La La Love You

The best part of waking up ♫… isn’t Folgers in your cup but coffee filter garlands.

Since Spark, my cha Dear Lizzy Booth and now Valentine’s decor I’ve gone through 1800 coffee filters. 3 jumbo packs. Sheesh that doesn’t include Rhonna and Margie’s. After we took down all the garlands for Spark, which was A LOT, even Collin missed them. So I was happy to decorate for Valentine’s Day & if you’ve been to Dear Lizzie boutique the entrance to their store is so fabulous! Right then and there I knew I needed some filter fun strung for February.

The La La Love You print I got a couple years ago and used it for inspiration in my book. One of the jars is filled with cute plastic conversation hearts and the other one is filled with love notes. (Margie had love notes in her booth at cha and I loved reading one everyday.)
The heart boxes are my favorite-with the big chunky hanging crystals from House of 3. My Spark sister Rhonna posted a tutorial for making the coffee filter flowers on her blog. She’s very serious in the video but don’t let that fool you. If she could she would have been squealing and dancing around while she filmed! x0 There was a hot glue gun involved so that was probably why. 😉
The X & O are wood letters I got from Roberts then glittered the heck out of them. I forgot to spray paint them before. Painting them about the same color of the glitter helps with coverage. Since I must of been too excited to start modpodging I forgot that step, which wasn’t that bad just meant lots more sparkle. Okay possibly some frustration which led to trash talking the glitter too.
Looking at this reminds me… it’s time for new family photos. Any recommendations? Wish Maggie was closer!!
Loving this song: Corner by Allie Moss

48 thoughts on “La La Love You

  1. laura vegas

    "trash talking the glitter" … that's hilarious! i love the look of glitter … but have a deep fear about actually using it. lol!

    just love your valentine's decor! it's so pretty and lovey 🙂

  2. Laci

    LIZ- I would LOVE to take your family pictures! After all, our lunch date has never happened so here's a great excuse to get together:) but ONLY if you promise to make me some of those killer garlands! Seriously I'll trade you for fun crafts any day 🙂 Your fireplace is killing me. I want it all! {}
    P.S Me and Brooke Will be at spark next time! We are sooo excited. Can't you just pull it all together for March 😉

  3. Nancy W

    Love it! You did an awesome job! I decorated my mantel this weekend too and blogged about it! But after seeing yours I think I need to step it up a notch, hehe. Wait, didn't you talk about how we women compare ourselves to others? LOL I saw Rhonna's tutorial and will be making some of those coffee filter flowers next! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  4. Latrice

    Super cute Liz! I haven't gotten my stuff out yet. It's been crazy around here at my house! Thanks for sharing though.

    BTW! Got your line at Archivers and bought just about all of it girly! I'll share with you when I create with it.

  5. mommy2alex

    GORGEOUS decor! You're so inspiring.
    Love the comment about trash talking the glitter, been there, but I still go back to it because it's so yummy!!
    Thanks for the link to the flowers, gonna get on making some today, yay!

  6. the johnson's

    After my sister and I got home from SPARK, we did the coffee filter decor for Thanksgiving. It is so cute and inexpensive!! Love it! Amy

  7. the johnson's

    Oh, I also did the fabric triangle swags in my little girls' schoolroom. They just love it. Another SPARK decor that I loved about your classroom!

  8. Honeybee

    Very cute & charming! I love to decorate for Valentines Day! In fact I have coffee filter garlands up in my house too only mine are dangling above my island in the kitchen 🙂
    I think you should check out my friend, Haley's website for pictures. She is wonderful!!

  9. Rhonna Farrer

    LOVE it, sistah!
    so sparky!
    & LOVE seeing the House of 3 heart boxes danglin', too! sooo cool!

  10. Sara Ancich

    Wow…I've never received a shout out comment on another blog before! FUN.

    We are having our pics done by Blue Lily on 2/20. They did NieNie's family. They are based out of Temecula but they do travel. Check them out:

  11. EmmaJ

    The room looks gorgeous!
    As for a photographer, Jana Laurene who did a painting of your girls now lives in UT and did a great job of my SIL's engagement and wedding pics.

  12. rsalo

    love all of it. you are really talented. Also, how do you find the time to do this. Do you save the decorations from year to year or do new ones each year for each holiday?

  13. amber

    so i would pretty much come over there from boise right now if you would let me take your family photos. i would even buy you guys ice cream cones with sprinkles on top during the shoot. (or is there something else that would make a better bribe??? that's the best i could come up with.) : D

  14. metrochic

    okay, i am going to make those flowers IMMEDIATELY! like, i wanna go to the store for white filters RIGHT NOW. (i only have kraft colored ones.) thanks for sharing the link to rhonna's tutorial! and your gorgeous corner of inspiration. (i loved margie's strips, too.)

  15. suzyplant

    Absolutely darling Lizzy! Wow – love your decorations. My daughter loves them too. Now I have to do coffee filter garlands for our house! xoxo

  16. Jeanneoli

    I never decorate for Valentines and I so wish I had. I also love Allie Moss…have her on my playlist now too.

  17. Sara

    Thanks for the inspiration! I don't normally decorate for Valentines day (BOOO), but after seeing this, my boys and I decorated our mantel yesterday! I love it, it totaly cheers me up to look at!

  18. Kimberly

    Super! I envy your "guts" to do this within your home decor. I think I am too stuffy or something. Albeit, I am very inspired by your garlands.


    Whewwww…love it all. I think I may have to copy this and put it in my scraproom….it's just too awesome not to do it!

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