bowties, burlap & blossoms: Favor Boxes/Place Setting

Ever since I was a little girl my mom put me in charge of the place cards for Thanksgiving dinner. Most of the time I would just fold a paper in half and scribble everyones name on it while I watched Macy’s day parade or sometimes I’d try to be a bit more creative.

This year I made some conversation starter/favor boxes/place cards. The gentlemen receive the bowties & burlap and for the ladies-canvas blossoms & lace.

To make the rolled canvas flowers I used one of my favorite Sizzix dies: 3-D Bigz Die.

You can use them for a place settings and include a simple mint inside the box. Or I like to use them as a conversation starter by adding different colored candies inside with color coded questions.

We love to do this after we’ve gobbled up dinner and before cutting into Collin’s apple pie. (It gives you time to make room for dessert;)

Print out the conversation starters on a piece of paper for every other person and then go around the table and answer the questions that go with the color of the candy in your box.
We’ve enjoyed this simple game the past few years because it steers away from the typical
‘what are you thankful for’ answers and we hear more meaningful thoughts.
Some ideas may include:
-Something you’re looking forward to
-Something you hope for
-Something you wish for the person on your left
-Something you’re grateful for
-Lesson you’ve learned this year
-Something that makes you happy
-What you love about the person to your right
-What you hope for the person on your left
PS I am still very much pregnant.
PPS Check out Collin’s entertaining post with the giveaway winners… still waiting to hear from a couple of you!

41 thoughts on “bowties, burlap & blossoms: Favor Boxes/Place Setting

  1. DeAnna

    Those are awesome!! Great job – and I still can't believe how creative you are while incredibly pregnant. I had major brain fog that only lifted this past summer after my youngest turned 1. Good luck with delivery, hope all goes well when the time comes ;D

  2. Melanie B

    I love coming here, always such lovely eye candy!! You are sooo clever. We don't have thanksgiving here but I am sooo excited for Christmas. This is an awesome idea.
    Praying for your little one, cannot wait to see photos of your new darling girl.

    Mel xx

  3. Cherie

    What a super cute idea! I've been trying to think of something to do. Last year everyone wrote dowmn what they are thanful for so I didn't really want to do the same thing again this year. Thanks for the inspiration!


    i love these so much. seriously daring idea. the bowties and bows just blow me away. and the conversation starters are such a fresh idea! cuteness. happy thanksgiving. i'm sure you'll be thankful to have that precious girl in your arms someday soon!

  5. Scrappy Girl

    I love this idea. I am the creative one in our family…everyone else would just eat dinner and go to sleep. They groan and pretend they don't like to play my thankful games…but I know they secretly would miss them if I didn't do them.

    Today is a great day to have a baby! It's my birthday!

  6. Ana

    Wow!!! Loved the boxes. You´re such an inspiration for us, sooooo creative. Thanks for sharing and the best of luck to you when the time comes. I wish you, the 03 girls and Collin all the best.



  7. cedargirl

    Those are the coolest name cards I have seen! Great conversation starter idea!
    I hope you ae getting some good rest when you can. You'll be settting a place for one more soon!

  8. Melissa

    Oh, those are so pretty! Love the little bow-ties and the rolled flowers. The conversation starter questions are great, too!

  9. Nancy W

    Fabulous boxes and what a fun conversation starter!! I would love to make this a tradition in my family!! hugs from conroe, tx!

  10. Jen

    I love this idea, I wish this was posted earlier this year when I was trying to think of something unique for wedding favors and the hundred something paper mache boxes I had 🙂

    Very nice, love the conversation starter idea.

  11. Ris W.

    I was kind of bummed when I did my daily check of your blog. Those boxes are adorable, but I am waiting to see pictures of adorable baby number 3! I was hoping she made her entrance this weekend. But I've got babies on the brain, since I'm also due fairly soon with a baby girl… I've been looking forward to your daughter being born because that means mine is just around the corner!

    Hang in there, she's GOT to come out eventually 🙂 Maybe she wants to ingest some turkey first?

  12. Kim Woods

    This is a darling idea and I'm SO going to use it at my in-laws in Houston! What a fun thing and the kids will absolutely love it!

    Good luck getting that turkey to pop out! I'll be praying for a soft landing for your darling angel.

    big hugs to you all! Thanks also to Collin for his silly hijackings and awesome facebook posts. He makes me giggle often when I'm taking a break from the craziness.

    Enjoy every last second and every first moment!

  13. Natalie Park

    I Love them!
    I can't find your e-mail and so I decided to comment on here….
    I am doing a giveaway on my blog titled "My Favorite Things" and I was wondering if you would like to donate one of those flower shirt kits or something else to that giveaway? To be entered my viewers must genuinely do something nice for someone else. I am encouraging them to pay it forward for the month of December.
    Please e-mail me if you are interested!

  14. Helen Tilbury

    I love this idea – thanks for sharing! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here at all would you believe – but we do this idea on Christmas eve although we each prewrite our answers out before the dinner. Am going to try this off the cuff method this year for sure!

  15. Julie @ CalleLillyCafe

    I absolutely LOVE this idea! love the tiny boxes w/the color coded questions! love those sweet rolled flowers! I cannot get enough of those! Hope your Turkey Day was a great one! Ours was! Hope you're feeling as great as you can be these days! =) Many blessings to you & yours!

  16. Ann

    Thank you so much for this darling idea. I made them for our Thanksgiving table and they were a big hit!!! The kids, especially, loved the conversation starter part. And it added just the right finishing touch to our table decor. Thanks again.

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  18. Sally Gostling

    Could you please inform me if you continue to design the beautiful favour bow and flower boxes.
    If so, what sizes are these , I am seeking these to place in home made cookies. Also how much are they, as I am unable to find costings on your website.

    They look fantastic . My daughters wedding is on 18th August 2012. Would you Also be able to provide these to meet her wedding date.

    Kind regards


  19. Jill

    Girl, these are ADORBS! I L.O.V.E. them…..and I totally am always in charge of placecards at my mom and dad’s so I feel ya! I may just have to knock their socks off and do these this year at Thanksgiving! Smiles, Jill

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