bubblegum break

At first I wrote the title of this post bugglebum… that didn’t look right.

Taking a break during nap time to get some work done. But hey, mom needs a break too.
Cause when I have a break from being a mom that’s when I work… if you call what I do work. More like creative play–with deadlines and emails that are stacked pretty high. Finishing up Dear Lizzy stuff for summer cha this week, off to Reflections on Thursday, working on some assignments for CK, designing classes to teach, working on my Inspiration Unlimited & Puerto Rico class, & fabric ideas buzzing around my head… but here I am blowing bubbles.
Thanks for the love for my ruffle tee!
Well, someone just woke up… break’s over.

PS I want to do another online class. I have one concepted.
PPS Wouldn’t one of those fabric tees make a fun class?

36 thoughts on “bubblegum break

  1. Amy

    You are an inspiration to mommies who work! All about balance!
    You have a busy week, enjoy CA!!
    Would love another online class!

  2. Monica

    Love the idea of an online class…anything you do would be great.

    Where did you get the shirt in the picture? Love love love the color!



  3. the life of a teenage scrapbooker

    LOVE the picture! too cute!
    i had a question for Dear Lizzy or Q and A's on your blog, i was wondering how do you organize your pages, and what do plan on doing with them once your girls grow up? Do you have individual albums for each of them or just one family album or both? i'm curious to know!
    Thanks A Bunch

  4. Debi

    I personally would love to learn how to make the tee Lizzy. It's too darn cute. I'm bummed I can't make it to Reflections after all. Maybe next time you are in SoCal I'll get to meet fab you. Safe travels.

  5. Stephanie

    You are so freakin' cute! I just love you and everything you put on here, I always check your blog out first and I can hardly wait for the page to load. You rock!

  6. karalynn

    i would love to take a fabric tee class. it would be great to dust off some of my sewing skills and make some fun and easy stuff

  7. Lori

    I just saw this in the J Crew magazine – i definitely like the price of your tee and some time on the sewing machine!

  8. Carol

    I'm so glad that I read on your blog that you will be teaching at I.U. I attended last year and going again this year. Can't wait to see what you have cooked up for us to make.

  9. Nao

    Hello,Lizzy.I'm a huge fan of yours!I'm living in Japan and there is something that I wanna ask you,but I could'n find any mail form on your blog so could you please give me a mail?That way I can ask you on emai.
    Here is mn email address↓
    Thank you.
    P.S You have lots of fan of yours here in Japan too!!

  10. Gloria

    I love the idea of another online class…Im sure Ill love it, you are so creative!!! Have a fabolous week ;)

  11. laura vegas

    you're so cute! i wish i looked that full of energy and happy during the little one's naptime. i'm happy they're napping … but i'm usually too tired to do anything at all. lol!

  12. Tracey

    I did your last on line class and its still one of my favourites. I love the ruffle tee… actually anything you wanted would be fine with me.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  13. Sarah Mullanix

    LOVE the color of the walls in your scrap space!! Looks like a very lively and get the creative juices flowing color! -Sarah M.

  14. Erin

    I would take ANY class you are offering! And yes, the ruffle tee would be brilliant! :) Dying to hear more about Spark…anything you can tell us?

  15. Jennifer Richardson

    Oh Liz I wish I had in my entire body the talent and creativity you have in your big toe :) I drool over your blog (thankfully there is a computer and many miles of cyberspace between us, as a mom of little ones Im sure you have enough drool to clean up!) Do you have anything planned on the blog here for National Scrapbooking Day? A challenge maybe? I am SO excited for the weekend and hoping to find a bunch of sketches and challenges to help whip me back into shape and get inspired again…Ive been bad :( How about a sneak peek at some Colors for the new AC Dear Lizzy lines? I am just ready to BUST!

  16. sassy

    your blog is my school- I love all your ideas! I'm presenting tom on blogs and classrooms-any postive thoughts? Please share (I would swoon at usign your comment in my presentation!)g


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