bubblegum break

At first I wrote the title of this post bugglebum… that didn’t look right.

Taking a break during nap time to get some work done. But hey, mom needs a break too.
Cause when I have a break from being a mom that’s when I work… if you call what I do work. More like creative play–with deadlines and emails that are stacked pretty high. Finishing up Dear Lizzy stuff for summer cha this week, off to Reflections on Thursday, working on some assignments for CK, designing classes to teach, working on my Inspiration Unlimited & Puerto Rico class, & fabric ideas buzzing around my head… but here I am blowing bubbles.
Thanks for the love for my ruffle tee!
Well, someone just woke up… break’s over.

PS I want to do another online class. I have one concepted.
PPS Wouldn’t one of those fabric tees make a fun class?

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