Little Black Dress kits

Just like the perfect piece in your wardrobe, the Little Black Dress kit club has fabulous monthly bundles of cuteness for your craft projects. I learned this past weekend that a kit shipped to your doorstep is a great way to force you to get your scrapbooking started. Especially because they put all the pieces together for you.
‘Listen’ is a layout about my thoughts as we are counting down from 5 weeks until this sweet
baby girl arrives. Less than 5 weeks! Holy smokes. That has gone super fast. Although the sleepless uncomfortable nights have begun so it might be a loooong 5 weeks.
Since life has purposefully slowed down until then, I am often thinking about our baby which is immediately followed with many different emotions. So, I continue to tell myself to listen to my motherly instincts, listen to what the spirit tells you, listen to your heart! I think I am questioning myself and my ability to make sure all three of my girls and Collin are loved and happy. So I’ll continue to reassure myself. Listen.
The flower is made using printed tissue paper from the kit. Start by folding it to the width you like then pleat into a circle.

I adore how Little Black Dress kits incorporate bits of vintage euphoria in each kit. This kit had flashcards, number cards, book pages & bingo game pieces. Very cool!
Black+White+Yellow is also such a fun color combination. Don’t be afraid to design with color photos either.
‘Our Time Together’ is a page using the photos and thoughts from this blog post. I used my self-timer to capture part of our morning routine of painting and emails. Check out the Little Black Dress kits.

PS If you have signed up for my online workshop and have not received an email please email me at
Also, I forgot to mention that the kits sold out last week. Email me if you want to get on a wait list.
You can still purchase a class ticket only and use your own supplies. Workshop begins November 1st.

19 thoughts on “Little Black Dress kits

  1. Laurie

    Love your pages, love the stuff in the kits, I've been wanting to do a monthly kit club since there are no scrapping stores in our area. Maybe I'll try this one and maybe a few more, a few packages in my mailbox would be lots of fun!

  2. kelsterjean

    I love the idea for your layout, and can't wait to receive my kit. A wonderful message in reassuring yourself. We are lucky enough to have big enough hearts to care for many! Have a good night!

  3. Melissa

    Your pages are beautiful. I've been going back and forth thinking about this kit club, as I've been wanting to join one… you're pushing me towards the edge! 🙂

  4. Alison

    What a great idea for a LO. I look forward to my T/TH "dates" with my lil' man while his big sis is at preschool. I feel so guilty that he gets hardly any one-on-one time with Mama, but this is a great way to capture those moments (and remind myself down the road that they did indeed happen!)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Nancy W

    So beautiful, thanks again for sharing your talent with us! Do you print your photos at home? I'm sure you have told us before but can't recall. Hugs from Conroe, TX

  6. Neicee

    Liz, I really like the comments about reminding yourself to Listen. Thats a good idea for all of us. Good luck with the next 5 wks, we just received our 1st Granddaughter, 10/8, she was 8lb7oz, and we are so happy and excited to watch her grow. And I will tell you that as much as I loved being a Mom, being a Grandparent is truly the Best!

  7. mel

    Love a good kit .. love the postie at the door… love these LO and the colours are stunning together. Was starting to miss your LO's
    5 weeks… how exciting!!

  8. Bonnie

    Love your gorgeous layouts, thanks for sharing! The time one showing your routine is a great idea! Cannot wait for the class to begin! November 1st must come already!

  9. Traveling Mama

    These layouts are gorgeous! I know that feeling well. When our third arrived I thought the other two would feel so neglected, but they were so laid back about it and still are three years later. Even just today we took our daughter on a special outing with just her and it meant sooo much to her… maybe she wouldn't have appreciated it so much if it was just her!

  10. krazgrl

    You are and will continue to be a wonderful, giving, loving mother and wife. Do what you know the rest will follow. Love your LBD LO! I'm tee hee heeing about you writing that you used your self timer to take pics of your morning. I'm just picturing you pressing the shutter button than running like a mad prego woman to sit and look natural. Hopefully you had a remote.

  11. Kristie

    Now remember Liz, I have FIVE children and I worried terribly about being able to love each of them "enough" during each pregnancy. I do. No problem. It just happens. I promise!

    Looking forward to your workshop!!!

  12. KDub

    The best part of having three is you have a least one that is old enough to help. She will run and grab things and lavish love all over the other family members big and small when you are too tired to do so! My daughter was 4 turning 5 going on 15 when I had my 3rd. She was a HUGE help…including trying to pour cows milk in her 4 day old brother's bottle because mama wouldn't give up the mama milk. Remember that…everyone thinks they are hungry even after you just fed them. Anyway, that is a huge blessing with the 3rd…the other two plus daddy to help! oxoxo you'll be great!


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