New Dear Lizzy Collection: She’s Magic

Hi friends!! long time no see 🙂
It’s always a very exciting day to reveal the new Dear Lizzy collection! Somehow I still get nervous butterflies, even after all these years, but I am pretty certain that crafters and creatives are going to love the darling and inspiring—She’s Magic. This one is a special one because it celebrates the creative women in our lives and the creativity in all of us. No matter if it’s through painting, writing or cooking, we each have such an innate desire to create. And I  realized that the times of my life when I am the most in-tune and happy with who I truly am… it’s because I am making time to create with paper.
The paper is always my favorite piece of every collection! This one has gorgeous florals, painted patterns and graphic designs to make a very eccentric but beautifully coordinated mix! The phrases are inspiring and all the details from the tickets to the buttons and tiny puffy stickers will make your hoarding heart happy!
I feel so lucky to get to share these products and can’t wait to see what you create with them (Keep tagging #dearlizzy on social stuff)! Thanks so much for following this journey and I am excited to share more on here with you! I pinky promise, xoxo Lizzy



Screen Smart Book List

If you are interested in reading about how screen use effects kids’ brains and all aspects of their life…  I want to share a list of highly recommended books I recently purchased from Amazon.
This is the first generation that we’ve had to learn and deal with this topic. It’s been life changing for me and eye-opening! I had to set boundaries for myself and our family. My kids have been completely off screens since sometime around February or March. But for sure all of April/May. (We still do movies.)  Including some tech-free flights. It’s weird that when it’s not available they don’t ask for it and quickly learn to think of something else to do with their time. The flight attendants were puzzled since it’s probably an usual sight to see kids with out them. Of course this is a personal choice for each family and everyone can choose what works best for them! The important thing is if we are going to give kids’/tweens/teens screens… please… we need to at least educate ourselves on how it effects them first!
**Another tip is to think about your end goal. If it is to get ahold of your child then try a phone watch. If they want to text, try a flip phone or you can adjust smart phones to only have phone and text. Just think about what they need before handing over a mini computer and social media because then you have to think of the ramifications those will bring. I have a friend who was feeling bad because she is recently divorced and needs to get ahold of her kids. Which is totally understandable! Every family is unique. xoxo But I am quickly learning that we are also giving our children a tool to be bullied with! And that’s the last thing any parent wishes for their child.

These are the ones I have read or am in the process of finishing and highly recommend:
Fearless Parenting

Glow kids (Start with this one)

Reset Your Child’s Brain (Or start with this one)



These are ones I’ve purchased that friends and experts have recommended. Excited to start reading!


The Teenage Brain

The Big Disconnect

Coming out May 29th but even read the sample!! Mind blowing
Ten Arguments For Deleting Social Media Accounts Right Now

Sooooo many stickers…

The Dear Lizzy sticker book that everyone is raving about is now available online! Yay!
Click here to check it out! 

There are 1,384 stickers to be exact… I double counted them to be sure. 😉 I mean, that’s a ton of stickers. I love all the creative projects I have been seeing using them!

Each page from the sticker book is full of colorful, creative, cuteness!
They are used below to create a darling banner for a layout. And they also work really well with planners!


Check out stickers here and to see the collection of signature designed books here!

Down Dog

When you’re just trying to get your zen on but two boys want to play. One is four and the other is hairy and slobbery. For some reason whenever I get on the floor to do yoga or clean it’s an invitation to play.
Last year exercise quickly moved up the list of priorities. When Collin was traveling every week it kept my mind busy and my stress down. I shared this on instagram already but I learned a lot last year about myself and it was definitely a growing year for me… emotionally, mentally and physically challenging. When I felt like I was failing at everything exercising was one thing I did right. An hour and I felt accomplished and energized. No matter where we are on our fitness journey it’s so important to take some time each day for our bodies and even helps to clear my mind.

This past month Lola and I were in LA with Old Navy for a fun collaboration and I got to try out some of their new athleisure collection. I’m honestly pretty picky about workout clothes but I was so impressed. The pants were soft, had super cute patterns and squat proof for leg day. Which is very important. I got some adorable floral patterns and cute tanks too. Plus I love when they carry coordinating pants and sports bras. Tuque was jealous  ; D
Sponsored by Old Navy

new Dear Lizzy Collection: Stay Colorful

Starting off the new year right with the newest Dear Lizzy Collection: STAY C O L O R F U L!!!!
It was fun to concept this one… we started with whimsical idea of unicorns or mermaids and ended up using both! Then took it to cuteness overload with a cat in a mermaid tail! 😀
I love the retro inspired florals. Definitely based on 60s floral patterns! My favorite paper design Lola is holding below. It’s a cool, bright watercolor marble pattern. There’s also some painted stripes and dots. Yes, I am still talking about paper because we all know it’s always my favorite part of each collection!

The thickets are so darling. Add some sparkle to the magical patterns. Same with the clothespins. The layered stickers have that handmade feel and the resin stickers will be darling to layer on any project! I love the glitter die-cut phrases! Probably  one of my favorites from this collection because they include some gold ones.
The clear acrylic letter stamps is a must-have staple…! Along with the ephemera and stickers!
It’s bright and fresh and happy with a pop of bold patterns, which is how the Dear Lizzy team likes it! Thanks so much for your support and excitement. It means the world!

Amazon Fire

Sponsored by Amazon but thoughts and opinions are my own. 🙂
Just when I think I’m running out of tricks to get my kids to do what they need to do… and what I want them to do (evil laugh bwahaha) I find the Amazon Fire HD kids edition tablet. And let’s just say that someone got their power back. The thing is, they love screen time and when screen time can be books and educational apps… it takes some of the momma guilt out of the equation. Plus, there’s fun games and movies too! It’s such a great gift idea if you are in the search for something under under bucks! Some other pros is the case it comes in! Totally child proof. And it comes with a year subscription to Amazon Freetime unlimited! Yep. Also the Parent controls and dashboard is an awesome tool! Definitely need to add the Amazon Fire HD8 Kids tablet to your list for Santa!
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oui oui ribbon!

From my last post here’s a close up of the ribbon! I love the design because you can use it for anything from scrapbooking to packaging or in your daughter’s hair. 😀

Snag one at Hobby Lobby… look for that pic haha! These are the first ever Dear Lizzy products with photos and they make me giggle. Like, oh that’s me. 🙂
Hope you’re having a great week! xoxo Lizzy

Sticker Heaven at Hobby Lobby!

Thrilled to share the newest Dear Lizzy Product…drumroll please… It’s a darling, colorful sticker book with 1384 stickers! Ummm what more could you ask for from the sticker Gods?!
You can find it exclusively at Hobby Lobby! Which I’m sure you have been meaning to go there, like I have, to check out the Christmas decorations! (swooooon!) I love that store. I legit get lost going through everything. But back to the stickers… I made some treat bags to get rid of all the extra Halloween candy laying around tempting me with a mix of them.
The “You are Magic” sticker is one of my faves. I love during our planning meetings when we choose the phrases. I go through each one and make a list of my favorites words and sayings to match the collection. In the book you’ll find foil, clear and paper stickers. So you get a good mix. And the foil is so pretty!! Let’s head over to hobby Lobby and party down the aisles!!
You can also snag a book from other American Craft Designers… Amy, Vicki, Maggie, Shimelle and Jen! I want them alllll they’re so hoard worthy. lol
(Ribbon also available at Hobby Lobby!)


Fall break forever

Fall break was truly such a gift to spend with our family… things can be so stressful balancing life and work and everything in between. So being with just us and little distractions… no work or computers or driving around was amazing. The beach is such a happy place for our family!

Suit + kimono linked below…