Little Black Dress kit

The Little Black Dress kit this month definitely gets you in the Christmas spirit and it’s versatile enough for even non-holiday layouts. Even though my belly is large and in charge and it’s difficult to sit for long periods of time I was still excited to scrap with November’s kit.

I love all the different trims and buttons in LBD kits so you can layer and design your own elements.

These photos are from last Christmas and although Avery didn’t quite grasp what was so cool about this merry holiday I know she could sense the magic of Christmas with the music, lights, giving to family & baby Jesus.
Each year Avery understands and anticipates it more and more. Since the first snowfall she jumps and says, “It’s almost Christmas!!”

I can’t wait either!

Little Black Dress kits would make a great gift from Santa!!! Hopefully you’ve been good.
PS Sssshhhh, I did sneak in my dear lizzy glitter alphas & metal rose brads on the first page.

24 thoughts on “Little Black Dress kit

  1. Kristin

    Oh I love that kit. I can't wait for Christmas either it's my favorite season.
    And I hear ya about sitting for long periods I am 2 weeks away from my due date and am just getting more uncomfortable by the minute. 🙂

  2. Olivia

    Beautiful layouts, love the row of hearts in the top one. Just ordered some of your rose brads so can't wait for them to arrive now 🙂

  3. Rosemary

    Oh honey, my heart goes out to you & your last week of pregnancy. Been there sister. And good luck with your delivery, I'm sure your little peanut is going to be just beautiful. And tell Collin I'm super thankful for all his funny tweets 😉

  4. Diana

    These are just beautiful. It seems like forever since you posted LOs and I remember why I fell in love with your scrapbooking when I see these gorgeous pages.

  5. Nancy W

    Wow, these are so breathtaking!!! It makes me sad though that we don't have kiddos for me to put in LO's. Thanks for sharing your talent with us! And thanks for having such an AWESOME hubby, so grateful that you do ;). LOL. Hugs from Conroe, Texas

  6. cedargirl

    You are a beautiful scrapper. Your lay-outs are always inspiring and celebrate life. I am so stoked for you and your family to grow in only days!!! And Colin, I am thankful for your posts, they make me laugh out loud. Enjoy every moment of that delivery papa! She is blessed to have you on her cheering team 🙂

  7. Pam's Place

    Don't you just love the kit? I gave myself a membership as a early christmas present and can't wait to use it, love the Lo you made! Hang in there with your last pregnancy week!

  8. sophie

    such simple layouts!!they look easy but that is the beauty of it , like a ballerina dancing on her toes makes it look easy! that is your genius! perfect designs that make you think: "of course!!why didn't I think about that before" so stunning!

    I love your work!! when will you release a new book! I mean you are not going to be that busy in the near future!!:):):) just kidding!

    enjoy the end of your pregnancy (I mean as much as one can enjoy not sleeping and not being able to sit for long!! it is still a blessed time!)

    love from France

  9. okanogangirl

    BEAUTIFUL LOs. I always love your work, but I have to say, I think these two are some of my most favorite 2!! Phenomonal job!!

  10. Savannah

    so gorgeous. i love those LO's soooooo much. hows the tummy???
    and tell collin i
    m greatful for his humor and his slanted chin…. 🙂

  11. mhdzioba

    I love the first layout! I may have to do something similar to that. Thanks for sharing!! I think that's my favorite layout of yours yet!


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