a bright album on a dark, rainy day

Surprisingly, I am loving all the rain that is pouring down today!

With day light savings the kids were up this morning when it was pitch black outside. I wish they knew how lovely it was to sleep in. I think they are keeping us in-check before the baby comes so it’s not a huge adjustment. (Sleep… what’s that?) The good thing is you can get a lot done when your kids are up at the butt crack of dawn.

While watching a movie over the weekend I put together this really random album of felt, fabric, envelopes, acrylic pages, Dear Lizzy tape, ribbons & instax photos from our family vacation in July.
I’m putting together a gift list of ideas for Christmas & that includes the Instax camera… I love mine. I carry it in my purse everywhere I go.

Dear Lizzy plastic rose brads
Strips of Dear Lizzy tape on an acrylic page & a fabric heart sewed to center of another acrylic page.
Rolled flowers I made with vintage fabric at Spark No. 1
Mini envelopes holding extra instax photos.

Sewed strips of fabric and ribbon onto both sides of an acrylic page.
Supplies used: fabric, felt, rings, chipboard, acrylic pages, envelopes, sewing machine
-Dear Lizzy Ribbon, Tape, Rose Brads
-Two Girlz Stuff: Journaling spots
-Sassafras: Glitter letters
-American Crafts Slick Writer to write on over-exposed polaroids & acrylic pages.
-Christmas wish-list must have: Instax Camera

60 thoughts on “a bright album on a dark, rainy day

  1. Jacqueline M. Schimmel

    awesome, awesome, AWESOME!! It's gorgeous, bright, cute and delightful! Such an inspiration! πŸ™‚

  2. kiki comin

    wow..that is amazing. love the colors..and those flower brads are fantastic.:)good luck weathering the next few weeks.

  3. Elee

    I am so jealous! I wish I knew how to sew a simple line or just to start a sewing machine. I love your fabulous spur-of-the-moment book making.

  4. Roger & Rosaleen Milner

    Love the Book. Love Polaroid. I still remember saving up for a polaroid camera when I was a kid! Those are still some of my favourite pics.

  5. Roger & Rosaleen Milner

    Love the Book. Love Polaroid. I still remember saving up for a polaroid camera when I was a kid! Those are still some of my favourite pics.

  6. Roger & Rosaleen Milner

    Love the Book. Love Polaroid. I still remember saving up for a polaroid camera when I was a kid! Those are still some of my favourite pics.

  7. laura vegas

    this is gorgeous elizabeth! i love tiny little, pretty things like this! and i also love that you said "butt crack of dawn" … i saw that ALL the time, since i am no where near a morning person. lol!

  8. Corinne

    please lizzy answer this question:

    how you manage your time for scrapbook, having two little girls around?
    I need to know because if I want to do some scrapbook they blackmailed me taking stickers, papers etc…

  9. cedargirl

    i love how you brightened your rainy day! good on ya for taking the time to create such a precious little gem. your girls will adore these little projects when they are grown!

  10. Jackie

    do you have the hello kitty instax camera?! i just did some research on the camera bc ive never heard/seen it until now, and the hello kitty version is ADORABLE!

    adding to my xmas list for sure πŸ™‚


  11. Laurie

    Every time you make a mini album, it makes me want to create one too! Love yours, love the colors, so cute…want one of those cameras.

  12. Meggan

    Adorable album Liz πŸ™‚

    Which Instax camera model do you own? Or which model would you suggest?

    Thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  13. Laurie

    Hi Liz

    Just wondering, where do you find those silver metal rings that you bind your books together with? Is it an on-line source? There are no craft stores nearby, so I buy all my scrap supplies online…thanks

    LOVE your little book and just got some Enchanted stuff today from the UPS guy, love it all…

  14. Pearl

    That is so precious!
    I just bought an instant polaroid camera today off amazon.
    Cant wait to use it!
    Lizzy, you must be about to pop!
    I wanna see your tummy!
    Best of luck.


  15. Latrice

    Are you kidding me with this super sweet, cute, colorful, and bright album??????????? LOVE it and you put it together while watching a movie.

    You're amazing mama to three to be.

  16. toots2u

    very cute! i need some of those rose brads and think your Dear Lizzy paper should be turned into fabric… would love to make a throw pillow and a skirt out of it!

  17. chemgirl

    Dear Lizzy, I have had the Instax camera for about 8 months, and have a lot of trouble getting it to take a photo of what I'm pointing it at. Have you ever had a problem with getting a photo that is what you think it will be?
    I LOVE the book. And the little Instax prints. They are both cute.

  18. ameliawalton.com

    Just the idea I have been looking for! I am forever taking polaroids and just piling them up, I will get cracking on this project as soon as possible!!

  19. Lisa

    Adorable little album…I love to do those little ones. Curious what exactly is a Instax Camera…never heard of them before. I checked it out from your blog, they print out instantly in that size of photo?? Kinda sorta like way back when and we had poloraids??? Loving your blog and excited for the new arrival. Thanks Lizzy

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  21. Dominique @ Craft Couture

    this is just too cute! I've read through some of your blog & I'm loving it so I'm a new follower :). You just might have brought my scrapbooking frenzy back lol.


  22. angela

    Awesome album! Can you please tell me how you adhered the photos to the fabric and felt or what adhesive you would recommend? Thanks!

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