Somehow Collin’s birthday that we celebrate this Wednesday has now become his ‘birth week’ (He said he was crowning for a week… that’s when I spit out my drink because I busted out laughing.) This kills me because planning one day is already more stressful than finding the right gift at Christmas for my Greek grandma (Love you grams). I guess his birth week started tonight so he’s at a baseball game with some buddies-that’s when I made a turn for the worse.

When you are bored you should never ever eat donuts… especially the mini ones. The mini ones are the worst because you don’t know how many of them it takes to make a regular sized donut & you just keep popping em in.
Can you tell I’m bored…
My recent favorite jeans + comfy tee + donuts + chick flick (Return To Me, Sweet Home Alabama or The Notebook)=me tonight. Wanna join me…
Does anyone know what my shirt says… ? I should probably figure that out before I wear it around town… 🙂

59 thoughts on “bored+donuts

  1. Melanie B

    oooohhh that would be nice!! 3 of my favourite movies & donuts & girly time, what a treat!!! Hope Colin has a GREAT birthday week!!!

    Mel xx

    Ps love the LO's too.

  2. jeremy

    tonight i am adding tags to my old blog posts. soo exciting.

    also you should have flickr so that i can favorite sweet pics like that. just sayin . . .whatev.


  3. Tiffany

    I love donuts!! So yummy! My weakness is brownies. Never, ever leave them around me when I am alone. Especially the small ones. Hehe.

  4. hiscrappergirl

    I thought that I was the only one who loved Return to Me – one of my all time favs!! guess I know what I'll be watching tonight… I am there with you in spirit!!

  5. MindyShel

    Love the shirt. It says "Shalom" which is a Hebrew word for "Peace" (also means "hello" and "goodbye" in Hebrew.)

  6. noa danon

    but it is missing the last letter (on the left…) – the "m", or maybe I just can't see it from the pic.

  7. Sara Ancich

    Just grab one of those yummy yellow bananas when you polish off the donut box, and you'll be guilt free. Or you could always run in place…

  8. Karen Foster

    I think the shirt says " wife of the year" haha.
    Eat as many donuts as you'd like…my favorite sayings is … " I'll start tomorrow!"

  9. Fernanda

    Hey..I loved your outfit… I wanna a t shirt like that for me, where can I buy one?

    Enjoy your day

  10. Michelle B

    sounds like a wonderful night! Love your t-shirt! I have a 100% Greek husband and his 100% Greek Parents. Makes for very cute kidos! But my in-laws are hard to buy gifts for!

  11. Sell...Party Of 3

    I love your shirt, even thought I have no idea what it says. What if it said some naughty words and you were walking around offending people…I think that is funny stuff.

  12. travelingmama

    How the heck do you make jeans, a t-shirt, and a donut look so freaking amazing?! LOL! My family is 100% Greek if you look past the fact that the last two generations were born in America (but shhh! Don't tell them that they are not PURE Greeks! They probably wouldn't believe you anyways!) It never occurred to me that I was an American until we moved to Spain and people didn't understand how I could be Greek if I had been born and raised in the USA!

  13. jkhenson

    We did the birthday week for my husband this year and it was actually more fun than just the day. I wrote him notes, and took photos (his birthday is early June so I put all the "memories" of the week into an album that we gave him for father's day, complete with notes from our daughters to Dad). We just did little things, that he likes… It was easier than finding that one big gift… I spent the money and time over smaller things, and special trips, like out to eat at his favorite place, a game for "family game and takeout night", etc. 🙂 Have fun! 🙂

  14. Ash

    LOL about the crowning comment in regards to the birthday week!! I love visiting your blog. I hope you had a nice night in the end. PS – is that your kitchen in the photo? Coolest.tiles.ever!!

  15. Suzanne

    If Collin was crowning for a week, he should celebrate (and serve) his mother for the week. What a woman!

  16. Brenda Hurd

    isn't that funny that the guys think they get the whole darn week – my hubs is the same. I think i might need to start the birth week tradition for myself next year. Hope you enjoyed the donuts and chick flicks! The pic is dang cute!

  17. elizabeth

    Hi sweets!

    The shirt is from Forever 21 same place as the jeans.

    Yep, that's my kitchen… still need to finish up our cabinents… 🙂

    Sarah, I'll take your advice and run in place… that should take away the guilt

  18. elizabeth

    Suzanne, love your comment… ha! SO true!! 😀

    would you believe that I am eating a donut right now… mmmmm! 😛

    the backsplash is from my brother in law's flooring company he used to work for but it closed down and he started his own biz… I will see if we can still get some.

    thanks for all the help with what the shirt means. I feel good wearing it now… 🙂

  19. Rosemary Palmer

    Are you anxious to see The Time Travelers Wife – same guy that did The Notebook. Can't wait.

  20. Carm Hernandez

    You take such great pictures of yourself. I alway come out funny, because I get anxious waiting for the camera timer.

    How do you have the patience to pose for so long?

    And how to do frame the photo when you aren't able to focus on someone else in the picture?

  21. Kimber-Leigh

    we celebrate "birthday weeks" around here too 🙂

    i love mini donuts too. and i say that chasing around little ones balances out the calories, don't you?!?

  22. Kari

    Any idea of where you got your kitchen cabinets? They are the same as mine (and I live in PG, too) and we've been looking for find a few replacements ones for a mini-re-model and haven't been able to find them. Any help on the matter would make me jump up and down screaming with joy.
    Thank you.

  23. emily

    we do birthday weeks in our house too…it's much more fun that way. basically you don't have to do much your birthday week…plus you get a tiny little treat each day (i.e. a candy bar…or something like that). it's fun.
    plus, do you take a bad picture? i mean seriously, you are freakin' cute in all of your pictures!

  24. Rachel

    Did you see the donut lover tank at forever 21 online? Maybe that'll be a good one to get too 🙂

  25. Heather

    Ok….you are soo right about the doughnuts! Never eat mini ones. LOL! My choice is for Sweet Home Alabama! Love it!

    Cant wait to hear what your shirt says and I agree, I wouldn't wear it around either until I knew! 🙂

  26. tccba

    Always check your T-shirt slogan before going out! I bought an Abercrombie one I liked–didn't read it. I wore it in front of my husband's friend who picked out right away that it said "Big Peak Party" right across my boobs. It was the joke for a long time!


  27. Anonymous

    A week isn't so bad – my hubby jokes that he has a birth month!!! So funny they are.
    Nicky from Canada

  28. Astrid

    LOL! You're hilarious!


    I do wonder what your backsplash tiles are made of. Are they glass? Whatever it is they're awesome!

  29. emily

    Hey Liz! My hubby works out of town for a week and I get super bored at night when my kids go to bed… You're right about the mini donuts! And mini candy bars, too 🙂 Can't wait to get my package so that I can start beating some of the boredom with a good dose of scrappin'!
    Hang in there, and oh, happy birthWEEK to Collin!

  30. suzy d

    Love the t, backsplash and movies (love the jeans too, but it ain't happenin over these hips!!). Here's a quick tip for powdered sugar donuts. Slice through the center and put on cookie sheet center facing up. Put butter on each and sprinke with cinnamon sugar. Broil in oven until bubbly. Yum-O!! Have a great day!

  31. EmmaJ

    I just did a birthday half week for my husband. His birthday was on Wednesday and the week ended on Saturday with a surprise party! Good luck with all of your plans.

  32. C

    what jeans are they?? there are millions at F21 🙂 ps downloading all of the songs you play on here!

  33. Rena

    I am laughing at the reusable bag comment. people are too funny. i use plastic bags…and then i reuse them at home…it's not killing the earth to take them home from the store.

    you are awesome liz!

  34. Latrice

    Ok, Are those the crumb kind with the coconut?! LOL!! Anna and I polished off a container just like yours last week. Soooo good. They do go fast.

    I'll send this pic to my Israli friend she'll be able to translate it.

  35. Rebekah Williams

    Seriously!! Am I gonna have to stop reading your blog b/c you look so fabulously fit while chowing donuts? Gain a pound, please, just for me! 🙂

  36. jessica g

    love that we finally get a peak of your kitchen-been wondering how it turned out. I want to do the mini square tiles also….like everywhere that you can put tile! And is that grey paint on the upper cabinets? Just wondering.

  37. Alissa

    OK, yes, I want that backsplash so bad I could pee my pants!! I LOVE it. We are in the market…any idea what brand it is?? Thank you for any help you can give!!! And how in the world are you so incredibly cute?? It seems I need a stylist…

  38. Anonymous

    Oh, cool! In Gilmore Girls, they did a "birthday week." You should see the episode, they gave some pretty cool birthday ideas. Plus, the G Girls always will be my favorite series to watch while I scrap.


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