden hooks to string the handmade felt leaf banner.

To make a felt leaf banner:

-She printed off enlarged images of leaves that she downloaded from the internet
-Then traced the leaves and hand cut them from leaves from felt
-Added veins to leaves with embroidery thread & needle
-Lastly, she sewed them onto a seam binding
The turkey hats are from Pottery Barn but could easily be duplicated using paper or fabric.
Gobble gobble!
Are you done Aunt Lizzy?

21 thoughts on “A couple of turkeys!! (Thanksgiving kid table idea)

  1. rhoffer

    Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way! The time you took to prepare posts ahead of time is so appreciated–you're my hero!

  2. Lisa Lew

    You're so super cute!! I just said a little prayer for you (and took a deep breath…as if by some way that would help you.:)

  3. Me, Myself and I....

    awwww….today (Tuesday, November 23rd) is my oldest daughters 13th birthday…what a WONDERFUL day to be born!!! Prayers and hugs to you and yours…Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Savannah

    oh my god she is coming!!! sooo excited for you and the fa,mily. may you have a safe, healthy delivery to another beautiful member to your family.


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